Boxoffice Operation : Rangeela (1995)

Rangeela is a 1995 Hindi-language movie, a product of the Bollywood film industry. It was directed by Ram Gopal Varma, and starred Jackie Shroff, Aamir Khan and Urmila Matondkar.

Rangeela was music director A. R. Rahman’s first Hindi movie with an original score, as the previous ones were dubbed from his Tamil scores. The soundtrack features playback singer Asha Bhosle, who made a comeback singing Rahman’s songs.

Week All India Nett Business(Crores) % Drop
1 3.5  
2 2.5 -29%
3 2.15 -14%
4 2.25 5%
5 1.25 -44%
6 0.55 -56%
7 0.4 -27%
8 0.47 18%
9 0.29 -38%
10 0.18 -38%
11 0.06 -67%
Rest 0.1  
Total 13.7 Crore  

Rangeela opened to packed houses on September, 1995 and did exceptional trending. Picked up big time during Diwali and Christmas weeks.

Name Rangeela
Opening 95%
WOM Very good
Trending Excellent
ROI Earn 4-5 Crore from domestic theatrical shares. There is no information available for other revenues, but should be in 3-4 Crore range as Music itself was super-hit.
Distribution Right 5 Crore
Recovery 9 Crore Domestic Distribution Share.
Relative performance Good Compared to biggest Hit of year DDLJ, Coolie no. 1, karan Arjun, Barsaat, Raja.
Recall value Very Good, Innovative screenplay. Aamir performance as Munna is one of best performances ever.
BollyBusiness Note Even at small center like Jamuna Talkies, Jagadhri it ran for straight 15 Weeks. Trending was exceptional and ROI is extremely good. Solid Super Hit.
Verdict Super Hit  


— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on March 17, 2010.

51 Responses to “Boxoffice Operation : Rangeela (1995)”

  1. I am waiting for Ghajini analysis.

  2. great analysis, Yakuza. BTW, do you have this kind of data for Karan-Arjun. I want to know whether it was superhit or blockbuster. Thanks:)

    • Thanks Vicky, yeah i do have data for karan Arjun as well. before putting up article on karan Arjun, I want to make you sure that it was good blockbuster.

  3. Yakuza:Do u hv detail abt Mujshe shadi karogi ??

  4. I guess this is only movie of Ramu which gets superhit status. Satya was Hit in mumbai only. Sarkar was good hit all over india. SR was average, Company was average. Bhoot was semi hit …… Rangeela is only superhit … and some credit should go to aamir khan too ..

  5. BTW good analysis.

  6. The India Today page on Aamir Khan, #4 in its 50 power list of 2010.
    Power Read–’Gandhi and Churchill’ by Arthur Herman–comparing the two.
    An offer he did refuse–Of Rs.500/- crore to start a studio by a consortium headed by Rakesh Jhunjunwala.
    India Today team chose Aamir ‘The Megahit Man’ at # 4,
    1. because he is India’s most consistent box office star with four films in four successive years grossing over Rs 100 crore each, proving himself as actor, director and producer of films that make a difference.
    2. because everyone wants a slice of his integrity, whether it is the govt of India’s Incredible India campaign, the Election Commission or the Human Resource Development Ministry’s copyright panel.
    3. beacuse he is now the country’s highest paid endorser at Rs.35 crore for two years.
    4. because even as everyone in Bollywood wants to work with him, he’s content to bide his time and produce three little films of his own.
    5. because he has emerged as the man the industry turns to whether to aid the junior artiste association or combat piracy.
    Most recent habit–Badminton. His home is littered with Yonex rackets.
    Most recent holiday–In Chamonix, France, with wife Kiran Rao to help her recover from a miscarriage.
    Loves to–Write notes to authors he likes, as he did to Ramachandra Guha upon reading India After Gandhi.
    Excited about–A skiing lesson in Park City, Utah, during the Sundance Film Festival.

  7. Aamir is BO no.1 in bollywood. His nxt movie will be in 2011. His fans and the audience will be waiting eagerly for his nxt movie, because of his 1 year absence. I hope he chooses something dark/gritty/edgy for his nxt role…i want him to do something different as an actor. I thought he was good in 3i and TZP and brilliant in Ghajni but want him to do something different like a Vishal B. movie.

  8. Rangeela was a brilliant movie. it was very hatke from the movies of those times. Also bought Ramu up as a big director. Aamir was sensational in his role as Munna. The film was awesome as was the music.

  9. Thank you Yakuza.

  10. Great work Yakuza,
    Rangeela is superb film and aamir did superb performance but filmfare and even in every awrd show they didn’t give aqny award to aamir and thats why aamir biccot to every award,good idea aamir.

  11. salmans biggest hit after HUM APKE HAIN KAUN would be the remake of the malayalam film BODYGUARD…as it has all the ingredients to be another GHAJINI!

  12. Rangeela a SUPERHIT??? you’ve gotta be kiddin me. maybe somebody should give this news to Ram Gopal Verma.

    Seriously, I dont think there’s a single trade analyst that called this movie a superhit. Show me the trade journal from where you found these numbers and point to me the page and line where it calls this film a superhit. `

    The movie was barely a semi-hit.

    I was trying to read through this analysis and compare it with your analysis of Devdas.. boy o boy.. I couldn’t beleive the shameless biasis on your part mr. yakuza. From the way the numbers are skewed, to the ommission and inclusion of numbers to suit the desired verdicts, to the very language used the posts… shameless really shameless.

    • Street, don’t be funny by quoting BOI numbers. Entire world know that Old Numbers of BOI are purely incorrect. And entire universe know that verdicts of movies given by BOI is not correct even for current movies. So chill and don’t loose heart, BTW Devdas was barely Average.

      You Can check your favourite site BOI verdict of Devdas here, it was declared above average by BOI in 2002, check it

      Now you must be aware of reality of BOI.

    • haha SRK fanatics aur BOI ki chaddi uttar gayi with the facts and numbers !!!

      • Jeevcy, these guys have no idea what they talk about … I have been noticing their posts here and NG – Street, Tiger, and Ali .. all of the same breed.

  13. @street,beta tere ko boi scam ke baare mein nahi pata chala.devdas,MIK megaloosers hai,hit kaha se ho jaayengi.bewkoof kahi ka.

  14. BB is doing good job by exposing srk to the fullest and all srk fanatics r crying now when reality is being shown to them

  15. Rangeela Super Hit then I think Pardes ATBB.

  16. Dear Yakuza,Stop giving box-office figures just for the sake of it.Most of what you mention regarding the b.o. collections is wrong. Rangeela was’nt a genuine hit anywhere except in Mumbai.Overall, a semi-hit in India,nothing more.

    • Salil, Rangeela was only movie of Ram gopal verma which was all India superhit. You are under impression of BOI verdicts which is completely wrong (at least as per their yardsticks of analysis).

      BOI has taken filminformation data to put old movies information. But manipulate it for most of movies for their suitablity. Rangeela was superhit for sure, even in modest town ludhiana which is not RGV territory, Rangeela ran for 18 weeks and i am evident of it. Yakuza is right about everything.

  17. Another SRK fan trying his level best to undermine an Aamir Khan film’s success.

  18. Rangeela Super Hit is news to me. When it became Super Hit after release on TV. In 1990’s Aamir Khan had only 2 Hits Dil and Raja Hindustani rest were Averages or Semi-Hits. Please rate his movies according to theatrical run not according to TV run or TRP’S run.

  19. haha … Rangeela was Superhit and Ishq was hit. Check BOI archives. They slyly changed it later to suit someone.

  20. Rangeela was Aamir Movie I didnot find ajay in it. As for Ishq rediff had it semi-Hit at that time. go and enjoy

  21. Rangeela if Super Hit then Pardes ATBB for sure.

    • Beta jab teri DDLJ,KKHH bhi ATBB’S NAHI hai to pardes kaha se ho jayengi.KKHH nett-42 cr,verdict was upped from BB to ATBB under part of scam.flop in bihar.DDLJ was also flop in bihar.Both were not even universal hits hahahahaha srk hahahaha

  22. haha … Rangeela was Superhit and Ishq was hit. Check BOI archives. They slyly changed it later to suit someone.

  23. Jeevcy why don’t you have issues regarding Mohabbatein, Chalte Chalte and Kal Ho Naa Ho? Mohabbatein was Super Hit by Komal Nahta and Chalte and Kal Ho Naa Ho was Super Hit by Taran Adarsh but BOI has Mohabbatein and Kal Ho Naa Ho Hits and Chalte Chalte Semi-Hit.

  24. jeevcy i didn’t find rangeela in it.

  25. Andaaz Apna Apna which was Average, was later changed by BOI to flop. And Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam, which was above average, was slyly pushed to Semi hit by BOI.


  27. In the end Hit remained Hit and Average remained Average.

  28. The way Jeevcy you are behaving it looks like Hit became ATBB and ATBB became Average.

  29. shahenshah which was a hit was later changed to semi hit by boi

    • Not only shahenshah, but every movie of amitabh bachchan gross and verdict has been downgraded. jeevcy, put this link to satyamshot. This is solid proof of systamatic downgradation of amitabh movies as always put by satyam.

  30. Plus BOI was always low for SRK Movies even now, they changed it and still they are low. As for others they were High which they brought down. Hat’s off to them.

    • kutte right, bakwaas kar raha hai,srk asslicker.boi aur srk expose ho chuke hai.srk is another rajendra kumar only.mahagatiya actor

  31. shahenshah you are sounding like from Hit it became Flop.

  32. shahenshah hit as per boi later changed

    • Eve Naseeb, AAA, Coolie, Mard, Kaalia, Satte pe satta …… OMG every movie of Amitabh has been downgraded both in terms of gross and verdicts.

    • Except mohabbatein every movie has been downgraded, Mohabatein changed from hit to super hit .. bacause of SRK.

  33. By the way I don’t go by BOI, I go by that Trade which has the Highest Verdict. Like for Fanaa Boi has it Super Hit and Taran has it Super Duper Hit I will go by Taran. Same with any actor.

  34. I don’t follow BOI only I follow the Full Trade and watch their Verdicts and then rank the Movie according to the highest rating given by any Trade Guy for Hits as well as Flops.

  35. Well, As per BOI, Till 2003 amitabh was having 41 All India Hits …… This is highest ever record of any actor.

    But BOI now has downgraded the movies of amitabh. Shame on BOI.

  36. […] full analysis HERE Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Boxoffice Update – 18/01/2010Boxoffice – […]

  37. Mr Right,

    Behave yourself dont involve legend Rajendra kumar in your foolish debate.ok
    He was Legend.

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