Abhishek to play inspector Vijay in action thriller “Dum Maro Dum”

Amitabh was entitled as ‘the angry young man’ after ‘Zanjeer’. After thirty-seven years Abhishek is all set to recreate the same magic. Abhishek is to play a similar ‘Inspector Vijay’ kind of role in Rohan Sippy’s ‘Dum Maro Dum’. His ‘Zanjeer’ role made Big B the legend he is. It was Salim Javed who had poured their best emotions into making Inspector Vijay one of the most memorable screen characters that Bachchan portrayed. Now Abhishek has stepped into those shoes in an action thriller that deals with the drug mafia of Goa.

Bachchan Jr plays a cop on a mission. Like Inspector Vijay in ‘Zanjeer’, the character is a no nonsense cop with a history. Director Rohan Sippy says that, “Dum Maro Dum is set in contemporary Goa and Abhishek is playing a special cop. His character has some similarity to what Mr Bachchan did in ‘Zanjeer’. It has similar shades. Inspector Vijay is one of the iconic characters played by Mr Bachchan and it would be exciting to see how Abhishek plays a role similar to it.”

Abhishek is all set to prepare for the role physically and emotionally. A special team is working after his look and styling. Abhishek has been seen spending a lot of time with Rohan discussing the nuances of the character the film. The film is co-produced by a foreign studio that is planning to internationalize the film in terms of its appeal as a hip thriller.

At one of the award functions last year, Abhishek said that, he has got the license to copy his dad, because he is Big B’s son. Abhishek surely seems to have a tough job ahead!!

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on March 15, 2010.

12 Responses to “Abhishek to play inspector Vijay in action thriller “Dum Maro Dum””

  1. Can’t Abhishek form his own niche rather than copying Daddy?

    Imo Abhishek is a fab in movies like Yuva, Guru, Sarkar Raj he needs to do more of those sort of movies

  2. This film is looking superb,when will come in cinemas?

  3. Abhishek playing a tough as nails(intense) cop or inspector in Dum Maaro Dum may be written with shades of Vijay from Zanjeer but I think that will be the only real direct link between those two characters and movies. Dum Maaro Dum and Abhishek’s character will be different and unique in there own ways. As was stated Abhishek has already portrayed similar dramatic and intense characters vastly well in Yuva, Sarkar, Guru, Sarkar Raj, etc before. So this sounds right up Abhishek’s alley. Dum Maaro Dum is sounding vastly exciting. Abhishek has been in Bollywood for 10 years and has so far never copied his father or his father’s career path. Abhshek has a niche and career that is his own. That will indeed continue based on his vastly good upcoming line of of movies. Abhishek is making the correct moves with his movies.

    • Agree !! I was just talking to rohan for some software deal, will talk to him again this weekend and try to get some info on DMD.

  4. Abhi has a great list of forthcoming films in his hands..like Raavan (with India’s Steven speilberg-MANIRATHNAM),Rohan Sippy’s DUM MARO DUM,Ashutosh Gowarkar’s KHJJS,Farhan Akhtar’s production CROOKED,Prabhu Devas next (all out action film),untitled film from the director of A WEDESDAY,Anurag kashyap’s next,Rajeev menons next (remake of Abhimaan),Abbas-Mustans next,Dhoom 3.Dostana 2 and many more working projects!!

  5. wow thats a lot of projects mate. i hope he focuses on quality rather than quantity

  6. and the best part is that he wont be charging for most of his films but will be having major shares in the “success” of the film!

  7. the look of abhi is same from yuva….

  8. 2 adnan…yes as the still in the feature is FROM yuva!!

  9. lol changez

    I thought Abhi sucked bigtime as a cop in Dhoom – r.bad

    hope its better as Inspector Vijay

  10. The India Today page on Aamir Khan, #4 in its 50 power list of 2010.

    Power Read–’Gandhi and Churchill’ by Arthur Herman–comparing the two.

    An offer he did refuse–Of Rs.500/- crore to start a studio by a consortium headed by Rakesh Jhunjunwala.

    India Today team chose Aamir ‘The Megahit Man’ at # 4,

    1. because he is India’s most consistent box office star with four films in four successive years grossing over Rs 100 crore each, proving himself as actor, director and producer of films that make a difference.

    2. because everyone wants a slice of his integrity, whether it is the govt of India’s Incredible India campaign, the Election Commission or the Human Resource Development Ministry’s copyright panel.

    3. beacuse he is now the country’s highest paid endorser at Rs.35 crore for two years.

    4. because even as everyone in Bollywood wants to work with him, he’s content to bide his time and produce three little films of his own.

    5. because he has emerged as the man the industry turns to whether to aid the junior artiste association or combat piracy.

    Most recent habit–Badminton. His home is littered with Yonex rackets.

    Most recent holiday–In Chamonix, France, with wife Kiran Rao to help her recover from a miscarriage.

    Loves to–Write notes to authors he likes, as he did to Ramachandra Guha upon reading India After Gandhi.

    Excited about–A skiing lesson in Park City, Utah, during the Sundance Film Festival.

  11. Aamir is BO no.1 in bollywood. His nxt movie will be in 2011. His fans and the audience will be waiting eagerly for his nxt movie, because of his 1 year absence. I hope he chooses something dark/gritty/edgy for his nxt role…i want him to do something different as an actor. I thought he was good in 3i and TZP and brilliant in Ghajni but want him to do something different like a Vishal B. movie.

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