First Look – Patiala House

~ by Yakuza on March 13, 2010.

11 Responses to “First Look – Patiala House”

  1. It look like this time around Nikil advani will create d magic of Kalho na ho, nice pic.

  2. too many cast members?

  3. not sure abt this one….movie is reaching out to akki’s punjabi & overseas fans.

  4. would like to add that that 2007 was peak of Akki’s career

    2008 was strictly OK

    2009 was a disaster

    he needs a good 2010 otherwise he will fall from the top bracket

  5. This film is looking superb,and might be superhit.2010 is looking for Akki like 2007,have great films
    2.Patiala House
    3.Action Reply
    4.Tees Mar Khan.
    All will be superhits I think.

  6. Shakir you forgot Khatta Meetha , which is lowest budget movie of akki’s this year.For hit status of Khatta Meetha it needs only 40 cr. because Akki is co producer and new girl . budget is very low.
    Patiala house will be block buster in north and CI , Hit in India and Super Hit in overseas.

  7. Thanks nauman,
    Patiala House is looking Cricket flm I think because Akki is making a film on cricket as a bowler and I think that one is Patiala house,Yakuza will know about this.

  8. i think patiala house is a film underlying the discrimination handed out to indians( can read sikh also) though not sure what will be the fate of the movie but should be differeny from third class akshay comedies ( almost all comedy films of akshay are almost similar housefull a copy of heyybaby or garam masala think so .

  9. looking at the poster..why is every1 doing V signs??? I dnt trust Nikhil Advani after CCTC. Kal ho Na Ho was brilliant but he was apparently ‘guided’ by KJ. From Akki’s line-up….i’m looking fwd to Action Replay the most…it looks different from the rest.

  10. Tess Maar Khan has been acquired by UTV for 55crs. I still think its a bit pricey…producers need to sort out their budgets and MNIK should be a good example to them.

  11. akshay can’t du anything now .if d muvi is multistarrer den d muvi will become hit
    solo hit iz not for akshey now

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