Boxoffice : Atithi average weekend

Atithi sail through average numbers during weekend with around 10 Crore Nett collections. Friday was slow with 2.25 Crore, Saturday pickup slightly at few places and put 3 Crore. Sunday was excellent with 4.75 Crore approx . Today’s collections were steady as compared to Friday. Monday estimate is around 1.75 Crore, leads to 4 Days total Nett 11.75 Crore.

All other releases of week are washout except Road, movie which showed little presentable numbers from limited screens.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on March 8, 2010.

11 Responses to “Boxoffice : Atithi average weekend”

  1. h juuuuuuust love this film

    i hope become hit

  2. Yakuza,
    Again differences in the weekend collection figure, boi is saying 8cr only, tarn is saying 13 to 14 cr. To me one is under rated while another is overrated.
    Can you please eplain.

  3. According to my sources collections are follow
    Fri 2.25 , Sat 2.75 , Sun 4.50 , Mon is 1.75 Total 11.25 , Yakuza is right , Taran is paid again, Just remember one thing when ever he will put revoew on thursday monring then it means he is paid. BOI’s collections are very low which is unbelievable.

  4. A spokeswoman for ‘’, which carried out the survey, was quoted by ‘The Daily Telegraph’ as saying,

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    now at the age of 44,he is also voted as 8th most handsome of 2010 in world

  5. I February 17, 2010, 11:21 IST Tags:India, Best looking nations

    Print E-Mail
    London: Indians figure among the first ten in the list of the most attractive looking people in the world while Americans top the chart, a new survey has found.

    While the US, home to Hollywood hunk George Clooney and actress Angelina Jolie among others, has come first, the second position is occupied by Brazil in the poll of more than 5,000 globe-trotting Britons.

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    Sexy Swedes, such as model Victoria Silvstedt, helped the Scandinavian country into sixth spot, while England made it to the seventh place in the poll.

    India, home to Bollywood beauties like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, and heartthrob Salman Khan, among others, has come eighth, while France came ninth and Canada finished off the top 10.

    Other countries to feature in the top 20 include Portugal, Japan and Netherlands. Germany completed the top 20.

  6. Salman khan is the real king of bollywood

  7. boi says it will be hard for atithi to recover costs even through other sources….is tht right…i mean a low budget movie like atithi which has collected around 10 crores in its first week …it seems unreal for someone to say tht athithi want recover its cost at the least ….i hope it does it was a fairly good movie…n to do this kind of bsiness at this point of time whn movies hve a hard time at the box-office …so i wld say atithi hs done well in the examination period….>

  8. How much need for this flm to become HIT,

  9. boi are totally false, out of 10 sites, 8 to 9 sites will be having near to near figures and boi will be having totally different figures. Till today no site has declared khan as hit except boi. You can say average above, as everyone knows the cost of khan. When everyone is saying Atithi is 11 cr, 12cr, 13cr or 14 cr. boi is saying it is 8 cr how is it possible, it is total bad bad baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad site. Never trust, it is bais

  10. BOI is fake site,day by day losing the position and day by day bollybusiness site is coming up.

  11. […] BollyBusiness […]

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