Boxoffice : Atithi Slow On Road

All new releases were slow on first day, Atithi did best business among all. First day of Atithi was around 40% leading to approx. 2.25 Crore first day. Today there was hardly any pickup on morning shows. With normal trending, Atithi first weekend will be in range of 8 Crore.

Road, Movie was second best among other releases, with very limited release at multiplexes of metros only, first day of Road was in range of 50 lakhs. Thanks Maa and ROKK  were non starters.

Among past releases, Karthik calling Karthik didn’t pick up on first day of second week. KCK will wrap up under 18-19 Crore. Flop.

Teen Patti – Will finish under 8 Crore. Disaster.

MNIK – As reported earlier , three weeks Nett is 63 Crore. Heading for 66 Crore lifetime Nett. Average.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on March 6, 2010.

20 Responses to “Boxoffice : Atithi Slow On Road”

  1. So none of any movie can be Hit till Housefull. lets see how will Housefull. what do you think about Housefull can it collect 25 cr in 1st weekend and 40 cr in 1st week??

  2. Road, Movie…Any idea about the budget??? Has to be fairly low. Anyways i heard that RobertDeNiro’s company bought the rights for its distribution in the US.

  3. its worrying that KCK & ATKGJ, with fairly low budgets and despite being reasonable-good movies have not good business……

  4. HOUSEFULL – 0 gori (song promo)

    the song is awful, as is picturisation….really tacky

    BUT the saving grace is line by akki :

    ‘yeh aapka naam hai, ya poore gaao ka’ 🙂 had me in splits

    i think AKKI is playing the guy from 40yr old virgin in this flick
    should be fun

  5. hey ROSH i had a question about one of the articles about mnik …in an answer to a particular question abt mnik recovering costs it was said that we need to adjust figures …now i wanted to know wht did u people mean by adjusting figures …can u explain is it for the simple fact that we dnt know the other sources of income where the money is coming from for a big film like mnik…thank,s >

  6. YAKUJA,
    i m very confused,,
    all big sites r clling mnik,71 cr in 3 week,HIT
    yakuja can u plzz tell me abt dis..

    • prity, every one is showing producer’s total, FOX has inflated the numbers and every one is followig these false numbers. Above all even with 71 crore MNIK can not be hit.

      FOX in international press release quote 27 crore for first weekend which matched with bollybusiness weekend numbers, Now if 27 crore is weekend then with crashing weekdays, how can MNIK collect 48 crore in first week ??? 41-42 crore of bollybusiness is most accurate one.

  7. Dear Yakuza,
    MNIK DS is 95 crores and will be 66 crores Alltime business,then how this one is Average,Please EXPLAIN.
    ATKG is superb comdey film,
    Housefull is looking Awesome film.might be hit.

  8. indianrocks wrote:
    the bad boy image of salman is only in mind of stupid and some illiterate people who either are blind and still believe in what media says

    why dont u accept the fact that last 2 years his film have been bad

    if u look from 2005 he had a gr8 yr in 2005 with
    1 bockbuster in no entry
    2 hit/semi hits in MPKK and lucky
    1 flop in kyonki
    jaaneman was a flop only because of extremely high prices for which it was sold for it had 36 cr net gross and at the time(2006) a movie would have been a hit if it crossed 30 cr and it was released with don for which sajid nadiadwala is responsible he sells his movie at such a high price and then release it with another biggie

    salaam-e -ishq it good a good opening but failed because it was a poor movie
    partner -blockbuster it was the only movie of 2007 apart from OSO which worked in A,B,C centers
    saawariya -special appearance -should not be counted

    god tussi great ho- a delayed film which should not be counted
    yuvvraaj – it was a bad movie infact one of the worst salman has ever done in his life
    heroes/ hello- special appearance -should not be counted
    wanted – superhit
    MAMK(special appearance) should not be counted
    London dreams – flop because of poor release date , bad music and nearly no promotions at all and it was atmost an average movie if it would have good relase it would have surely been a semi hit

    veer -above Average it opened with 7 cr on opening day and did good business in the first week of 33 cr but fell down as the movie in general was not liked by the people

    so why not accept the fact that the movies have been bad rather than discriminating between multiplex audience and single screen audience

    and please stop ranting about reviews time and time again wanted sustained well because the WORD OF MOUTH of that movie was great and for veer it is not so that’s why it has dropped not because of reviews

    reviews might matter in overseas because the critics there are credible which is not the case here in India

    • There are lots of movies in this list that Salman shouldnt have done.

      But that said, the failure of these movies cannot be attributed to him except for Yuvvraaj, where he didnt perform well. Then again the film had a bad script, bad direction, etc so not completely his fault either.

  9. MUNISH,
    u r right,
    if a person did so many social works,biggest charity,help to struggles,actors,music directors,love.
    reduce his fees,if film or show fails.
    how can he is bad
    actually all media,reporters r bad guy,bad boy,bad girl.

  10. n also salman is biggest family boy.
    give biggest support,help n love to his family.

  11. MNIK is heading for super hit status in India and is already ATBB worldwide.So overall it is blockbuster.I fail to understand why are people desprate to call it an average fare.

  12. MNIK is khan is blockbuster lolzzzzzzzz a Alll time Flop movie

  13. NO,MNIK is Average movie,not flop.but still I have question that DS is 95 crore for FOX and if MNIK will earn 70 crore then how this one come average.

    • you are confusing yourself

      D.S is distribution share. this is the amount the distributers will have (in MNIK’s case FOX) after paying the theatre owners thier money to show the movie. It is usually %age based and differs from week to week and plexes to single screens. For simplicity, take it as 50% of India nett. So if MNIK makes 70 cr, it’s Distributer share of it will be 35 cr.

      The 95 cr you mentioned looks to be the price which FOX paid to KJo/SRK. So the 35 cr D.S will help recover a part of this 95 cr.

      Expect another 35 cr D.S. from overseas market, And D.S will be 70-75 cr. That is way short of 95 cr that FOX paid. So FOX will look at other ways like satellite rights, music etc. to recover it’s costs

  14. February 17, 2010, 11:21 IST Tags:India, Best looking nations

    Print E-Mail
    London: Indians figure among the first ten in the list of the most attractive looking people in the world while Americans top the chart, a new survey has found.

    While the US, home to Hollywood hunk George Clooney and actress Angelina Jolie among others, has come first, the second position is occupied by Brazil in the poll of more than 5,000 globe-trotting Britons.

    Spain, which boasts Hollywood actress Penelope Cruz as one of its natives, has come third. Blonde, tanned surfers of Australia saw it voted into fourth place, while Italy came fifth, according to the survey.

    Sexy Swedes, such as model Victoria Silvstedt, helped the Scandinavian country into sixth spot, while England made it to the seventh place in the poll.

    India, home to Bollywood beauties like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, and heartthrob Salman Khan, among others, has come eighth, while France came ninth and Canada finished off the top 10.

    Other countries to feature in the top 20 include Portugal, Japan and Netherlands. Germany completed the top 20.

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    “But in fairness, when you think of good looking countries, Sweden, Italy, France and Brazil talent all spring to mind before us lazy, pale Brits. If you’re looking for some fun in the sun you now know where to head on holiday.”

    salman is most handsome,attractive,good luking man,
    in 2004,he is voted as 7th most hansome man of world.
    now at d age of 44,he is also……………………

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