Bheja Fry : Which star will rule in 2010 ?

Q : My Name Is Khan is second highest worldwide grosser of all time. How much true this statement is ?

A : This statement is as authentic as My Name Is Khan is second biggest loss maker of all time. 

Q : Which upcoming movies are most promising in 2010 ?

A : Most awaited and promising movies of 2010 are Houseful, Action Replay, Kites, Ravana, Tees Maar Khan, Dhobi Ghat, partner-2, RA-One and Dostana -2.

Q : How much collection required for Atithi to become Hit ?

A : Atithi and Paa bear same cost and release strategy, Atithi required 30 Crore NETT for clean HIT. 

Q : After underperformance of Veer, London Dreams and Wanted at multiplexes, Should we consider Salman lost his fan base at multiplexes ?

A : Veer and Wanted was not multiplex material at first place. So underperformance of these movies at multiplexes is not surprise at all. With any other star these movies would have been underperformed at single screens as well. Salman rescue these movies at single screens. London dreams was youth oriented multiplex movie and flopped everywhere suggest rejection of movie not Salman. Partner, Muzhse Shaadi Karogi , Maine Pyaar Kyon Kiya were scored very well at multiplexes. Let’s salman come in multiplex material first. Only then we can reach to any conclusion.

Q : Which star will rule in 2010 ?

A : Akshay kumar (Houseful, Action Replay, Tees Maar Khan, Patiala House) and Ajay Devgan (Atithi, Raajniti, Golmaal 3, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai) should rule the year.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on March 5, 2010.

55 Responses to “Bheja Fry : Which star will rule in 2010 ?”

  1. i think londreams was flop,bcoz of wrong time release.
    wanted,17 september
    mamk,16 oct
    ld,30 oct,after 1-2 week,
    one by one,ragular salman movie.
    n also bad music,not suited as rockstars
    length,no publicity of movie.
    any other star keep deferences btw there movies.

    • dont forget even Ajay had All the Best during Diwali and LD 2 weeks later.

      Also movie had its fault .. boring, not chartbuster music (I wont call it bad, its good music, but not chartbuster kind. Same for MNIK)

  2. salman should keep difference atleast 3 months btw his movies.

  3. Boss your reply to MNIK query is simply fun to read .. Ha Ha

  4. if ppl like u r never going to excapt truth den call mnik a disaster even bfor release…it is ruling overseas…chek boxooficemojo

  5. In 2010 Akshay and Ajay will rule because both have good films and I think all will be hit films.

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  7. London Dreams didn’t do well in multiplexes because the film was bad. But if Salman has a fan base among multiplex audiences why didn’t it get a good opening day? If a film is not liked it crashes from the second week ( like MINK) or even from Monday ( like KCK, Kambakht Ishq ). But why from the first weekend itself?

  8. Partner 2 is not releasing in 2010 .. Salman’s only other movie will be Dabangg in September (Eid).

    January-Feb is possible but likely to be April. Wont release in Mar cos of exam period either

  9. see mnik got oppening bec of publicity and bec srk,s film was coming after 2 years and see billu and dhula was not his films see if srk has fans in mukti plezx then y he got god oppenining to film billu and dhula see salman kha,s cameo films got good oppening like hello and heroes .

  10. those who talk of oversees should realise all ak crap movies also do good buisness oversees but still flops . its good excuse for srk to save his face but mnik is crap its true those who donot accept it lives in fools paradise

  11. Hey The One Who Replies On These Type Of Questions Fuck off….! MNIK is not a average film dude..It is a clean Hit in India And ALl Time BB overseas so summing up its a blockbuster..
    SRK DOESNT NEED PUBLICITY…Just meet me oneday..u Bastard I will Thrash u…Srk is the best and 13 filmfare awards shows that…

    • keep it up man .. ur comments provide great comic relief after a tiring day’s work.

    • Wait, ur name is aash-KARAN .. rofl .. good going buddy, keep it up.

    • lol

      wat world r u livin in. tu SRK or Karan ka kuta hoga

      • Was i supposed to laugh on this…was I…Srk Is Not an odinary man like u for some ppl he is worshipped too..

        • leave ordinary .. I am affraid, SRK is MAN or not ?

          • U r Right Bigfun..Nobody Knows Is God A women or men…Same with Srk..For me he is the man and for u all so called jealous of Srk ppl…he maybe women..But who cares he is the God ..

  12. potentially these guys can have good/gr8 year:

    Hrithik – Kites & Guzaarish

    Akshay – Housefull, Action Replay, Khatta Meehta & Tees Maar Khan

    Ajay – ATGKB, once upon a time in mumbai, golmaal3, rajneeti

    Abhishek – raavan, HKKN, ….

    Ranbir – Rajneeti, Anjaana Anjaani, Rockstar

    However the most interesting mix is coming from Ajay & Abhi

  13. Here’s something from naachgaana abt KITES…hurricane/flop?

    ..last October, when the director Brett Ratner saw an unfinished version at a screening in Los Angeles, he found echoes of “Rush Hour,” his own Jackie Chan-Chris Tucker smash hit. “It was two characters that were fish out of water,” Mr. Ratner said in a telephone interview, “only here it was an Indian and a Mexican. I’m not saying that ‘Kites’ will be the box office hit that ‘Rush Hour’ was, but I felt it had the potential to cross over to American audiences.”

    So Mr. Ratner, who until then had seen only a few Hindi films, offered to re-edit “Kites” and make it more accessible for mainstream America. Working with Mark Helfrich, his editor on the “Rush Hour” series and “X-Men: The Last Stand,” Mr. Ratner pared the 118-minute film to 90 minutes. He lost some of the elements that “just wouldn’t translate,” including a song sequence featuring Mr. Roshan, and had the dialogue for all the characters, except the two leads, dubbed by American voices.

    On May 21 the original Hindi version and Mr. Ratner’s reworked English version of “Kites” will be released simultaneously globally, receiving a much bigger push than is typical for an Indian movie in the United States.

    “For me it’s about breaking barriers,” Mr. Roshan said in Mumbai. “The larger goal, the big dream, is to have an Indian film being watched by a world market.”

  14. Avatar beats MNIK colletions in India

    While a segment of media has been carping about MNIK’s supposed huge worldwide collections, we’ll put this in perspective for our viewers today. Avatar the international epic American bonanza, which has interestingly a Hindi/Sanskrit film title is not just a bigger worldwide grosser than MNIK, the American film has beaten My Name is Khan in India itself. Avatar has grossed Rs 115 crores in India which is much higher in India than the Shah Rukh Khan starrer. Moving internationally, MNIK outside of India has grossed perhaps Rs. 50-55 crores till a few days ago (with a $3.7 million reported gross in USA). Except Avatar’s gross outside of India stands at over mindboggling RS. 11,000 Crores. Which means the American film is ahead of the Karan Johar-Khan film by roughly, well, Rs. 11,000 crores. ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER.

  15. Why do you derecese the collection of my name is khan about 6 core it collected around 71 core in three weeks. It is hit movie of2010 budget is about 40 core and it has collected 80 core in international market total about 160core fox studio distrubated the movie in100 core in world wide not only in India. So it is profit for everybody it is super hit in India and blockbaster in international market

    • lol .. 70 + 80 = 160. Of course, we wont even look at the reliability of the numbers.

      Then, 160 cr nett for 100 cr price = super-hit to blockbuster :rofl:

    • lmaooo , Just as per your numbers … 70 + 80 = 150 crore = 80 Crore distribution share = 100-80 = 20 crore loss … DISASTER

    • @ om u r missing a simple boxoffice calculation…160 cr nett collection doesn’t mean fox will get all of it. Fox will get the DS which would be around 50% of nett..according to u which is 80 cr…(although 70+80=150…and also 80 cr oversees is not correct). So still a deficit for fox around 20 crs. I agree the producers KJO and SRK made profit even before its release by selling it to fox…but fox will loose money…and if u consider producers gain as hit ..then all Akshay’s movie in 2009 are hit…its the distributors who loose money..

  16. Abishek bachan has good chance like ravana and croocked and movie with gowariker sir dostana 2 will relese in 2011 and untitled movie with Rohan sippy and movie with anurag basu next .hrithik roshan movie is not coming since 2 and half year . Kites can be hit.

  17. “This statement is as authentic as My Name Is Khan is second biggest loss maker of all time.”

    that cant happen. ten biggest loss makers got to be bachhan family films

    • Ha Ha .. Anuj , It require some intellience to get out humour out of this super humrous statement. You lack that.

      This statement only reveals that either both claims are false or both are true.

      get life dude and have some lessons

  18. no doubt bachchan fans ibos and bollyb resort to shaving off 8-10 from MNIK. ibos is a religious bogot; bollyb is same as ibos, minus the racist agenda

    • Now don’t say that even fox shave off 4 crore while reporting first weekend figure in international media. FOX claim at international media was 27 crore weekend, which was exactly same as bollybusiness, In that case 48 crore week is impossible. Only range possible was 41-42 crore.

      But you always want to blieve what suits you more. And gimme breakkkk .. Bollyb is decent site , dont compare it with ibos.

  19. Hey All.haters of srk .Got Some Data Abt make u all shut up….it has earned about 10 mill$ that means 450 Crores..
    Cant believe go

    • get your maths right..that is 45 cr not 450 cr..

    • boxoffice mozo is a reliable site…good u pointed it out..these prooves how wrong numbers are in the news…..10 mill usd = 45 cr inr only…not 450 cr.

      • well anirban…those figures are only till 28th or 21st feb for most countries in which the movie released around 18th feb…so wait for final figures…now u will get the real overseas figures..

      • yeah it was my mistake probably i added a zero more…
        But still .. I am dead against that its a flop…
        Goto… which shows better detalis..Coz here Srk is biased…he is hated here…

        • 20 Crore Loss is not HIT either. MNIK is just average. Hit ka matlab hota hai, Profit kama ke dena .. MNIK ne to loss diya hai … If we call it Average then you should thanks us. But Still for Me .. MNIK is FLOPPPPPP.

        • BOI’s verdict system gives a hit tag to any movie with a 30 cr distributor share irrespective of budget. That is why they are calling it a hit.

          That, however is not the accepted standard.

          • But that is BOI’s double standard, price tag fails for many movies in past at BOI site .. Like price tag was failed for dostana, but price tag never failed for SRK movies at BOI.

    • But this 45 cr is only from oversees I think…not including India…in that site home means USA and I saw the foreign countries doesn’t include India. But one thing u have to consider that this is the nett figure not the amount Fox will get (DS)..that should be around 60% of it which is 27 cr.
      So oversees DS 27 cr + Indian DS 35 cr ( assuming 70 cr nett), total is 62 cr for Fox..still they need 40 cr to just recover the cost…long way to go to be not considered as flop.

      • we are forgetting US collections here. But I dont agree with the 60% DS, its at max 50%. Add that and subtract this, u’ll still get around 27-30 cr.

        Indian DS is also less than 50% since income from Single Screens is not much.

      • @Anirvan: pls tell me, if distributers buy film which coast them, 4 example 1cr, so how much did film neend to bring back to them, to be consider as a clean hit? pls tell me.

  20. Just wondering do u guys think that we will see any new stars this year?? i’m waiting for more releases from Rajeev geezer who was in Aamir – gr8 actor. hope to see more from him. Will 2010 be vivek oberoi’s last year in bollywood?

    • dunno about the rest but i hope u r rite about vivek 😛

      • i actually think Vivek is a good actor but after his issue with Salman his career is in decline – sad though, because he was immense in Company, Lokhandwala & Saathiya and very likeable in Yuva

        • Talent gone to the drain because of his stupidity.

          But he cant carry a movie on his shoulders .. look at the disaster that Prince is coming out to be. He should have stuck to company and Lokhandwala types and he would be great.

          But then he would still be an asshole for shooting his mouth where it shouldnt be.

  21. I February 17, 2010, 11:21 IST Tags:India, Best looking nations

    Print E-Mail
    London: Indians figure among the first ten in the list of the most attractive looking people in the world while Americans top the chart, a new survey has found.

    While the US, home to Hollywood hunk George Clooney and actress Angelina Jolie among others, has come first, the second position is occupied by Brazil in the poll of more than 5,000 globe-trotting Britons.

    Spain, which boasts Hollywood actress Penelope Cruz as one of its natives, has come third. Blonde, tanned surfers of Australia saw it voted into fourth place, while Italy came fifth, according to the survey.

    Sexy Swedes, such as model Victoria Silvstedt, helped the Scandinavian country into sixth spot, while England made it to the seventh place in the poll.

    India, home to Bollywood beauties like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, and heartthrob Salman Khan, among others, has come eighth, while France came ninth and Canada finished off the top 10.

    Other countries to feature in the top 20 include Portugal, Japan and Netherlands. Germany completed the top 20.

    A spokeswoman for ‘’, which carried out the survey, was quoted by ‘The Daily Telegraph’ as saying,

    “America has got a lot on offer and boasts some of the sexiest people on the planet.

    “The likes of Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt all help America’s image as a hot bed of good looking people. But with a population of more than 300 million, they do have an unfair advantage.

    “But in fairness, when you think of good looking countries, Sweden, Italy, France and Brazil talent all spring to mind before us lazy, pale Brits. If you’re looking for some fun in the sun you now know where to head on holiday.”

    IN 2004 salman is voted as 7th most handsome man of world.
    now at the age of 44,he is also voted as 8th most handsome of 2010 in world.

  22. Does Saif have any movies lined up this year??? There was talk of Agent Vinod but it hasnt started yet

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  24. U guys r totally biased about MNIK…look, if u go by BOI about foreign figures, then it is also true that 3 Idiots earned about 72 cr overseas. This means that 3 Idiots earned only 275 cr worldwide, not 400 cr as is said by many. Actually, u must take the overseas figures quoted by BOI and double it. Then u get the real picture. Overall, MNIK is hit bcoz of the follg. factors:-

    1) Indian DS is about 36 cr.
    2) Overseas DS is about 70 cr (im not biased….I kno 3 I is leagues ahead of MNIK.)
    3) Satellite rights have been sold for 15 cr.

    Overall, a revenue of 121 cr for FOX, meaning a profit of 4-5 crfor them. HIT.

    • “Overseas DS is about 70 cr’

      Lmaoooo .. you lost your credibility of comment here …. HA HA

      Overseas is around 37 Crore …. You are mixing Nett with DS .. HAAA

    • Overall .. if you sum up all revenues — 36(domestic) + 37(overseas) + 15(sat) + 5 (video)= 88 Crore .. Clear loss of 20-25 Crore …….

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