Sharmila Says : Deciphering AB’s blog…


I have been an avid follower of Mr Bachchan’s blogs ever since he opened up a small space of his world to the outside. His blogs have allowed millions of fans worldwide to get a peek into his immaculate style of writing, his sense of humor and above all his intelligence. His writing style in prose and poetry is an exciting medley of words that could have only been construed by the master himself. Mr Bachchan is also probably the only one in the hindi film industry who is capable of such finery, refinement and erudite skills. On occasions he also takes the liberty to share his personal views on his trials, tribulations as much as he shares the space on his victories and triumphs. His blogs render us an opportunity to know the real big B, in parts at times, in whole sometimes. Whatever be the quantum of our knowledge of the man, an avid reader or the casual reader of his blog formulates an opinion that holds good.

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~ by prazzero00000 on February 25, 2010.

5 Responses to “Sharmila Says : Deciphering AB’s blog…”

  1. Yeah dear Amitabh blog is superb,and he is regular this is the main point.

  2. Bachchan is an opportunistic coward. and his fans are the best when it comes to defending his cowardice…. calling it magnanimity…. and what not. The recent defense being “ohh it was just a telephonic conversation”. Bachchan was praising thakeray the same day his clan tore down posters of MNIK in Mumbai… all this because he wanted the thackeray guy to praise his shitty thing called Rann.

    Sharmila, last time I read your article it was about how desperately aamir and srk want to copy this coward. LOL. …. as if there isnt anything else in this world. You seriously need to have a lens that shows you beyond bachchan. Or possibly teach bachchan on how he could better his gabbar role in rgv ki something before you lecture aamir and srk to stop “copying” bachchan.

  3. and Anuj,
    You are even a bigger coward. Take a chill pill. Don’t take pangas, OK! What is your address?

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