First Teaser : Housefull

~ by Yakuza on February 25, 2010.

10 Responses to “First Teaser : Housefull”

  1. this looks a bit like Hey Baby/Hangover. I swear the guy in the orange suit at 1.24 looks like Ajay Devgan – am i right?

    i liked Hey Baby & Garam Masala….hope this is as good

    also if Houseful is a hit it’l be a huge boost to Akshay because he’s got 3 other movies releasing this year. will he do another 2007?

    i remember SRK had CDI & Don in 2007

    But so far in 2010 the big stars – Salman & SRK have failed to give hits, so its going to be big pressure on Akshay.

  2. oh yeh another Deepika is fukking gorgeous!!!!

    And Lara is so hot man 😉

    the 3rd girl Jiah looks like a marasi/cleaner

  3. Good promo, much better than DDD, Sajid comic sense is good, so should be good watch.

  4. I cant play this video, pls tell me how can i play it? whenever i play it, this is what is wrote….This video contain content Eros entertaiment who has blocked it on copyright grounds. So pls tell me how i can play.

  5. All the 3 girls are hot, especially Deepika.

    But i want Akki to do something different. it’s becoming repetitive.

    • nAVEED

      I agree with u mate. The problem with Akshay is that he lacks good script sense. he leaves it to the director to sort it out – CC2C, Tasveer, Blue, Kambakht Ishq were all trash (which is what SRK is guilty sometimes). Akki needs to mix it more often like he did in 2007 where he a gr8 mix:

      Quality/different films = Namastey London & Bhool Bhulaya
      Full-on Entertainers = Hey Baby & Welcome

      I Hope this year is similar to 2007 for Akki.

      Another factor is that Akki is a very limited actor – he does loud/in your face comedy really well and action. Where Aamir/SRK/Hrithik stand out is that they are all-rounders and come out with quality movies now and then :

      Aamir – nearly all of his of movies are loved by public & critic

      SRK – Swades & CDI, MNIK (recent)

      Hrithik – KMG, Jodha Akbar.

      I believe that Akshay even with his limited talent can be part of gr8 movies. i.e. Tom Cruise in Rainman. He needs to become part/be associated with gr8 movies. Maybe he cant match the histronics of SRK/Aamir/Hrithik but he can definately be part of some good movies. That’s what his aim should be. However i hope its not too late for him, because the audience are now craving for something different all the time now and with younger stars like Shahid & Ranbir on the rise, he could have his work cut out for him.

  6. The ladies look hot! thats all about it…

  7. might be big hit.

  8. one more super duper ………………..flop

  9. saw the trailer again last night. the 1st half was really good but then 2nd half was utter crap esp. that scene with Ritiesh chatting shit…truly awful….it was meant to be funny but it was crap.

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