MNIK – Decent But Not Best

MNIK tanked badly on second Monday and collected just under 1.5 Crore registering  67% fall all over India (Second Sunday was 4.5 Crore). First week is likely to wrap under 16 Crore and life time Nett from domestic market will be under 65 Crore. Collections are decent and can be considered as good if we compare it to other Hits from past. But price tag fails for MNIK. MNIK is costliest movie churn out by Bollywood till date, but collections are just decent, not best. With much greater hype, collection of MNIK is just in range of LAK and APKGK last year. But cost of these movies are one third of MNIK.

— BollyBusiness


~ by Yakuza on February 23, 2010.

33 Responses to “MNIK – Decent But Not Best”

  1. collections r decent,only
    bcoz of balthakret issue,24/7 publicity by all
    tv channels n giving fake collections by media.
    itni publicity 24 hours karengey n fake collections
    bolengey to itna collection to hoga hi.
    mnik is boring,slow n lenghy,pakau movie.

    • You are a stupid Prity. MNIK is one of the best and finest movies of Bollywood. It’s jsut because of that Hindu Fundamentalist white bearded skeleton (Bal Thakrey) and his followers who actually got a big kick on their asses in the opening week, thanks to the goverment for protecting it’s citizens from the terror spread on that day. Unfortunately those people are still doing negative publicity. Shahrukh and Karan have done a great job, they are the jewels of India. They are making India proud by making such fine films. I wish if that local goon bal thakrey could be hanged in the public for spreading terror in the public.

  2. star news
    liveindia news
    ndtv news,ndtvgoodtimes channel
    indiatv news
    aajtak news,zee news,zoomtv
    all chanel 1 hours ki publicity karengey
    n said tht mnik is superhit,blockbuster,bla bla
    gave fake collections,comparing 3 idiot
    n all corrupted critics gave 4 or 5 stars
    to public to fool banegi hi.

  3. if MNIK not recovering a ammount and also FOX distributor why dont deaclere a above average or flop….if film wolud not revover the ammount so its called a flo p movie…VEER also stands on 46 coroe but no body and no webiste the life time bizness of Veer beacoz they know the are paid for bad publicuty of Veer…..if price are matters …so MNI is Abover Average and nothing else…Boxofficeindia, NDTV, and many other TV channels are paid…paid revies and Piad good revies of very slow movie.

  4. veer is above average bt
    all news channels excluding sahara samay,boi n site
    r saying less collections
    n said veer is flop
    they all r criminals

  5. agree with u guys…. news channels,critics are just paid to lift MNIK…..SHAME ON THEM….

  6. The oversees business also dropped ( 63% drop for USA ) in the 2nd weekend. The 10 days gross total for USA is $3253168 which is around 15 cr RS. link: The DS for fox should be around 45% of the gross figure which is around 6.7 cr. Assuming the USA figure is about 1/3 of the total oversees collection(which we saw for all bollywood movies) we can say that DS for fox from all of the oversees is around 21 cr for 10 days. Seeing the trend the lifetime DS from oversees can be atmost 40 cr ( doubling the 10 days figure which is also unlikely to achieve). So it needs atleast 40-45 cr DS from India( i.e 75-80 cr nett) just to recover cost…or a average I correct Yakuja?

  7. mnik is very slow n borin movie.
    if thakrey issue didnt happen thn
    weekend should b 22-23 cr nett atleast.
    bcoz of all channels huge publicity.
    tab bhi to ye channel waley bhonktey rehtey.

  8. its biggest flop of recent times given hype and cost and all others biased factors and to collect 1 cr on 2nd monday after getting ovt machinery at 1600 screens means all theaters are empty its dissapointing and biggest blow to srk ad kjo

  9. MNIK hasnt failed its the SRK arrogance and over confidence that has failed. The way he fooled people by publicing that this movie is something that no one has ever seen before in Bollywood, well infact this movie is such that nobody wants to see it. He would still come out and say that this movie was the highest first week grosser overseas and our media will fool people with all the fae figures. I guess SRK is the biggest conman hollywood had everseen,

    • spot on randy. i thought the film was ok. but the way it was publicised was ridiculous. the media would never have done that for Salman and Akshay

  10. YAKUJA,
    i dont understand,
    y BOI collections r more in every day 4 mnik.
    i think BOI also paid by srk.
    n he saying less collections of veer.
    y y y y y y y??????????/

  11. liveindia news channel is very dangerous.
    frm 22nd jan
    they down veer.
    tht veer ko veergati mili on 22nd jan.
    every day they say negative abt veer
    2day they say veer ko success nahi mili
    y these news channels veer k peeche hath dhokar pad gaye hain.

  12. My Name is Khan FoxS $700,885 -63.9% 125 +5 $5,607 $3,253,168
    its crashed in oversees too haha disaster

  13. if media can do anything it would hav become atbb but people r no fool they hav shown doors to srk and media

  14. Veer is far better movie tha MNIK,business wise also veer is better than MNIK,on veer cost is 70 crore and on MNIK 95 crore,and veer did above 50 crore(average) and MNIK will be under 70 crore(flop).


  16. Let me tell tell the truth guys..or gays who hate SRK
    MNIK has grossed 58.08 cr in india and 50 crores overseas for 10 days…making it a clean hit in INDIA and All Time BB overseas. it has grossed a total 150 Cr world wide making it a Blockbuster. IT is not a flop certainly nor a hit but Blockbuster..And it is stll to be released in other parts like it will earn a long way….

    • @ aashkaran The cost for fox is 100 cr. From 58 cr nett Indian market(although I think it is about 5 cr less), the Distribution Share (DS) is around 30 cr. From the 50 cr gross oversees fox will get roughly 50% of it or 25 cr. So total return for fox is around 55 cr from DS assuming music rights will fetch 5 cr. Total return for fox till now is 60 cr..still 40 cr short to just recover its cost forget about hit buisness..

  17. If u’re not down with that got 2 wordz for u haters of SRK
    SUCK IT !

  18. mnik earn till monday is 53.5 cr nett.
    aashkaran all sites r paid by srk
    thts y they r telling more collections.
    wich r totally fake,if u calculate every day collections.
    they r trying to touch 75 cr soon
    so tht they could give hit verdict in india.
    srk n kj ne bahut paisa khilaya hai all sites
    n news channels,zoom n tv channels ko.
    they r not honest person.
    they r fraud.
    aamir n salman r honest people.

  19. The cost for fox is 100 cr. From 58 cr nett Indian market(although I think it is about 5 cr less), the Distribution Share (DS) is around 30 cr. From the 50 cr gross oversees fox will get roughly 50% of it or 25 cr. So total return for fox is around 55 cr from DS assuming music rights will fetch 5 cr. Total return for fox till now is 60 cr..still 40 cr short to just recover its cost forget hit status

  20. the loss will be 40 cr to 30 cr its biggest flop history has ever seen super disaster

  21. all SALLU FANS,
    sallu has 2 opportunities now,
    1. 8th most beatifull n attractive celebrity of allover world.
    including katrina,kareena,aishwarya.
    2. 1st most beatiful n attractive person of india.
    3. most searched celebrity of india,2010.
    plzzz all sallu fan,send dis information to all tv news channels
    n tv channels sites.

  22. sallu good work lik
    cyclothon,sony tv lift kara de,charity.
    n all good works r not shown by media.
    bt wen laathicharge happen
    media show it 24 hours,continiously,frm morning to nit.
    all media,news channels,zoom,tv channels r big enemy of sallu.

  23. I think the viewers have some problem with shahrukh khan, they don’t understand the message of movies. And that is ture 3 Idiots done more business in india only. But MNIK did recored collection from broad.They both have their fans,but that was the first indian movies which appeal to western nation first time.And we hope so Shahruk and Kojol next time will give much more.According to our view this is best movie of bollywood.My rating for this movie is 5.

  24. I think half of India is trying to make MNIK a super hit and the other half is trying to take it down as the biggest disaster! But the real verdict at this moment seems to me above average if u consider everything (budget,investment,collections in India and abroad and the music rights)

  25. mnik is a kickass movie ………..all u sallu fans jealous of him hahaha ……….. this movie has grossed 150crores in 10days …….and from march its gonna release in 25 more countries. so all u sullu fasn buzz off.

  26. yes dude ur right mnik have already broken all d records till date and finally srk once again proves that he is d only one who knows how to rule on bollywwood and bcos of this we call him KING KHAN OR BOLLYWOOD BADSHAH. SRK ROCKS


    • Hey fuck off u lunatic , insane, fucking ass hole . U all sallu fan srk ka ek bal bhi Baka nahi kar sakte ho. Do u r just trying to let his movie down . Listen srk and kj don need to pay for their movie review cause they already got 100 cr that’s mean 35 crore profit. It’s now belongs to fox. Another thing u all cheap sallu fans u r just fuck in jelous about srk. Sallu ka movie ka koi quality hai na o acting janta hai. Ek sal mai 4/5 movie release karta hai. So try at your best to let srk’s movie down but sorry mate u will be looser . Fuck off

  28. Srk rocks ,he is the real king as u can see it again in mnik,dont b jealous u aamir,sallu,akhay fans.due to his suces in mnik again u fool people r writing ur stupid n jealous commits.this makes him even more popular,i advice u 2 b calm n patient

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