MNIK – 11 Crore second weekend

Click and Toh baat pakki refused to pickup during weekend. Click collected less than 75 lacs and Toh baat pakki is just over one crore over weekend.

MNIK add another 11 Crore over second weekend, taking its total to 52 Crore in 10 days. Today it again face a massive drop. From next week onwards there are multiple releases every week and screen space of MNIK will be drastically reduced. This is remain to be seen if movie can contribute anything significant from here on. Two week total is heading for 55 Crore.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on February 22, 2010.

25 Responses to “MNIK – 11 Crore second weekend”

  1. Thankx Yakuza. well if it earns less than 60 by the end of this week. i dont see the film crossing 65 lifetime nett. People say VEER underperformed, true. BUT MNIK was so hyped, publicity etc. this film has definitely underperformed

  2. again excellent job Yakuza,
    1st to update box office collection. but i think you r short of 2/3cr in ur collection.why because ….other portals are showing 44/45cr on an avg for the 1st week and ur showing 41cr.

    what is the reasion??? r they showing the fake collections or u left some place’s collection??

    • Yakuza, can you explain, why there is a difference in the reporting? Can you also confirm the gross collections till second weekend, and maybe we can work backwards.

  3. Yakuza let us know box office prediction on Atithi tum kab jaouge?

  4. mnik dropped in us too. 2nd weekend is just 37% of first weekend means a drop of 63%. Now compare this with just 9% drop of 3i. looking at the trend, mnik is unlikely to corss 3i in overseas also.

  5. Once again .. bollybusiness WON .. 11 crore is correct figure declared way before BOI … Now i am damn sure your 41 crore in first week is also 100% correct ….

  6. BOI has given 56cr collection with DS 35cr, which seem to be little bit surprise to me because mostly business has come 4m high end multiplex.

    what u say Yakuza??????/

  7. let the collection be 56/57cr according 2 boi but still then we can’t say it as hit .as because they had released this movie with large scale arround 1500 screen in india. and keeping in mind this, business are not that great 2 call it as a hit. if i guess then arround 45-50% business had done by MNIK.which is a avg business. isn’t it Yakuza???????????????

  8. i dont understand tht boi r saying less collections of veer.
    n more collections of mnik.
    srk also gave money to
    starnews channel
    liveindia news channel
    ndtv imagine
    taran adarsh
    4 not discussing abt to baat pakki or
    4 saying negative abt toh baat pakki.
    srk is very clever n chaloo ,corrupted guy.

  9. i dont say MNIK is a bad movie. it is a good movie.. but every has a limit. sometime ovehyped cause the downfall and the exampal is MNIK.

    it is a good movie no dout but it not a classic.

  10. i dont say MNIK is a bad movie. it is a good movie.. but every thing has a limit. sometime ovehyped cause the downfall and the exampal is MNIK.

    it is a good movie no dout but it not a classic

  11. yeh a lot of industry ppl (SRK ass-lickers) were praising SRK & Kjo on twitter for MNIK…..but i didnt see much of that happening on twitter when 3i released….but there was so much public affection/praise for 3i when it released – more than 3i. It shows public is KING

  12. Hey guy’s pls some question: boi said ds of mnik is 35 presently it that means from d worldwide theatres? n they need another 70 cr ds to recover their investment? pls answer this in detail.

    • BOI says “will have a distributor share of over 35 crore” .. at that rate whether BOI’s figures are overestimated or not, MNIK is a big flop.

  13. yakuja,
    wt is final oversease collections of veer
    including pakistan,dubai.

  14. srk is fake n chaloo
    manish malhotra,karan johar,srk,arjun rampal,ritesh
    they r G group.

  15. Shahrukh ass lickers read this

  16. Wow, thats less than I expected. Thanks Yak…seems like it will be more of a Overseas movie only as expected.

    BTW Great to see updates back..also don’t remember to post these on MP 🙂

    And lets talk very soon…..hope all is well with you.


  17. in lman was 1990s salman was no1.
    n srk was no2.

  18. in 1990s salman was no1.
    n srk was no2.
    srk just bsame supestar n salman was already
    superstar n no1.

  19. all tv channels person n some media
    person r gay thts y they always trying to
    up srk,his films,his image.
    24 hours,they promote srk n his films
    by telling fake things n collections.


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