Boxoffice : My Name Is Still Khan ?

After checking 3 Crore approx. second Friday figure, This is what khan must be thinking “My name is still khan?” Second Friday crashed to 60% of first partial release Friday. Saturday is doing good business only at high end multiplexes of Delhi and Bangalore. Even Mumbai is not up to mark. MNIK desperately need to cross 75 crore mark to gain some respect, which is looking hard at the moment. All in all movie is heading for 55-56 Crore in two weeks and likely to wrap under 65-67 Crore lifetime domestic business.

 — BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on February 20, 2010.

29 Responses to “Boxoffice : My Name Is Still Khan ?”

  1. That is mean mnik need 75cr to be a clean hit, anythings below is not?

    • Not really clean HIT, but yes costs may be recovered. If we ignore the high price tag and never seen before hype of movie, collections are good and respectable, but considering all said factors, movie has underperformed considerably.

      • 1st week collections are 3rd highest ever .. thats really good collection.

        Overall collection will determine whether the hype backfired on them .. it worked for 1st week collections but left many disappointed because of too high expectations. If it does less than 70 cr, the hype backfires.

        Overall thats a good thing for the industry because movies selling on hype/publicity (srk & akshay mostly) cannot be good for the long term.

    • Yakuza, How much is required to gain a hit tag? If it recovers costs does it become average or below average? Movies with big budgets always have a confusing fine line between a hit and a flop tag. Pls clarify this line for MNIK to avoid further debate and confusion.

  2. Agree with u Yakuza. Its under-performed for many esp. because it had so much hype!! more than Ghajni – and that had a lot of hype too. i thought this was going to be a monster…

    Yakuza bhai…nice to see you updating regularly. thank you!

    Re. MNIK

    we will have to wait till this w/end is over to see how the BO performance has turned out.

  3. yakuza u shouldnt be allowed to blog…coz u r a LIAR..liar liar bum on fire…first u reduce a 48 crore week to a 41 crore one…den u r sayng it needs 75 for an average tag!!..well its already a success what matters is whethr it will be blockbuster or not…maybe not in india but it will be atbb in oversees..and by the way paa did 32 core

    • paa was made on the budget of only 16 crore so anything over $20 crore business is the safe heaven for evrybody

  4. Anshul:u r an dumbass,it never earn 48 crs.Taran was paid huge money by karan ,so he wrote tht…1st week was 44 crs from (

    • Similar (43-45) figure provided by BOI also. took Taran’s exaggerated figures while BB’s figures are lowest right now.

      I personally feel BB’s figures are right for most of the time.

    • Taran Adarsh, deosnt even talk about the falling revenue of this movie, all he says was weekend was use and 1st week did huge, doenst even analyse it properly for this movie, he was the one who said hat the movie is not only entertaining but also mesmerrisng, then he changed his tune that the movie is bit serious and bla bla

  5. My Name is Khan shows huge drops on 8th day at Indore multiplexes from first day. Below are the first Friday numbers with second Friday figures in brackets.


    My Name Is Khan – 84,233 (4,37,779)

    Inox Sapna

    My Name Is Khan – 35,673 (2,13,678)

    Big (Adlabs)

    My Name Is Khan – 35,233 (2,68,842)


    My Name Is Khan – 19,587 (2,20,602)

    Inox City

    My Name Is Khan – 26,100 (2,13,678)

    Satyam Cineplex

    My Name Is Khan – 13,116 (2,05,688)


    My Name Is Khan – 2,13,942 (15,60,267) -86.29%

  6. 86.29% is big drop..If movie was appealing to ppl then this huge drop will never clearly show 1st week was huge becoz of hype of the movie n 2nd week is going to be complete crash…Now sharukh khan will tell”My name is khan n i m not a hit person in india”

    • lol. good comment Sudeep.

      @ Anshul plz dont behave like a fool

    • but Kjo and SRK doenst care about Indian audience, all they want to see that overseas audience is happy, and along with the pyscophants from media(ndtv and company) they will claim that this movie was blocbuster

      • haha..dude.. wot yu mean by overseas audience..its all indians pakistani or bangladeshi who are watchin this movie overseas. remember there is lot of paki n bangali n middle eastern population in these countries who would support this movie no matter what cuz it favors MUSLIMS. NO OFFENCE TO MUSLIMS but larger section of the audience is Muslim who are watchin this movie to support it. I live in Sydney. the day I went to see it, there was not a single NON-INDIAN in audience. My close frn LOVE SRK and even he was disappointed. n for me.. i hardly watch indian movies, just wanted to check what the hoopla is about but quite frank its HORRIBLE in almost all aspects.

        there is a HUGE drop in overseas as well. if it wasnt backed up by FOX, who are promoting and releasing this movie really well, result would have been different. if you evaluate this movie on its MERITS only it is a big disappointment. HYPE WORKED THIS TIME BUT AUDIENCE IS BECOMING INTELLIGENT.


        yu think SRK-KJO will be successful fooling AUDIENCE ever again????MAY be to get good collections they will have to seek help of hollywood STUDIOS and base their story on IRAQ or mayb

  7. MNIK will flop I think,

  8. haan u all ppl are very smart rite..! u believe what you want to believe thats it..!..what about paa??…no replies dere..and by the way the movie has shown a fall coz it has more of an international theme and message attached…slumdog was a disaster in india..does that mean its not a succes..the world is the audience not only india..btw muvi is breakng records everywher except india..

    • Paa did the business of over 50 crores, plus the tv and satellite rights were sold for 12 crore and the movie was made in the budget of 16 crore. The recent release Isqiya was also made at the budget of 16 cores, and its net revenue is around 20 crore, but for mnik it was sold for 90 crore plus publicity cost so it needs to do business of $250 crores($55 millions) just to break even, and mind you the 65% of the life time revenue is covered in the first week of business and mnik did the business of 20 million in the first week so 55 million is diffcult to reach if you look at the falling revenue of the movie

  9. if MNIK was a akshay movie…….abhi hum sab akshay ke kapde phaad rahe hote……..yaar kuch gaaliya to is srk ko bhi do……….

  10. My Name Is Khan has collected 46.08 crore nett in week one. The distributor share is 26 crore approx. Mumbai has done well considering release problems. Delhi/UP, East Punjab and Nizam are also strong but its West Bengal (especially Kolkata) and Mysore which have outperformed. The all India territorial breakdown is as follows.

    Mumbai – 15.19 crore

    Delhi/UP – 10.87 crore

    East Punjab – 4.23 crore

    West Bengal – 3.24 crore

    Bihar – 0.68 crore

    CP Berar – 1.66 crore

    CI – 1.33 crore

    Rajasthan – 2.16 crore

    Nizam – 2.67 crore

    Mysore – 2.74 crore

    Others – 1.31 crore

    TOTAL – 46.08 crore


  11. PAA did over 55 crore,PAA is superhit not HIT.MNIK need over 93 crore to take the position of semi-hit and for HIT need over 100 crore.

  12. i want to know that the first week collections of my name is khan
    in domestic circuits is 46.08 crore and oversies 43crore.
    in my openion my name is khan is already a success.
    if the second week business in india will be by negative thinking 25 crore and oversies will be at least 25crore than it must be a hit. basu

  13. SRK should do cheap films like bachchans. Then he will get HITs

  14. WOHOOO! GREAT TO SEE SOME NEW UPDATES!!!!!! I’m back from seminars/conferences over the last 3 weeks too so expect more updates/contributions from me too.

    Yak: Still gotta write you up a mini business plan-on the agenda 🙂


  15. what makes me suprise is we have seen shah rukh khan saying i am the best i am the king …. thankz to amir khan.. finaly shah rukh khan is lost… box office flop…. i am not hater but i dont like the way h acts… the thought he is the best.

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