MNIK : Box-office Disappointment

MNIK disappoints at box-office and has collected only 41 Crore in first week. All India occupancy rate for first week is 44%.  Movie enjoyed good initial on first four days but there was hardly any footfalls on last day of week. Thursday collection was 2.25 Crore only. Friday opened to very poor response on morning shows and noon shows is likely to be in same range. Evening shows of Friday generally gain some decent audience, this remains to see if this happen with MNIK as well. Unless there is significant improvement in evening shows, Second Friday collection of MNIK will be in range of 2.5 Crore.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on February 19, 2010.

22 Responses to “MNIK : Box-office Disappointment”

  1. well well well. am sill not gonna judge yet. SRK performed well, but da film was just ok. BIGGEST DRAWBACK for me no repeat value.
    da biggest hyped film of da year could be da biggest disappointment.
    SRK fans need to wake up, dis film is no where near 3i.

  2. Two of my couligues who both are great srk fan (one even mentioned before watching movie that if srk is there we can even tolerate boring movie) watched this movie yesterday and came out hugely disappointed. One of them mentioned that many people leave the theatre when about 25% of the movie was remaining. He himself was loitering about for purchasing popcorn during running movie just to kill boredom. Another couligue who is even a bigger srk fan mentioned that whosoever written this movie as crushing bore is absolutely correct. He was literally beating his head through out the movie.

  3. Veer was watched by more people than the super hit Love Aaj Kal and Wanted was watched by almost twice the number of people compared to Love Aaj Kal again.

    Salman fans, whether or not the Salman’s movies make record breaking collections, rejoice that they provide more entertainment to more number of people. This is the power of Salman Khan.

    SRK might sell a special ticket at 1000 euros, but he can’t get even half the audience that Salman gets to the theaters.

    • true…average multiplex ticket are about 6 times higher than average single screens tickets in urban area and about 12 times higher than the tickets in rural areas…..this is also true for other basic commodities … India will face a huge problem in near future in terms of economic divisions of peoples…while in the developed countries u can see no differences in terms of prices of the basic commodities..they are almost uniform all overthe country..and in India although we are saying its getting economically developed faster..but I think the difference between rural and urban areas in terms of economy is also increasing at a rapid pace…which will lead to many problems..

  4. I don’t think so that MNIK will get average position.might be flop.

  5. u all think that all the critics are fool that they have given MNIK 5 Stars ……………
    one more thing .who the hell ur to comment on SRK…can u even act for 5 minutes like him?
    BH.. ke lo…

  6. u all think that all the critics are fool that they have given MNIK 5 Stars ……………
    one more thing .who the hell ur to comment on SRK…can u even act for 5 minutes like him?
    BH.. ke lo…

    • they r not fools they are pimps.they give paid reviews.mnik is a good movie but too preachy and lacks entertainment.Even srk cannot save it .Aamir is the current bo king.period.

  7. yakuza has added 8cr to paa; to balance it he has to remove it from mnik. great job.

  8. Going to watch MNIK either 2nite or Wednesday night.

    Hope it becomes a sleeper hit like Jodha Akbar…..anyone remember back then? same release date…but because all the movies after that were shite ppl went to watch JA.

    Any similarities between JA and this? Obviously here though…MNIK is really expensive movie.

    • Movie is good, i am sure you will enjoy .. if you liked swadesh, you should also like MNIK.

    • people say the movie is boring and not good for watching more than once, so I doubt that can happen .. for it to be a sleeper hit, movie needs to have low hype but very good wom .. case is opposite here

  9. yes, i loved Swades….one of my all time favourites and loved SRK’s performance. i actually thought that Swades was better than Lagaan & Jodha Akbar. all 3 were amazing but Swades pips it for me. I guess its b’cos i live overseas and the message hit me hard.

  10. Describe my name is khan in three words? BORING ….BORING….BORING

    A fit case of “Much ado about nothing”
    SRK shoud thanks SHIVSENA and BALAJI for a good opening ….

  11. I believe you are blind amir fan… you do not feel shame in just promoting an egoistic person and criticising a good movie like mnik

  12. every one out there who think mnik is boring there’s just one thng 4 u guys fuck off!!!!!!!! and all those who thnk any one’s better thn SRK to them u suck…………..

  13. mnik is ver boring,slow,pakaoo movie.

  14. People here seem to have no interest in Excellent acting and well written original story. Or else they would not compare MNIK with any other movie. Its a fantastic movie. Far better than 3 idiots or any other.. It has so much in it, but it just needs to be seen with serious attitude.

    One more thing. Amir or Salmaan could have never been able to act so well as SRK has done here.. He is definitely the best actor in the era..

    • Neo, Movie response always taken in broad terms. MNIK is not upto mark this is fact by majority. Ans at boxoffice movie disappoints big time, This fact can never be denied by even hard core SRK fan. otherwise who the hell ever think that MNIK will not even be able to cross Three Idiots first week business in india.

    • Vaise Dulha Mil Gaya And Billu Bhi Disaster thi ..

  15. I saw MNIK v.late after i had heard & read all the bad/mixed reviews for MNIK. I thought the movie was good in parts and could have been much better had there been better editing and if the movie was 30minutes shorter. I thought it was a bit realistic at times. However SRK’s performance was amazing. I have to say this guy is an immense actor.

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