Boxoffice verdicts of last few movies

Movie NETT Collection Verdict
Paa 39 Crore Hit
Rocket Singh 21 Crore Flop
Three idiots 198 Crore ATBB
Chance Pe Dance 10 Crore Flop
Veer (All versions) 46 Crore Above Average
Rann 8.5 Crore Flop
Ishqiya 19 Crore Above Average
MNIK 41 Crore Awaiting


— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on February 19, 2010.

26 Responses to “Boxoffice verdicts of last few movies”

  1. why veer is belom average that it has collect 46crore that boi rate it average overall.pls yakuza tell .

  2. Veer getting Above Average is fair game. I might have given it Semi-hit for 45 cr nett or 30 cr distributors share, but Above Average is acceptable enough.

    Asad, dont bother about BOI verdicts, they are crap.

  3. On,one report ( says that VEER is watched by more people than Love Aaj Kal(bo verdict-superhit) bt its collection is less since VEER dominated single screens rather than plexes.. then why media is saying that its a flop\underperformer film??? pls tel m…..

  4. i think srk over act in this flim i don’t know why the media rating the flim so high mnik is so boring it waste of time.

  5. Thanks yakuza 4 d real collection, but this lier taran adarsh said 48.4cr which is imposible. I think taran is among of d people who karan paid 4 review like what amod mehra said. That is why he disturbed him self by promoting mnik n d bringing fake collection always, loser.

  6. Dear Yakuza,
    Why PAA is not superhit?PAA budget is 17 crore and earned 40 crore,so its just HIT,but on another hand MNIK budget is 93 crore but if this will do 93 crore then everyone will give hit position,why.please explain why PAA is just HIT.

  7. mnik is aworhtless movi & shud b placed in all time boring movi..!!!!

  8. i want to know why veer is flop?? film waz great , performance waz also great, then why critics are saying that script was poor?? in my point of view script waz strong and story of the film iz great.. buisness iz also well, then what was the reason??

    • Script could have been better and editing could be tighter. Also some loopholes could have been closed .. but neither did the movie deserve the ratings reviewers gave nor was it a flop.

      Its an above-average, so chill

  9. hey bollyb
    thanks for adding extra 8cr to paa.

  10. Veer is superhit here(nepal).still houseful

    • Great news Romes .. Veer did really well, except that it worked in places where ticket prices were low .. Otherwise it beats recent superhits like APKGK and LAK, so it cannot be called an underperforming movie.

  11. Yakuza, puts Veer collections at 11 lakhs for week 4 after 3 crores in week 3 .. that too me just seems like an impossibly big drop .. what do u think? And can you find figures for Veer week 4 .. would be really helpful. Thx

  12. Amir Khan best actor in bollywood king of bollywood Amir Khan 3 idiot break all record.mnik thic thac h,3idiot excellent excellent movie wawawawawawawa

  13. Great online movies

  14. thnx for the update!

    Well done to Balki & AB for his well liked movie. this movie became a hit because of AB’s gr8 performance and reasonable budget so therefore it was able to recover its money.

    Chance pe Dance – Shahid really needs to get his act 2gether. he had a gr8 movie (Kaminey) followed by trash (Haddipa & CPD). he needs to choose his scripts more carefully and also needs to be involved in influencing the producers esp. in regards to budget and release date. i.e CPD came a week b4 much hyped biggie VEER.
    Shahid is a fantastic talent but as i’v said b4 i think his lack of script sense will let Ranbir speed past him.

  15. boi r fake
    n alahiso sm news channels r fake
    y they r saying tht veer is flop n
    sallu was not able 4 coming audience.
    bheed theatres par nahi aa rahi.
    they r down sallu image in all audience mind.
    sallu film is not doing gr8 business bcoz of all enemy news channels 4 down his films,image n stardome.
    they r regular tell negative abt sallu n his film.

    • cus becaus Sallu cares a damn for media. unfortunately our media can make a good out of a bad person(like srk) and make a villian out of a good person(sallu). There are lot of the guys in the industry that would say that sallu is a 2 am friend, he doenst base his co-strs in front of the media liks SRK does

  16. all the best is above average movie
    n all fake audience say big success or hit.
    how corrupted n fake they r?

  17. sorry,mistake
    all fake n corrupted news channels say
    it is big success or hit
    how fake n corrupted they r?

  18. thanx yakuja 4 telling truth abt veer
    u r gr8.
    i respect u
    can u plz tell overall international collections of veer
    till 2day including pakistan,dubai,etc???????????????

  19. dont worry that boi says veer(hindi)vision below average but overall it is said an average success.

  20. asad,
    not avrage,
    it is above average.
    in hindi version avg
    bt including all versions,above average.

  21. YAKUJA,
    can u plzz tell me
    overall international collections of veer
    including pakistan n dubai

  22. all news channels r fake,
    still they r saying veer is flop.

  23. Yakuza, can you update the verdicts as well as the Box Office Numbers here? Also, can you confirm if 3 idiots has crossed the 200 cr barrier?

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