Bheja Fry – Can you Compare MNIK VS Three Idiots at BO ?

Q : How true is story of MNIK holding well at multiplexes ?

A : MNIK opened to 25-50% response at single screens and 70-100% at multiplexes. Single screens never opened to good response. Multiplexes holds well till Monday. Since Tuesday multiplexes too starts sliding downward day by day. Wednesday saw 20-30% occupancy. Thursday is even worst. Friday is not likely to pick any further. Saturday and Sunday should see some pickup at multiplexes. 

Q : What was occupancy percentage of MNIK on first day and first weekend ?

A :

Day Capacity (approx) Collection Percentage
First 12 Crore 7.5 Crore 62%
First Weekend 42 Crore 28 Crore 66%
First Week 92 Crore 42 Crore (Likely) 45%

Q: can you compare first week performance of three idiots and MNIK ?

A :  MNIK performance is given above. Three idiots first week performance is : 

Day Capacity (approx) Collection Percentage
First 14 Crore 12.5 Crore 90%
First Weekend 42 Crore 37 Crore 88%
First Week 90 Crore 79 Crore 88%

 Q : What is overall verdict of Veer ?

A : Veer underperforms in India and overseas. At the moment Veer stands at 46 Crore domestic NETT (30 Crore DS). 

Q : Which movie can do the trick at box-office – KCK or Teen Patti ?

A : From the promos, KCK has given clear message of its target audience i.e. multiplexes. KCK should do good business with average opening and good WOM.   Teen Patti at the moment failed to define its target audience and crate sufficient buzz. Only Excellent WOM can do some magic at box-office.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on February 18, 2010.

13 Responses to “Bheja Fry – Can you Compare MNIK VS Three Idiots at BO ?”

  1. Hmmmn, so Veer recovers cost for distributors (Eros). Smaller distributors in areas like Rajasthan, CI, etc made big profits also. Time to call it a semi-hit?

    MNIK meets (my) expectations. Will close at 65-70 cr.

    KCK looks fine. Wasn’t looking forward to it much, but then Deepika is just too good to ignore. This girl is doing wonders first with LAK and now KCK.

  2. Hi Bollybusiness,

    So based on the information, Veer is a Above-Average-Semi-Hit at the BO?

    Also, what is the predicted outcome for MNIK, will it be a Above Average?

  3. Perfect Question and Answers …… MNIK is SRK biggest Loss .. 😀

  4. What was the distribution share of Wanted, and is it a Super-Hit or Blockbuster?

  5. i think 2day veer verdict is above average,46 cr
    n if veer earn 4-5 cr slowly-slowly
    thn will b semi-hit.
    n above 50 cr it wl b hit.

    • Your numbers dont add Priya .. if its at 46 now and earns another 4-5 (not possible now, but still) then its already above 50, which means hit. So where does the Semi-Hit come in.

      I think 45+ should be semi-hit, since at 45, it makes 30 cr distributor share and recovers costs.

  6. i dont like director of teen-patti
    bcoz amitabh acting is not lukng gud.
    bt concept n sript may b gud.

  7. can u pls tell the clear verdict of veer yakuza pls..

  8. Veer has really suffered due to critic& medias negative response otherwise it wod have bcom hit easily

  9. so it is average success

  10. I guess everything abt MNIK’s BO performance will become clear after this weekend.

    Also how much is the budget of KCK?

  11. RE. the post title ( MNIK v 3i) :

    We all know that 3i won the BO battle. But what does this mean for SRK? This shows that Aamir is clear no.1 imo. However SRK has got balls to do such a role imo. This is v.dangerous for superstars to depart from their image and if it works its brilliant (Aamir playing a college guy in 3i) if the movie fails it reflects on the star.

    This is where Aamir excels…he knows how to play the economics game….if its a risky movie…keep the costs low – TZP/JTYJN. This is what SRK needs to do more often…look at the movie and assess the risk.

    Also Aamir also superior to SRK in getting everything right abt his movies from start to finish – whether its the script, music, promotion, everything. SRK’s biggest downfall is that he has too much faith in his directors. He needs to follow Aamir’s example and put more thought and time into every aspect of the movie.

    Imo this is how Aamir has sped past SRK critically & commercially.
    However i hope SRK has learnt from MNIK.

    I cannot wait for Aamir to announce his nxt movie. I hope he does 2 movies in 2011 so he catches up and to keep his fans happy 🙂

  12. infact i think any superstar would do this kind of role. muslims, islaam 9/11 terrorism, k-jo. who would reject this kinda deal????

    i think SRK is lucky that k-Jo lives in a box cuz he is not trying any new star, mayb ranveer but thrz lot of talent out thr.

    anyways movie has fell further,infact outright rejected in 3rd weekend. it is playin at only half the cinemas now. KCK and Teen Patti have got average response but even then they have put considerable dent in MNIK’s business. FOX losin atleast 20crores on the whole deal

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