My Name is KingKi – Funny Take On MNIK

BJo [sits in a sauna, clad in a towel] : You know what. I am sick and tired of people calling me a maker of lovey-flubby-pinkie-winkie coochie-hoochie-coo movies like “Kuch Kuch Kiya Hai” and “Kabhi Aage Kabhi Peeche” and “Kaabhi Andar Na Daalna”. I want to make serious impactful cinema with political undertones….

KingKi (eyes shut, enjoying sauna): Gone mad or what?

BJo (smiling): Kidding yaar. Of course my next movie will be a love story, an intense and passionate one. What else can I do in any case? After all asking me to make a non-love story is like asking Sachin Tendulkar to dance ballet. Plus yahaan ka public only wants the coochie coochies. But baat kya hain, today’s audiences want more.  When they come out of the movie, they want to feel a surge of “I am so smart”  and this is why we need to layer in a political, deeper, “more mature” cocoon over the hoary old cliches and truisms , in essence making old garbage sound profound and brilliant .  Simple college romances don’t work any more dude and honestly I cannot make you look like a college kid any more….

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~ by Yakuza on February 16, 2010.

5 Responses to “My Name is KingKi – Funny Take On MNIK”

  1. Yakuza, u r here?

    • Hey rosh, How are you bro ? Regret to say that i will be much inconsistent for time being , hard to say how long.

      • Thx for letting us know Yakuza. You have done a great work in the past. Good luck with solving whatever problems you are having now.

        Look forward to better days ahead


  3. well u people must watch Dustin Hofman acting in movie “Rain Man” then u all will come to know that this time shahrukh has copy Dustin hofman and when u people see Rainman then u come to know but Dustin Hofman is far far away from shah….i get confused why shahrukh is afraid to take risks why he always try remakes and follow other great actors e-g Don is same copy of Amitabh Don….Kal Ho na Ho is same copy of Amitabh Anand…now MNIK his acting is same copy of Dustin Hofman Rain Man…Om shanti Om copy of Karz movie….Devdas he tries to copy Dilip kumar….Shah Rukh is a great loser he is nothing just media made him.loserrrrr

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