MNIK holding well today

After fetching good 32 Crore over first four days, MNIK seems to hold well over Tuesday. Looking at sales so far at multiplexes mainly, MNIK should do around 3-3.5 Crore Nett. This will make Five days total 35 – 36 Crore. First week of MNIK is heading for 41+ Crore.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on February 16, 2010.

27 Responses to “MNIK holding well today”

  1. 41+ crore means 42 crore now will u plz tell me yakuza at 42 crore of MNIK 1st week business where it stands now in top 10 1st week business movies?and whats your prediction about total all india business of MNIK?

  2. 41+ is worse than my lowest predictions .. thats really bad news for MNIK cos it won’t do anything much from next week .. will close under 70 cr .. thats really bad. (my earlier predictions were at 80cr)

  3. nice to see you back yakuza …

    well i think MNIK will be arround 43cr in the 1st week. and the whole business will be arround 65-69cr in india and arround 70-75cr oversase….
    what uo think yakuza ???will it be a hit or just a avg ??

  4. The deal with fox is a MG of 80 crores plus p/p(15-20 crores) for worldwide rights except the music rights. If the satellite and home video rights fetch around 25-30 crores, the worldwide theatrical revenue has to be around 130 crores just to break even.
    Read this article by Komal Nahata‘my-name-is-khan’-for-rs-80-crore-don’t-be-foxed-–-it’s-actually-a-steal/

  5. well yakuza heard of berlin….? tickets being sold at 1000 euros..and europe collections are un accounted by most indian sites…so go to international box office sites for real figures..theirs a site saying it had a 15 million weekend..!! if u want i wil search the link for u

    • The film has not released in Germany yet. It is supposed to release during the second round in May. The 1000euro ticket was for the premiere show at the Berlin Film Festival which was to be attended by SRK, KJo and Kajol. And it was auctioned at e bay and there were only a few tickets which were sold for that high a price.

    • They were the marked price on e-bay, but auctioned at far less. So, somebody could have brought it for 50 euros, but FOX can still claim that ticket worth 1000 Euros were sold.

      All SRK publicity gimmicks which looks earth shattering on the face of it, but very hollow inside. just like the moon crater fiasco a week back.

  6. The producers will be in profit as they stand to earn from Music rights and any profit earned after breaking even will be shared. And if the movie does around 70 crores nett business from India and 80+ crores from overseas which it is expected to do, it will definitely be profitable for the distributors as well. I think it will atleast be a hit.

    • With 70 from india, and 80 abroad, fox will just break even.

      Also, why is overseas expected to be 80 when till now overseas has been lesser than india?

      • Because the movie is released on a limited no. of prints overseas(600) compared to India(1200+) plus there is gonna be a second round of release in European and other non traditional markets in may

      • Well depending upon how much the satellite and home video rights are sold for, anywhere between 120-140 cr may be required to break even

    and mind it in overseas by gross dey mean net…ders very little entertainment tax dere

    • That figure is not ONLY overseas but Worldwide including India and even that is exaggerated. The movie earned around 55 crores over the first weekend, 29.5cr from India and 25cr from Overseas.

  8. yakuja,
    BOI figures r more thn u(fri,sat,sun,mon)
    which figures r correct??
    ur or BOI??????????

    • Bollybusiness wont say its wrong and BOI wont either .. wait for next week to get actual figures .. till then follow whom u trust

  9. if figures beat 3 idiots den dey are called exaggrated by haters..!…evry channel and paper said that worldwide opening weekend was gr8er den 3 idiots..

    • Its for you to decide. I am only putting the figures which are correct to my knowledge. And if you believe all those tv channels and papers then i don’t see any point in coming here.
      If saying that MNIK beat 3 idiots record makes you happy, then ok it did.

    • Dude, FOX is giving fake numbers because movie is heading for a free fall. Ask trade experts, and no one will agree with you.

      Media is picking on from the press conference given by FOX. If FOX said 40000 cr, they would have quoted that. Media does not validate facts.

      Opening Weekend facts:
      MNIK never came close to beating 3I in India. Overseas it broke all records. Worldwide (India + Overseas) MNIK could NOT beat 3I.

      What FOX are doing is trying to fool people. It is unethical, but if it helps the movie, they will do anything. Something similar happened with Kambhakt Ishq

    • channels are going by fake fox claims idiot channels dont know anything abt bollybusiness idiot they wouldnt know about gross and net they would say film ne itne kamaye

  10. Thanks Yakuza for come back,in absence of u boxofficeindia is spreading wrong updates about first week 41 crore is nothing and not possible to reach to 80 crore,100 crore budget is too heavy.with 80 crore this film will be flop or average.

  11. i thing mnik wl not beat 3 idiots n gajini in india.
    bt in oversease weekend collections r more thn 3i
    bt lifetime wl not more thn 3i even in oversease.
    bcoz mnik has 0 entertainment.
    srk n kj should thnks to shivsena,bal thakrey 4 good weekend
    making national issue 4 mnik.
    after tht mnik made hot movie.
    bt b4 tht mnik promos didnt hot

  12. Overseas figures are all gross figures before tax. So 80crore overseas is not really a net figure. Net figure will be 40crore.

    Overseas figuresa are deceiving as people think they are NET.

  13. well u people must watch Dustin Hofman acting in movie “Rain Man” then u all will come to know that this time shahrukh has copy Dustin hofman…

  14. Still media is involved in making mnik bigger than 3i, they are using all possible combination like comparing 3i net with mnik gross, comparing 3i indian figures with mnik worldwide figures etc etc. Now, why the hell they are doing this, just cant understand.
    Anyways, welcome back yakuza, missing you a lot.

    • exactly all of them have sold their souls to srk.i have talked earlier about srk pictorial during star news broadcasting where even his pics from josh cdi can be seen

  15. aamir is king of bollywood.
    bollywood boxoffice ka baadshah.
    king khan,aamir khan.

  16. king khan is srk not aamir hehehehehehehehehe ………..i think u heve short term memory loss……………

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