Good Weekend for MNIK , But dropped

Most awaited and hyped movie of 2010, My name is khan opened to mild to very good response at boxoffice on Friday. There was trouble in release on Friday at Mumbai and some parts of Maharashtra, Friday was partially opened at some places, but from Saturday onwards there was no hurdle any more. Weekend collections were excellent for Delhi/UP and south. Mumbai despite highly controversial area for movie, show improvement in collections(in terms of occupancy) on Sunday only. On average weekend was in range of 50- 60%. It collects 27.75 Crore over first weekend. Friday (7.5 Crore) , Saturday (9 Crore), Sunday(11.25 Crore). MNIK enjoyed good weekend, but Monday was most crucial for movie to prove whether it being liked or not. Unfortunately MNIK dropped for around 65% on Monday (compared to Sunday). Monday saw approx. 4.5 Crore. Today it crashed further 20-30% at many centers, Delhi and UP is doing best business followed by Bangalore, Hyderabad, Bombay (though dropped heavily now).But Still MNIK can become HIT based on excellent overseas business (2.3M $, if continues to do with same pace)

From past releases, Ishqiya has done average business of 19 Crore in two weeks and Rann is flopped by just 8.5 Crore in two weeks. Both movies are wash out in third weekend. Rann is out on DVD now.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on February 16, 2010.

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  1. Yakuza, welcome back. Thanks for the info

  2. That’s weird. I expected it to break 3 Idiots’ record. Saurin has reviewed MNIK for my blog and he hated it

    And Rann is out on DVD now LOL

  3. i’m shocked to see this website updated! 😉 thank god

    In simple terms how much will MNIK need for it to be termed a hit?

    If this flops/avg. then Aamir is undisputed king of BO.

    • The cost for MNIK is too high..100 cr for fox. Lets imagine it includes DVD and home video right. Still it need to have around 80 cr from DS ( India and Oversees combined). Seeing oversees market I think it can have 35 cr DS ( remember oversees number are gross and distributors get around 50% of it). So it need to get 45 cr DS ( i.e around 85 cr nett buisness) to recover it costs. For hit buisness all the numbers should be doubled in terms of distributor share.

  4. verdict of veer..

  5. yakuza, pls tell verdict of film veer…at the boxoffice..

  6. Yes, that is true, how did Veer do at the BO?

    Also, how can MNIK get Hit business tag, because of its overseas business? Overseas and Domestic market (India) should be treated separately?

    • Randy, sorry dear, i will not be able to check veer figures from my own source, but if i take BOI numbers of 37 Crore, Veer is definite huge disappointment. Veer was high budget movie and with all calculations of recovery from other sources, still it was required 35 crore distribution share for breakeven. 37 Crore Nett will give around 25 Crore DS. Movie is definite underperformer.

      • Veer required 30 crs for Eros to break even from what Galani’s son tells me.

        Also, is only stating hindi version nos, has the total nos.

    • About MNIK, As fox has acquired combined rights of domestic and overseas market, we can give verdict based on collective business.

      • Thanks alot for the info boss.

        No doubt Veer underperformned at the BO, but it did well at the single screens, where the film will have a good distribution share. No doubt, producers will be entitled for loss.

        In my opinion, its a Average at the BO, because of Hit business in CP, CI, Rajasthan and Bihar, plus good business in Hyderabad

  7. now who can compare fake paper king srk with megastar aamir.srk fans mouth has been shut forever

    • Easy Saurabh bro. its looking like Ghajni > MNIK, when before it was thought that MNIK would run 3i close. Lets see how RA1 does… btw SRK said that the shooting will be in London – (mega budget movie?) …lets wait and see…

      another interesting question? should/will SRK dump Kjo?

  8. So MNIK needs abt 125c to be a hit at the BO (not incl. dvd/dth rights) – am i right?

    i knew Veer would be a flop….

    What does this mean in the long scheme of things?

    Hrithik needs to start praying abt Kites…because there’s a lot of money invested in Kites…if that becomes a hit it will be a unbelievable feat for hrithik and then he’s got Guzarish which would put him in contention with SRK (MNIK) for best actor award this year.

    However the outsider here is Akshay…he’s got 4 films releasing this year……and he has made sure the budget is very low so he has a good chance of making them hits – another 2007 BO performance from Akshay?

    Or willl Ranbir or someone else ( Abhishek?) own 2010?

  9. looking at ABHISHEKS line of projects in 2010,it sure does gives an impression that 2010 belongs to him with the magnum opus RAVANA,KHELEM HUM JEE JAAN SE,CROOKED,DUM MARO DUM,UNTITLED FILM FROM THE DIRECTOR OF a wednesday,prabhu devas next (action film),remake of ITALIAN JOB,ANURAG KASHYAP’S FILM AND RAJEEV MENON’S FILM..GREAT GOING FOR AB jnr!!

  10. If we see figures its looking difficult that MNIK should cross 100 crore

  11. YAKUJA,
    BOI N INDICINE site r showing 29.5 weekend
    wt figures r right?

  12. 27.75 or 29.5???????????
    can u plzzzzzzzzz tell me

  13. one n only
    aamir khan is d king of bollywood.
    srk is king of oversease.

  14. Dear Yakuza,
    If MNIK will under the 100 crore then this will be HIT or AVERAGE.

  15. I am proud 3 khans 1.amir khan 2.salman khan 3.srk but iam Muslim 1.3idiot bast movie 2. veer & mnik good movie

  16. Don’t understand the numbers. If it has made 90 crores in weekend why it can’t it make it up as it goes along. Do the collections fall so low that the movie flops?

    • Firstly, the 90 cr does not add up for Trade Experts to endorse that number. All Trade experts incl. Taran Adarsh are saying 73-77 cr for weekend (48 cr India + 25-27 cr overseas = 73-75 cr). Fox on the other hand are claiming 42 cr overseas which is unlikely, unless they are showing it on moon which trade experts are not aware of.

      Secondly, most of the revenue is coming from overseas, where it was expected to break all records. Movies do not sustain well in overseas market as Indian population is limited. Within 4-5 weeks, they run out of steam in Overseas market. It will be interesting to see how it trends there.

      Finally, the trending in India is not good. Usually, hit movies trend well in India and last more here. But MNIK dropped on Monday hugely. Tuesday it held steady. We will have to see how it trends. Masses have already given it a thumbs down.

      • To give you 3 Idiots figures, it made 63 cr India + 18 cr overseas in Fri, Sat, Sun. Bear in mind 3 Idiots did not open in UK on Friday due to Christmas holidays and theathres were closed on 25th Dec. Also, 3 Idiots had previews on Thursday which already generated 12 crores world wide on Friday

        So FOX just upped their World Wide claims from 75 cr to 90 cr so they could publicisize the fake news. They could have truthfully claimed it broke overseas records, but somehow they wanted to give the impression it included India. Hence they bumped 75 cr to 90 cr.

      • Also this 48 cr india+ 25-27 cr oversees are only gross numbers…not also the nett..forget about distribution share.

  17. Also, 3 Idiots had previews on Thursday which already generated 12 crores world wide on Thurday*

  18. MNIK will be sure shot flop

  19. MNIK is a biggest DISASTER of 2010 . I am very dissapointed from this film .

  20. hi everbody,
    can anyone tell me what is the budget of Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?

    • Exact budget of ATKJ is not known yet, but it should be anywhere around 20 Crore. 30 Crore NETT for movie will make it success.

      • Ajay Devgan gets some hits through comedies finally after a career full of duds from serious films.

        ATKJ will easily make its 30cr nett .. Ajay’s track record on comedies has been good so far

  21. well u people must watch Dustin Hofman acting in movie “Rain Man” then u all will come to know that this time shahrukh has copy Dustin hofman and when u people see Rainman then u come to know but Dustin Hofman is far far away from shah….i get confused why shahrukh is afraid to take risks why he always try remakes and follow other great actors e-g Don is same copy of Amitabh Don….Kal Ho na Ho is same copy of Amitabh Anand…now MNIK his acting is same copy of Dustin Hofman Rain Man…Om shanti Om copy of Karz movie….Devdas he tries to copy Dilip kumar….Shah Rukh is a great loser he is nothing just media made him.loserrrrr

  22. I read somewhere ( that MNIK is now running empty theaters from monday it right? then what could be the Verdict For MNIK at boxoffice?

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