Topaz Bol : Ishqiya Review

BABBAN-Tujhe yahan pe red light area pata hai

NANDU-Paise lageinge

BABBAN-Mein kaun sa fakir ka katora le ke jaa raha hoon

 NANDU-Main sau rupaiye loonga

BABBAN-Abe teri kaun lega

Above conversation sums up the fun Ishqiya has to offer. Ishqiya is so unabashedly in your face that it stuns you. I felt a constant urge of, please give me more, that when the movie ended I was unwilling to leave the auditorium. Ishqiya is so genuine in its setting and milieu that you wonder how much detailing has gone to make it look perfect. Lead actors mannerism and gait , cheesy/crass dialogues catches your attention from the opening sequence, as the movie progresses you get so glued with proceedings that you don’t any break ,forget an interval ,to break the momentum. This to me is the biggest thing any director can achieve when telling a story.

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~ by topazbol on January 30, 2010.

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