Sharmila : How public is private?

Fab piece from Sharmila…

One thing that has baffled me, is society’s eagerness to all things private about celebrities. Why is it that we are so interested in what they do at their private times with family, friends or with themselves. Is it because they are a celebrity and hence there is an expectation that they absolutely must hang their linen, dirty or not on a public platform. Even the sneeze of a celebrity reverberates loudly in news channels and not just in the regional ones but at times even on the national channels where the Turners of the world control them. The newscast also appear extremely intent, serious and academic when relaying information that a celebrity has sneezed. The audience too lap up this information and admirably discuss it with family and neighbors. Nine out of ten celebrity news is absolute blistering nonsense. The media is one which is largely uncouth in it’s portrayal of frivolity and it is most certainly not getting any better

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~ by prazzero00000 on January 30, 2010.

39 Responses to “Sharmila : How public is private?”

  1. we r more interested in box office collections. ppl got interested in ur site cuz of box office updates. since you stopped doin that quite a bit, ur site is getting fked up. we r not interested in ur other filmy stories. so, get bak to wat u wre doin rather than writin stupid stories.

    • hey javanfan..go easy! If you go through bollyb’s posts historically you’ll see that he’s put up reasons for WHY he hans’t been able to get timely BO updates but it should be back on track soon. No need to discredit other peoples writing by calling it stupid. If you don’t like what’s on here……..

  2. MY NAME IS KHAN is gathering so much hype…its unbelievable. imo this has a chance of matching/beating 3i’s record. overseas it will rock bigtime….maybe the biggest bollywood hit ever. domestically it will do well but i think it will kill it overseas. the multiplex crowd who ignored Veer are dying to watch this movie.

    • MNIK if accepted can cross Ghajini but not 3I. But it all depends on how much KJo screwed it up with the terrorism angle

  3. FOR ME MNIK is gong to flop.this type of cheap puplicty will not work.

  4. whats the cost of MNIK? and how much will it need to become a hit?

    also is it true that MNIK has been pulled frm Mumbai cinemas?

    i also hear Advance bookings are going crazy for this movie…. more than Ghajni/3i?

    i’v got a feeling this is going to be BIG!

  5. GUYZ

    u really need to give some time to this site….its ur site. no-one else is going to maintain it.

    anyhow just seen the Kites trailer…i expected something more …wasnt that excited/wow’d. Looks like a full on entertainer here. Also been reading that Rakesh Roshan has been ghost directing this movie ….over-ruling the original director Anurag Basu…..why didn’t he just make it himself? 🙂 Post KaranArjun Rakesh Roshan has been making v.glossy films with no substance and the only that saves him are Hrithik’s performances….Kites also looks the same way too.

  6. MNIK – My Review

    I went to preview of movie without any expectations, Promo didn’t click to me before. So before stepping in to preview theater, i was prepared to be disappointed by movie but just to anjoy the privilege of watching it before so many others.

    Ok, so did it meet already set all time low expectations ???? or i was surprised and blown away ????

    To be very frank, it just meet my expectations. Very predictable plot and very predictable movie. But can be watchable if you go without expectations. Story is about rizwan khan who lost his love during 9/11 incident and started his journey to get back his love after getting free from FBI. Culminations part of movie is however surprise for some, but very predictable for others including me.

    Karan defies his usual story telling in terms of his previous work, but MNIK proves that KKHH is still KJO best movie to date. Movie starts off very slow, picks up its pace in middle and second half again bore the audience to high level till climax where movie settles down to some extent. KJO graph falls as a director with each succession of movie. (Howeever MNIK is little better than KANK, but far behind KKHH).

    SRK act looks fake as an austic. His act is not convincing and looks comical. He did just ok job. i am not impressed at all. After performance like CDI and Swadesh, MNIK is really disappointed act from SRK.

    Kajol is real scene stealer. She looks so fresh and natural that you simply falls in love with her looks and charm. her act will stun the viewer and she again proves that despite Khan movie, female lead can always stole the show anytime and stood bigger.

    Music is wonderful and helps the proceedings in beautiful way. But script and dialog spoils the mood.

    Now major question is “is there any similarity between MNIK and Kurbaan/Newyork” …….. Answer is if you have seen both these movies, you will find yourself in repeat mode. Many scenes from newyork is straight lift in MNIK like airport scene and prison scenes. If you have seen these two movies, better skip MNIK.

    Overall ……… MNIK meet y low expectations, but will disappoint all those who is looking for awsome flick. It disappoint in terms of Screenplay, script and acting. Only music and few captivative scenes are saving point of movie.

    My rating : 1.5/5

    • MNIK previews are already out? The movie has still 1 week to release!

      Anyway 1.5 stars .. too bad for SRK

  7. oh god idiots galore at boi…! @ priyanka..without watchng the movie u r giving it fake reviews…as if millions of ppl follow u or sumthng…hahaha..m laughng at ur one more thing all major film critics hav really liked the movie if u want u can verify from twitter..i knw why yakuza is not around..coz dese days he would have to talk about MNIK and the biased bachhan fan he is he cant do he decided to take an easier way out…RUN…i challenge u all..the movie will break the overall worldwide collections record of 3 idiots which is aroun 270 crores net..

  8. guys this might be a total shock for all srk fans the initial reviws have slammed the movie . outright negative just check out indicine only srk friends farhan arjun preity have liked the film the neutral sagarika has slammed the film very badly. she is not a critics but even if we consider her as audience then audeince reaction is poor

  9. i expect this movie to beat Ghajni collections with a big push from overseas markets. however the big question here for die hard Aamir fans is… will it beat 3i? Aamir > SRK ????? i know they are both different movies. however i think SRK will do well this year because he’s got MNIK & RA-1. i think we can judge whether SRK >/= Aamir on the performance of RA1 which is more of a entertainer than MNIK. can we compare TZP = MNIK because both deal with a serious issue….however TZP released against Welcome which became a huge hit at the BO.

    whatever happens i think this will be STK’s year with Hrithik close behind with Kites & Guzaarish. Ranbir with 3 movies as well this year.

    2011 will be interesting because Aamir might make 2 movies ala 2006 to catch up and SRK will have Don2 & another.

  10. btw guys is VEER a hit?

    • Above Average. 2 week collections are between 41 – 42 crores. It will easily reach 45 this week.

      Collections are in the same range as KI which was also Above Average but having the WOM and media against it turned the perception to be a flop.

      Veer is in a similar situation although its not because of bad WOM but bad reviews and media claiming a higher cost than it actually is might turn the perception to be a flop.

  11. thanx Rosh…i knew VEER would be a turkey.

    Anyone know the cost of MNIK? how much would it need to make it a hit?

    • Cost doesn’t matter. Fox bought it from SRK-KJO for 98 crores, plus print and publicity must cost them another 10 – 15 crores, so they need to recover that amount.

      Normally movies need to recover 35% of that amount from domestic theaters but for MNIK since it is expected to earn more from overseas than normal, we can consider it to be 30% – so thats like 32 crores distributor share to break even or 64 crores distributor share to be hit (200%).

      SRK films are more multiplex kind of films so distributor share overall is around 50%. So it needs to nett 128 crores to be considered hit in India.

    • Again perception is a different thing. If any movie netts around 70 – 80, it becomes very hard to give it a flop status irrespective of its costs.

      Reason why no one claims Blue a disaster even though considering its 100 cr budget, it should be a disaster.

    • KM, Veer is not a turkey by any means. Except for Taran Adarsh who has termed it a flop (maybe to match his review?) everyone else considers it average to above average. Producers say it might even reach Semi-Hit but I’m not holding my breath for that.

      2 weeks collection was 41 crores according to and 42 crores according to producers. 3rd week if it does 5 crores, that takes collections to 47. I don’t think it can reach 50 after that.

      • Rosh

        thanks for updating all of us while the host are absent(?)

        so Veer is not a hit. fair enough.

        On MNIK i believe it will do really well overseas and therefore maybe be able to get close to 3i business or even go past it.

        I can see a pattern forming here…..except for the summer majority of the audience/general public can afford to go and watch 1 film per month which are usually the biggies.
        Nov – APKGK…..Dec – 3i….January – Veer. Veer could have been watched by audiences but it simply wasn’t good enough to attract a good WOM. However this is where ur small movies like Ishgiya & Rann come in. if they are at right cost and have a good package (story,script) they can take advantage if a big movie like Veer fails.

        the industry (esp. producers) have to learn from last quarter of 2009 that they cant bombard audiences with so many movies in a short space of time – u need 2weeks at least. So i’m hopefull we won’t see any more pointless clashes.

        • We shouldn’t have the 2009 condition again .. that was mainly because of the producer-multiplex strikes.

          Also movie budgets and actor prices are down from the 2008 – 2009 levels so thats good news for everyone.

  12. Rosh/others:

    if MNIK beats 3i, does that mean SRK > Aamir? i’v got a feeling SRK is going to bag all the awards for this movie too.

    also interesting to read Karan Johar’s comments that he would like to work with Aamir Khan one day – would be gr8 because Kjo has changed his cinema slowly but will we see this happening?

    • We dont know if Karan Johar has really changed .. WUS was his production, he didnt direct it .. MNIK will show whether he did.

      I am trying to remember, when was the last time Aamir shot a film abroad? Karan Johar is just not his style.

      MNIK can beat Ghajini but beating 3i is not expected by anyone.

  13. No chance that MNIK will beat Ghajini,MNIK will be average or sem-hit,its hard to recover 100 crore.Where r u Dear Yakuza,come back please,we miss u.

  14. SRK v AAMir

    the battle is surely on!

    my prediction MNIK to get a bigger opening than 3i but not sure abt totals

  15. if there was unlimited release in Bombay than this movie would have beaten 3i’s opening.

    RabNe was affected by the attacks on Bombay in 2008.

    MNIK by SS thugs 2010

    however i expect SRK to sweep all awards this year. i expect a huge push in overseas. But dnt think it will beat 3i’s run in India

  16. No chance to beat 3i.

  17. opening day 25 crore net vs 19 crore 3 idiots worldwide…@ shakir..worldwide mnik will be the biggest..and it collected more than ur PAA in 2 days..!! haha

  18. 3i > MNIK in terms of opening. there’s also reports of a slump from Monday now that the hype is over and WOM is out. However will wait to see what happens by nxt w/end.

    • KM, glad to see you are not going with the lie FOX has been feeding Indian media about MNIK doing double of 3I ..

      • @ Rosh

        i saw da film on thurs. i thought it waz ok. SRK was very good. second half dragged. da problem in my opinion is dat da film holds no repeat value.

        Tbh i love all 3 Khans. but i love Salman. i bet da media feel like killin demselves. dey gave fantastic reviews to MNIK but it haz already dropped on Mon.

  19. MNIK is another Kurban 2,drop from Monday,not possble to earn 100 crore,FLOP.

    • Monday estimates are 4.7 cr .. wait for boi to be sure, but thats what i hear. With that figure it wont even reach 45 cr in wk 1. so even 80 cr seems hard now.

      80 cr was the required amount to break even for fox .. (as in 40 cr distributors share)

    • Predictions:

      Week 1 : 42 cr (45 max)
      Week 2 : 20 cr
      Week 3 : 8 cr
      Rest : 5 cr

      Total : 75 cr .. (80 max)

  20. According to trade sources, Salman’s Veer ran to packed houses in territories like Nizam and even collected big money. Incidentally, the films of actors like Akshay Kumar and some other Khans are not given so much patronage out here. Courtesy such territories where he still has a faithful fan following, Salman has producers (especially the Boney Kapoor types) running after him, asking him to greenlight their projects. However, Salman is taking his own sweet time to say yes.

  21. Rosh

    thnx for updating us with ur stats. Also FOX is well known for its corrupt behaviour in the US and worldwide but i’m shocked by what has happened here.

    Another lesson – It goes to show that Karan Johar & SRK should have cut down the costs – hope this is a hit though.

  22. MO

    Veer is not a hit. maybe avg.

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