Sharmila on – “phir mile sur”

The water was calm, placid and still,time moved slowly, all was tranquil
her radiant smile reflected below, her small sighs remained so
The deep eyes set in serenity, time traversed nonchalantly
Her beauty appeared transfixed with fate that never vexed

Her youth beckoned all, she towered proud and tall
Men of honor married , looted and plundered
With no whimper, no tears, she reserved her temper
Her spirit unwavering, her courage enduring

Alas then there was a ripple, her beauty no longer supple
the brows arched, a frown when the troops marched
troubles birthed, they grew, they trebled
the water broke with every stroke

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~ by prazzero00000 on January 28, 2010.

4 Responses to “Sharmila on – “phir mile sur””

  1. Not as emotional as the old one. A lot of imp. people missing eg.Cricketers , Politicians…..

    Dipika should have wore something proper.

    Too long and There is no continuity in the music it fluctuates a lot.

    I Liked the old one a lot nothing compared to the old one.

  2. Bollywood garbage! Give me the old one anytime.

  3. old is gold

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