Rana, Ishqiya or both

~ by Yakuza on January 28, 2010.

11 Responses to “Rana, Ishqiya or both”

  1. Both movies are getting good reviews, but my vote goes to Ishqiya.

  2. RANN is looking great and some great perfromance of someones.

  3. Rann getting better Wom & reviews

  4. Nearly 50% not interested in either .. good news for Veer I guess .. or is the wait for MNIK?

  5. i would love 2 see veer again,salman khan rocks……………..

  6. ye revies to,
    money deker aatey hain.
    all critics r paid 4 giving gud review,n gud star

  7. ishkiya,
    so cheap movie
    cheap sentence,words
    u cant see it wid ur family,ladies,children.
    dis type of cheap movie ko ye 4 star de rahey hain.
    very shame on.4 ur country people.
    ab new generation ye movie dekhker kya seekhegi.
    cheap words k sath baat karna.
    n country lover movie veer ko low star deker.
    ye desh k saath gaddari kartey hain.
    very bad critics,media,reporters.

  8. Dear all
    99% of public who have watched rann have given it a thumbs up.I dont know what does http://www.boxofficeindia.com have to say.According
    to them Ishkiya has done well in the interior up and chandigarh?
    Do these centre’s matter in anyway for the final boxoffice analysis.This site is totally biased and have strange ways of
    manipulating the truth. Very rightly said in Rann truth is dangerous and bitter.
    Your views or opnions on this

  9. @Prity…another one suffering from white man’s burden…it’s “kool” if someone uses the F word…but say the same thing in Hindi it is cheap…typical Indian inferiority complex….

    2ndly…why the hell do u judge films based on whether it is watchable with the family?…95% of the films in Bolly are made for family…u don’t need 2 watch this one…it is for the one’s who watch films for film watching’s sake & not 2 satisfy dreaded & hypocritical joint family egos…

  10. is this site stoped updating the box office collection???????????

  11. RANN is superb movie,I don’t know why Boxofficeindia is giving fake news.Even Taran Adrash gave 4 stars to RANN,its superb,and here Yakuza is abscent,so how we will get real news about RANN.

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