Review – Rann (3.5/5)

Amitabh Bachchan is spectacular yet again, especially towards the finale. His speech and the way he delivers it are remarkable. Sudeep is terrific. To stand up to giants like Bachchan and Paresh Rawal is no mean achievement. Riteish is only getting better and better with every film. In fact, he surprises you constantly.

 n the whole, RANN is truly a well-made film. No two opinions on that. The film should be patronised by viewers of serious, sensible cinema. Recommended!

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~ by Yakuza on January 28, 2010.

10 Responses to “Review – Rann (3.5/5)”

  1. Subhash K. Jha Speaks about Rann :

    rating : 4/5

  2. Awesome…I’m going for this tomorrow night and will post a review. RGV!!!

  3. Haven’t seen the movie so not sure how good or bad it is, but yesterday i was watching report card on Rann on indiaTV, Headline was “Rann ramu ki sabse badi FLOP, rann ko dekhne mat jaye, rann aag se bhi jyada bekaar movie”

    I was wondering what kind of reporting indiaTV was doing? for almost half an hour, Bashing of Rann was telecasted, declare flop already even before release and they said every critics has given 1 or 1.5 stars, no one is liking the movie and it is biggest disaster even made.

    It was amazing to see over the top reporting of movie which is based on this issue itself … 🙂

  4. Looking forward to watch Rann,RGV is back with Bang.
    Hey YAKUZA,its me ALI, Oflate you are not commenting and posting on NG so often,Come On Man it is time for MNIK and we need expert people like you to really Promote MNIK.

  5. Dear Yakuza,
    RANN is looking very good film,and from now media s afraid from that so its mean that RANN will surprise everybody.may be not get good start but I hope film will be great.

  6. this is my kind of film so will definately watch this 2moro. i haven’t watched Veer because i dnt believe its going to be worth wasting money on that trash…but Rann is looking good.

  7. yakuza hi saurabh here i m asking this third time which is a bigger and better classic lagaan or ddlj .ddlj is most overrated movie same old boy meets girl story.kkhh and dtph are total crap candyloss i asked this question earlier in grtest movie poll and 3 i comparison with sholay.plz reply.also 3i 5th week collections would it cross 200

  8. I don’t really like love stories but DDLJ is a fantastic movie. Check this out if you want to know about the greatest movie:

  9. but does it come anywhere near lagaan no way.i just cant understand what is classic element in it.just boy meets girl love story.rehash done many times before bobby love story qsqt mpk.even rdb tzp lrm munnabai mbbs sarfarosh swades are much greater than ddlj

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