Rann/ishqiya – Boxoffice Predictions

Both are very difficult movies for boxoffice prediction. With moderate release loaded with good reviews spread already, Both movies should open just OK at box-office but with strong WOM, both can do remarkable business at the end of  run. Neither of them will appeal to family audience, Rann look like hard hitting drama and Ishqiya is another take on dark humors of romance. Below are my early predictions:

Rann (2010)

  If Accepted :   

Opening : 18 – 22 Crore
Total        : 40 – 45 Crore
  If Rejected


Opening :   10 – 12 crore
Total        :   15 – 18 crore


Ishqya (2010)

 If Accepted :

Opening :    15 – 18 Crore
Total      :     30 – 35 Crore
 If Rejected


Opening : 10 – 12 crore
Total : 15 – 18 crore

~ by Yakuza on January 28, 2010.

25 Responses to “Rann/ishqiya – Boxoffice Predictions”

  1. This is the only thing you can do now. Give stupid predictions.

    Forget aboyt business updates!

  2. Watched Rann last night here in USA, Very good movie and should be a winner overall. ALso Ishqiya is promising and will be a winner.

  3. Watch ishqiya … its Okay not as good as Omakara

  4. Ishqiya opened fairly well in the 50-60% region. The collections at some stations of North India were better than the rest of the country. The reports of the film are also good and it remains to be seen how they translate into box office collections but chances are good it will emerge a success.

    Rann opened to a poor response around 15-20%. Rann also has fairly good reports and collections could improve but it will need a huge jump if it is to make any impact at the box office as opening collections are just too low.

  5. is this site stoped updating the box office collection???????????

  6. Rann 15% hence no update.
    but I wont be surprised if this sites inflates rann numbers by 50% like they did for Paa

  7. Ishqiya grossed a decent 2.75-3 crore nett approx on day one. Business in Mumbai circiut was around 1.10 crore nett while Delhi/UP gave 65 lakhs nett and East Punjab collected 25 lakhs. The film has been released on around 500 cinemas.

    The film compares well with Paa which had a similar release. Paa on day one collected around 2 crore nett from around 475 cinemas. Wake Up Sid which was another similar release collected 3.75 crore nett from 425 cinemas on day one but that had an advantage of a holiday on day one.

    Ishqiya should be able to have a 9 crore nett weekend if the film shows normal improvement over Saturday and Sunday.

  8. i don’t know who told you to do prediction
    you are always wrong in it so please start something else before people start cursing you

  9. bachchan is licking up to tackeray and I guess the his fan site is sleeping.

  10. Another disaster by the greatest AMITHAB

    Raan: a DISATER (6 cr in week 1, Ishquia (14 cr week 1)hend for hit -semi hit status:

    Ishqiya Good First Week Rann Dull

    Saturday 6th January 2010 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Striker opened to a dull response of 5-10%. The film will struugle to make any impact at the box office.

    Ishqiya did well in week one with 14 crore nett business. The film has fared especially well in Delhi/UP and East Punjab. The second week should also see healthy collections. The distributors have easily recovered costs in the first week itself and the producers may also cover costs in time

    Rann grossed around 6 crore nett in week one. The film fared very poor all over and even though there is no major competition this week the film will drop badly. The film will suffer huge losses all round. DISASTER

    Veer droped in week two with around 7.75 crore nett business to takes its total to 38.75 crore including Telugu version. The Hindi versions stands at 37.75 crore nett in two weeks. The film is a Hit in Bihar, CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan but lower in other circuits. Overall AVERAGE

    Three Idiots adds another 4.75 crore nett to take its five week total to around 196 crore nett. ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER

  11. Hail Amithab the Box ofice disaster shaheenshah

    At least one or two all time disaster a year, can’t beat that
    some of the recent disaster of the almighty Bachchan
    2003: BOOM
    2004: Kyun Hoga Ya Na
    2004: Hum Kaun Hai
    2005: Dil Jo Bhi Kahein
    2006: Family(Ties of Blood)
    2007: NISHABD
    2007: RGV ki Aag
    2008: The last lear
    2008: Yaar Meri Zindagi
    2009: Aladin
    2010: Raan

    forthcomming Disaster in line:

    Teen Paati
    Shoe Bite

  12. @ Sam

    lol nice list 🙂

    well personally think teen patti could be nice … since it has maddy in it
    the other one could be a disaster haha

  13. Teen Patti Looks like 21 – The Movie with Bollywood Masala

    The only difference in story will be instead of black jack they will play teen patti. I heard in one of the songs that bacchan is talking about probability in teen patti.

    I don’t know it will work or not but i liked 21 a lot.

  14. I went to preview of movie without any expectations, Promo didn’t click to me before. So before stepping in to preview theater, i was prepared to be disappointed by movie but just to anjoy the privilege of watching it before so many others.

    Ok, so did it meet already set all time low expectations ???? or i was surprised and blown away ????

    To be very frank, it just meet my expectations. Very predictable plot and very predictable movie. But can be watchable if you go without expectations. Story is about rizwan khan who lost his love during 9/11 incident and started his journey to get back his love after getting free from FBI. Culminations part of movie is however surprise for some, but very predictable for others including me.

    Karan defies his usual story telling in terms of his previous work, but MNIK proves that KKHH is still KJO best movie to date. Movie starts off very slow, picks up its pace in middle and second half again bore the audience to high level till climax where movie settles down to some extent. KJO graph falls as a director with each succession of movie. (Howeever MNIK is little better than KANK, but far behind KKHH).

    SRK act looks fake as an austic. His act is not convincing and looks comical. He did just ok job. i am not impressed at all. After performance like CDI and Swadesh, MNIK is really disappointed act from SRK.

    Kajol is real scene stealer. She looks so fresh and natural that you simply falls in love with her looks and charm. her act will stun the viewer and she again proves that despite Khan movie, female lead can always stole the show anytime and stood bigger.

    Music is wonderful and helps the proceedings in beautiful way. But script and dialog spoils the mood.

    Now major question is “is there any similarity between MNIK and Kurbaan/Newyork” …….. Answer is if you have seen both these movies, you will find yourself in repeat mode. Many scenes from newyork is straight lift in MNIK like airport scene and prison scenes. If you have seen these two movies, better skip MNIK.

    Overall ……… MNIK meet y low expectations, but will disappoint all those who is looking for awsome flick. It disappoint in terms of Screenplay, script and acting. Only music and few captivative scenes are saving point of movie.

    My rating : 1.5/5

  15. Haha ha ha ha priyanka has seen the movie in her dreams, there was no preview anywhere in any theatre in the world and the premiere will be in DUBAI or in the berlin festival 10-11 february.
    look at these moron (priyanka the fool) writing a false review, and if you read carefuly she doesn’t give any small detail, nor does she describe any particular scene, wich means that all she says is bullshit lies,

    the real review will be on the net only in 10-11 february, one or two days before the realese not one week like this bullshit review of a SRK Hater.

  16. I dont know whether the above review is true or fake but there was a preview for BJP leaders in which a CNN-IBN journalist Sagarika Ghose got the chance and she tweeted her thoughts.


    Also, Karan has shown to his frienda. Needless to say, they tweeted in high praise. (Farhan Akthar, Sonam Kapoor, Sajid Khan, Dino Morea etc)

    FYI, Sagarika is a genuine CNN-IBN journalist and that is her genuine account.

  17. Sagarika’s tweets

    Just came back from special screening of MINK–after all the hype, sorry the movie just didn’t work for me

    Love shahrukh, total solidarity on ss, but his performance in MINK fell badly short, made autism look comical, as if he was sending it up

    why could the same film not have been set in India: muslim-as-terrorist dilemma equally potent here..MINK totally american film

    MINk too contrived, not real, tackily made ..Three Idiots far far better

    she bounced around perkily and wept well, but not a big deal. am afraid.. (about Kajol)

    sorry MNIK..

    thats it. the terrorist genre has been done so well, and so slickly by the americans too..MNIK seems simplistic

    i love shahrukh, think he has great energy and is very goodlooking, but his acting in MNIK is most disappointing..

    something like that. but why should we make forrest gump? why not a film set in India? beats me.

    in my view a movie entitled MNIK should be raw, gut wrenching, in your face–this was neither here nor there..

    on the contrary, all publicity is good publicity when it comes to movies.!

    P.S: I am not posting the tweets of Karan’s friends, as their’s would be biased opinions

  18. @rosh sagarrika ghose hated 3 idiots too..! and u call her a genuine critic..! haha..

  19. where is Yakuza, is he dead or what, no news , no box office report, no updating, what had happened, there was a time we had updates each hour.

    and the poor guy (yakuza)is naming his site bollybusiness, i don’t see any business reporting or box office here, and think about one or two mounth ago, the poor yakuza was dreaming to turn this blog to a boxoffice site to dethrone BOI,.

  20. this site came up for paa…. inflated its totals. purpose served. then went asleep.

  21. Its WonderFul Post, Excellent work, keep it up

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