Sharmila on – Bingo for the “aaram” republic…

I was more than adequately ready for another reality show featuring yet another Bollywood star on the same channel. Just when I had gotten over the fact that my favorite actor, the God father of Indian cinemas Mr Bachchan has wound up the reality show Big Boss, his son anchors ” Bingo” and serenades this country to play the game on national bingo night. So, the nation tunes into national bingo night like the way we tune in to other national events collectively. As a nation that breathes as one on National independence day, national republic day and other national events, national bingo night is showcased as a national celebration probably creating more euphoria than the former. I wonder statistically how many viewers tune in to national bingo night every weekend night and how many tune into Doordarshan to watch the republic day parade once a year.

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~ by prazzero00000 on January 26, 2010.

10 Responses to “Sharmila on – Bingo for the “aaram” republic…”

  1. He is so fuckin ugly and its not even funny … lol

  2. Bingo: Abhishek pips Salman, Akshay in debut TRP war

  3. not gonna sustain in long run………..very boring,the trp rate is showing up all b,coz of presence of big b

  4. lol DINO 🙂

  5. check this out:,2504645

    SRK promoting MNIK on Jonathan Ross’s show in UK!!

    this is big guys….really big!!

    • Well, good for him 🙂
      I’ll still not waste my money. My budget would not let me waste 10-15 more dollars on yet another terrorist baased movie. Had enough with Kurbaan and New York.

  6. but i’m gonna watch this. looks watchable.

  7. this website is not gud as it used 2 b. Are u guys being lazy. Post Veer’s box office update asap.

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