Boxoffice Update – 26/01/2010


Movie Week This Week Nett Total Nett Final Verdict
Chance Pe Dance 1 8.35 Crore 8.35 Crore Flop
Dulha Mil Gaya 2 88 Lacs 3.78 Crore Disaster
Pyaar Impossible 2 1.19 Crore 5.54 Crore Flop
3 Idiots 4 16.87 Crore 180.71 Crore All Time BB


Performance this weekend :

Movie Weekend 4 Days Collection
Veer First 22 Crore Nett
Three Idiots Fifth 5.75 Crore Nett.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on January 23, 2010.

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  1. Been waiting for this one .. Thx Yakuza.

    Veer day 1 was 7+ crores, so Saturday is 6.5 crores?

  2. veer going pretty strong.. hope it continues like this at the box office..n prove all the critics wrong!!!

  3. @ Yakuja….what do u expect for Tomorrow?? As Films usually get Higher collection on Sunday, Will Veer get 8+cr tomorrow?

    • Sunday should be higher, let’s see. But one thing is sure, single screens will trend very good in coming days as movie is being liked.

  4. Veer is Rocking..and vil break all the records..SALMAN BHAI ROKXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX nd so do VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER

  5. This is a very bad movie, will lose money for all concerned. I generally like Salman, but this was not a good movie.

  6. Sunday will be 9 crore for veer.

  7. plexes will be good today! as is general case on sunday! single screens will continue to be good! expect 9-10 cr range for sunday!! monday should be 3-4cr and tue again should be close to 5cr.. wed onwards.. 1.5-2cr each.. first week figures should almost be identical to Wanted’s..

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  9. VEER is rocking at boxoffice .. i think movie end up getting atleast above average to hit status

  10. Whoa! more than Veer’s number, its 3 Idiots 2 days collections which has awed me. I mean, the movie is still rocking! 6 crores in 2 days?!? With a Sunday left! Man, this means it will make 9-10 crores in 5th weekend! And I was thinking it will make 8-9 in 5th week!!

  11. Lucky to get 7 crs on First Day.
    Saturday should be 6.5 crs
    Sunday should be around 6 to 6.5 crores
    Monday will be around 3 crores
    Tuesday being a Holiday will be around 4 crores
    Wednesday & Thursday will be 2 crores each

    Total Week 1- 31 crores
    Total Lifetime- 40 Crores
    Distributors Share: 23/25 crores

    Verdict: Above Average


  13. Anil Sharma was on TV yesterday (Saturday). He told about the expected collections for Veer

    Fri – 7.25 cr
    Sat – 6-6.5 cr
    Sun – 7 – 7.5 cr

    whole week 30 – 35 cr.

    They also had a critic there and the discussion was why his movie got thumbs down from the critics. He said he had put in so much and now the critics are giving one stars. There was a critic who was there with him and he said it was average and deserved 2.5 stars.


    Adds the source, “Despite mixed reviews theatres are opening to packed houses, just goes to prove that critical scores don’t make a film a hit– audience’s do. And the audiences are running to watch just one star– that is Salman Khan”

    So here’s to a monumental hit and here’s to the magnum opus Veer.

    – Sampurn Media

  15. veer is not upto d mark watched it. dunno wy salman combined al d epic movies and claimed the story to be his own.
    movie made less than 7 cr on friday. sat was around 6 cr. sunday will be around 7.5cr.
    weekend around- 21cr.
    monday- 2.25cr
    tuesday- 3.5cr
    wednesday- 1.5cr
    thursday- 1cr
    week 1- around 31cr
    week 2- 10cr
    lifetime- around 50cr-
    verdict- average- above average

  16. veer first hit of 2010
    all sallu fan cheers

  17. yakuza so what is your friday number for veer?then we can say how much it can do

  18. but if we assume that it nett7 crore on friday then saturday has some drops so it is not good for veeer as i was expecting in the range of 8 crores and in sunday was expecting 9-10 crore so drop means it will be tough for veer to get the 23-24 crore weekend live aside the record of 3 idiots 38 crore weekend

  19. sab k mun band hojaen gay coming days mien

  20. @veer veer cant beat any big records can not come close to the records created by 3idiots 1st week 79 crore 1st weekend 38 crore 2nd week 55 crore and all weeks record holder highest grossing muvi and highest nett collection so much so but it can break records of some single screen and can achieve superhit status if trend well

    • not only veer, no movie can beat 3 idiots record.. it can only be beaten by an aamir movie in the coming future!!

    • Anyone who even thought Veer could break 3I records is plain stupid ..3I record will last at least one year as most probably many more.

  21. I can see, Veer is surely a flop :(.. very sad

  22. As per a lot of people of twitter, Veer is entertaining as it is unintentionally funny. Rather than laughing with the movie, they are laughing at the movie. Is this true? Anyways, it wasn’t meant to be a comedy.

    • ya dude, some scenes wer u do laugh at the movie.
      especially last scene- salman dies and is born again as his son.
      zarine gives same expression throught. she has cute face but fat and her dressing is real funny.

  23. I watched the movie twice and definitely liked it. The movie may not be historically accurate but it is thoroughly entertaining. I think it will be a hit in the long run at least due to the single screens. Dont belive the critics!

  24. Actuallu we are laughing ‘at’ ur comment Mr. twitter

  25. we… i am following faridon (shithole) and taran (Shole) at twitter and monitoring all those user reviews and every1 liked the movie…….. users are giving good reveiws and hitting these both bastards who were against salman khan for unknown reason… salman had 2 flop movies before veer so they are tying to sink his career …… over all veeer’s reviews and B.O update is excellent.

  26. yakuza… bring some detailz of sunday….

  27. Viewers are best critics and they are loving VEER, Excellent movie, great performance by salman khan, overall a great entertainment.

    Update the boxoffice recent numbers about VEER.

  28. veer saturday collection 7.4 crore

    • Yakuza, how does this figure compare to other movies .. considering Friday opening was a record (6th position), how good is this?

  29. ninja where do u get this collection i mean source

  30. Agree with many people that the movie has many flaws, but 1 thing for sure Salman bhai ne toh phaad dala yaar… If we edit some of the scenes then d movie will be historic epic.
    Best historical fictional movie i have ever seen… The climax is just superb…. Coming days will prove the real verdict…

    Yakuza, i am eagerly waiting for the sunday collections…. Please update…

  31. yakuza..plz reply..y r u nt dat active nowadays?? even ur updates r very professional type..whrs dat apnapan which we all so much love??

  32. veer 7.75cr collections today= total weekend= 20.5cr

  33. aqua, source?

  34. Hey guys just came back after watching Veer, and YES i liked the movie. However one can pretend that some scenes are old fashioned, but movie is very high on entertainment and thoroughly enjoyable. I didn’t get bore even for a single moment. However 1-2 songs can be easily removed. Otherwise movie is decent watch and for Salman fans it’s a must watch. My rating – 3.5/5.

    • Critics are really too much harsh on movie, I am wondering Taran gave 1.5 rating despite the fact that movie is his sort of nature (generally he like Masala entertainers).

      • Expected the kind of ratings from Masand and Raja Sen .. surprised at Taran, in fact Masand was much less critical about it.

  35. LOl, we all love u Yakuza

  36. Yakuza, can you confirm the weekend collections for Veer and 3 Idiots?

  37. @ Yakuza. da problem i have for critics is dat dey gave it 1.5/5 wen dese same critics gave films like DKD, PI, BLUE etc much higher ratings. dere is no logic in dat. and dey didint bash da film dey crucified it. i hope people get my point

  38. Hi Yakuza , any early estimate for Sunday , Please. Thank you.

  39. I am so tired with some of you. Salman Khan copied scenes from other movies blah blah blah…what MNIK? Do you really think it’s going to be original???? It’s going to be a combination of all the recent anti-terrorist movies!

  40. If we go through the below ratings on the various facets, Veer at least deserves 3.5 stars.

    Story/Screenplay/Dialogues: 5/10
    Performance: 8/10
    Music: 7/10
    Action/Drama/Comedy: 7/10
    Cinematography: 8/10

    Story/ Screenplay/ Dialogues: Story could have been better. It doesn’t look real/ Screenplay was good but was not first-rate. Dialogues especially delivered by Salman where were mind blowing.

    Performance: Salman and Mithunda were brilliant, but not got the support from the rest of the cast. Zarine and Jackie shroff were average. Sohail should quit acting .He irritates in some of the scenes.

    Music: It was an above average score. Surili ankhiyoun wale and Salaam aaya are melodious and are easy on ears. Kanha especially the chorus wants you asking for more, Taali lacks the punch and Meherbaniyan is just an average. The album is deficient with a super hit number.

    Action/Drama: Action was the high point of the film. Tailor made scenes and well performed stunts, hats off to Salman khan for his bravery acts. The one thing which was lacking is Drama. Comedy was just about OK; indeed it was not required.

    Cinematography: You cannot take your eyes off. Splendid job.

    The high point if the film is one and only Salman Khan. Go watch it only for Salman Khan. Don’t miss it.

    Overall: 3.5 stars

  41. Thanks Yukaz!!!!!! Veer rocks!!!! Guys go n watch Veer again n again!!!!!!!! Make it super hittttttt!!!!! Remember, It’s Salman’s dream!!!

  42. 100 crore, my predictions, Lol

  43. Yakuza,
    Will u agree with ma review/rating.

  44. Veer created havoc in the Rajasthan circuit when it opened on Friday. It remains to be seen what sort of business Veer does in the whole of India but in Rajasthan the film is a clean hit even if collections were to crash badly over the weekdays.

    Veer set new records in most of the centres in Rajasthan with only Jaipur, Kota and a couple of other cities being the exception. Jodhpur, Bikaner, Shriganganagar, Sikar, Alwar, Kisangarh, Bhilwara and many more stations witnessed never seen before figures.

    In Jodhpur the masses were so impressed by Salman Khan in Veer that after watching the film they put garlands on Salman Khan cut-outs which featured him in his Veer look. These sort of scenes are very rare for Hindi films heroes although it happens with the megastars of South India.

  45. good review yakuza!!!

  46. Yakuza, can you please confirm the numbers for Veer and 3 Idiots. You have reported 5.87 cr for 2 days for 3 Idiots. BOI has reported 5 crs for entire weekend. Which is correct? BOI numbers do seem more realistic.

    • Yakuza gave estimates of Sat figures on sat night itself while BOI gave it on monday .. so BOI figures will be more accurate.

      But Yakuza, u rock for your fast updates .. pls give us figures for sun. thx

  47. Veer has done good first weekend business of 19.50 crore nett thanks to bumper business in single screens. The film did 7 crore nett on Friday, Saturday saw a drop with 5.25 crore nett business and Sunday was good with 7.25 crore nett. Tuesday is Republic Day holiday so around 31-32 crore nett business can be expected over the first week.

    Veer has got a big thumbs down from the critics and media but at the box office it has performed well till now. The film will emerge a hit in Rajasthan while circuits like Delhi/UP, Bihar, CP Berar and CI may also do hit business. Single screen business is huge in the Hindi belt.

    The public has a mind of its own and even in a worst case scenario the film will emerge an average success with a 25 crore all India distributor share. Veer is the first success of 2010 and if it can sustain in its second weekend then it will emerge the first hit of 2010 with a 30 crore plus share.

  48. veer sustaining well on monday with a 10% drop should emerge a big hit of 2010

  49. ‘7 crore nett on Friday, Saturday saw a drop with 5.25’, the differnence between Yakuza’s figure and Boxoffice India figure is 1.5 crore. There is somethong wrong with boxoffice India’s figure. They mentioned its breaking records in interiors, and then say 5.25 for saturday.

  50. There is a big drop in morning shows of multiplexes .. single screens saw a 10% drop ..its running housefull in many single screens mohan talkies,Galaxy,santosh,narendra …. monday collections should be around 5-6 crore

  51. Veer proves that there is still a large market for masala movies. It is a slap in the face of critics who have not accounted for public taste. I watched the movie and thought it was rubbish from Anil Sharma’s direction right down to the plot. But there was something that made me sit through the whole movie and watch it. So well done Salman.

  52. not sure if i’m right abt this….but i feel that the general audience has seen too much of salman lately…. 3 films released too close and now veer after 1 month gap. i think it would have been better if they released this in April/summer because by then the fans would have been dying to see Salman. just my opinion folks…what do u guys think?

  53. i agree wid u KM. id love to see Salman in a movie every month but he has had 2 much exposure. WANTED den MAMK month later. den LD 2 weeks later. den VEER 7 weeks later. 4 films in 4 months is 2 much. plus hez had DKD azwell.

    his only got DABBANG dis year, i personally expect big things from dis film. Sallu in a negative role.

  54. viewers are best critics, ppl are loving VEER, despite any prejudice, every good movie like VEER should be appreciated and be honest.

  55. yakuza plz apni report theek karo saturday collection 5.25 not 6.5

  56. i also believe that Salman needs to work with better/more hands on directors. i felt in london dreams, Salman gave a gr8 performance after a long time because the director exploited his talent. whereas in Wanted & MAMK i felt that Salman had just ‘turned’ up.

  57. Salman Khan’s Veer draws crowds in single screens; net biz at Rs 190 mn

    MUMBAI: Salman Khan’s Veer, which hit theatres last Friday has done a net business of approximately Rs 190 million (Rs 19 crore) at the box office in its opening weekend in India. The movie managed to draw audiences in single screens across the country but the opening in the multiplexes has been poor with around 25 – 30 per cent occupancy and is not expected to go above 30 per cent in the coming week.

    The film has done well only in the smaller centers. Fun Cinema COO Vishal Kapur tells, “The opening of Veer has been very poor with an occupancy of around 20 – 25 per cent on most part of Friday. The reviews are very average and we don’t expect it to go up above 30 per cent.”

    On the other hand the first week collections of Chance Pe Dance have been very weak, with occupancy of around 30 per cent. Inox VP programming and distribution Utpal Acharya said, “Chance Pe Dance has not been up to the mark, even though it’s a dance film and is supposed to be a musical, the songs were not good.”

    Keeping aside the two new releases, 3 Idiots, in its fifth weekend did a net business of Rs 50 million (Rs 5 crore). The movie is still the crowd puller especially during the weekends. Even though the occupancy during the weekdays has gone down as compared to the earlier weeks, 3 Idiots is doing very well during the weekends. Till date the movie has done a net business of approximately Rs 1.88 billion (Rs 188 crore).

    Besides the Hindi releases, Eros International’s Marathi release Shikshanacha Aaicha Gho, which released across 175 screens in Mumbai, CP and Nizam (Marathwada) on 15 January has collected over Rs 1.20 crore as net box office in its opening weekend. The reviews by critics as well as audiences have been positive.

  58. also Shahid really needs to take his career seriously. the guy had a gr8 role/movie (kaminey) and he goes on to do trash with YRF & now CPD….this boy needs to wise up otherwise i can Ranbir really speeding past him. Ranbir has a gr8 knack of picking good scripts which are essential for a good/gr8 movie. his nxt are Rajneeti which i’m really looking fwd to because Prakhash Jha’s movie’s are always very earthy and packed with powerful performances.

    Also i dnt have much hope for Akshay…i have lost all faith/trust in him because he zero script sense. until Aamir makes another movie i’m going to be looking fwd to Ranbir’s movies & small movies like Ishqiya & Rann. Also looking fwd to Saif’s Agent Vinod.

    i think this year the front runners are SRK, Hrithik….Ranbir and the rest like Akshay,Salman, Saif.

  59. thnx for the update Jeevcy

    as i predicted VEER will be lucky to scrape Semi-Hit status. i might have to adjust my prediction from Disaster —-> Flop 😉

    3i is doing sensational business…it just shows that ppl would rather watch 3i again and again rather than put their trust in Salman/Shahid movies. This is where Aamir excels…he makes quality movies which ppl can’t get enough of…..Salman needs to learn that quality is important…not quantity….he also needs to take tips frm his good mate Aamir on picking scripts.

    i remember watching Shahid once in an interview with Karan Johar that he would like to be a mix of Aamir & SRK……but the only guy coming close to that is Ranbir. None of Shahid’s movies look interesting to me. however i like Abhay Deol…there’s something abt the guy…good actors,gr8 movies….but a bit too arty farty sometimes…..however i always look fwd to his movies because he puts script before anything else.

    • Disaster/Flop it wont be, because Single Screens are doing very well.

    • 3I works with a certain audience section as does Veer. MNIK will work with another section and Veer will continue to play alongside .. doesn’t mean either of the movies are bad. Wanted is still playing and last week collected another 2 lakhs – so r ppl watching Wanted instead of 3I?

  60. jeevcy

    i read that link u posted up of peepli live review

    good work 😉

  61. Midweek B.O.: ‘Veer’ rocks at single screens, shocks at plexes

    The film has fared exceptionally well at single screens of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. However, the business at multiplexes was very poor. Friday was good [approx. Rs. 7 cr.], Saturday [approx. Rs. 5 cr.] saw a dip in business, while Sunday [approx. Rs. 7 cr.] was strong again. Given the fact that the share from single screens would be huge, the 3-day distributor’s share works out to approx. Rs. 11 cr. Monday witnessed a fall in collections, even at single screens. Tuesday being a holiday [26th January], the business should be strong again. But the real test will begin from Wednesday. The cost works out to Rs. 70 cr. and the film will have to perform for two solid weeks in India and Overseas to recover a big chunk of the investment

  62. Lol, so some people still want to declare it flop. ‘Shocks’ at metroplexes, lol, we saw how well it did in last 4 day, tuesday is coming soon and again it will shut Taran up, i wonder what excuse he will come up with on wednesday.

  63. Veer was entertaining and Salman Khan was mind blowing. We shouldn’t compare it with 3I. Veer has it flaws. I am more unhappy with the director Anil Sharma. Salman Has given his best and crowd is coming because of him. Doing business of 20 Crores in a weekend is actually good. Main aur Mrs Khanna and London Dreams did very badly compared to it. Veer is doing well in Single Theaters & North India. I believe, it can earn another 15 crores in next 4 days. It would be good first week for Veer. The film will either be hit or semi hit. Not lesser then that. Crowds are coming in hoards.

  64. people who said wrong abt veer,they r bought
    they r paid n trying to veer down.
    liveindia,saharaindia news channel,mtv,taran adarsh,zee
    they all r paid by srk.
    in par court case kar dena chahiye 4 telling lie.

  65. hey .. what’s veer’s monday collection? n would like to know whether boi’s figures abt veer’s weekend’s collections match with yakuza’s one?

  66. The film has fared exceptionally well at single screens of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. However, the business at multiplexes was very poor. Friday was good [approx. Rs. 7 cr.], Saturday [approx. Rs. 5 cr.] saw a dip in business, while Sunday [approx. Rs. 7 cr.] was strong again. Given the fact that the share from single screens would be huge, the 3-day distributor’s share works out to approx. Rs. 11 cr. Monday witnessed a fall in collections, even at single screens. Tuesday being a holiday [26th January], the business should be strong again. But the real test will begin from Wednesday. The cost works out to Rs. 70 cr. and the film will have to perform for two solid weeks in India and Overseas to recover a big chunk of the investment

  67. Any Updates Yakuza.

  68. Veer:
    Friday= 7 crores
    Saturday= 5.25 crores
    Sunday = 7 crores
    Monday= 3.25 crores
    Tuesday= 4.5 crores
    Wednesday = 2 crores
    Thursday= 1.5 crores

    1st Week = 30.25 crores

    Lifetime = 40 crores
    Distributors Share = 24 / 25 crores

    Bollybusiness is putting wrong numbers
    saturday collections were not 6.38 crores but around 5.5 crores

    Thses figures put by Bolly Business not valid. They are fooling us.

  69. grt work u can see in future

  70. monday was 2.75cr. tuesday morning collections are not gud but shud improve by afternoon and evening.
    Overseas UK- it was around 1cr
    US- 1-2cr
    Others- 1-2cr
    Overseas was around 4cr
    Total so far= 19cr+2.75cr+4cr=26cr worldwide.

    • do not effin try to downplay any movie … doesn’t matter if its srk’s, salman’s, akki’s or anyone else

      it is 21 + 3.5 + 5.5 = 30 cr worldwide … and its not even confirmed yet … pak and uae is probably more 🙂

  71. monday was 3-3.50 cr

  72. tumhare 50-75 lak kahan se kum hogaye

  73. so whatr u doing to confuse us? 2day figure you gave for 3 idiots was 5.87 crore now changed the figure and 4 day collection become 5.75 crore ? you r following boi figure now as they reported 5 crore weekend for 3idiots

  74. ha ha u people say watever you want. but actual fig of veer is 23cr till monday. overseas 4cr.
    tuesday will be 4.5-5cr

    If someone wants to increse the number and say its a blockbuster you are most welcome.;)

    • yeah it is 23 – 23.5 crs and overseas are 4 crs excluding that of pak and uae 🙂 and those places have done record breaking business.

  75. ^^ aqua u seem to have a lot of time for downplaying a movie ….gr 8 ……..very vela i must say!!!!

    • am not sweetheart, but the movie s playin down in all the screens.;)
      Ab ithna karaab business karegi tho downplaying ya upplaying kuch nahi kar sakthe..;)

  76. Hi Yakuza. Any idea hows Veers collection today?

  77. Hi Guys,

    I think that Bollybusiness is trying to manipulate & fool us.
    Let me tell you:

    1: They put Friday & Saturday collections as 13.68
    All the Trade analyst have said that Sunday’s collections were 7 crores. If thats the case then 3 day collections itself comes to 21.68 crores.

    What does Bolly-Business trying to tell that Monday collections were 50 lacs???
    Secondly if we go by BOI:
    Friday: 7 crores
    Saturday: 5.25 crores
    Sunday: 7 crores
    Monday: 3.25 crores

    Total: 22.50 crores.

    I think Bolly-Business does not have any authentic source. They just update any numbers. They themselves dont know what they post.

    I will never follow Bolly Business Agai. They are bloody liars

  78. Yakuza, where r u, we need updates

  79. Veer tweets

    “At PVR to watch Veer, cinema empty! But loving the tiranga combo 🙂 ”

    Not good for an holiday 😦

    • Seriously, that’s only at PVR, how about at INOX, Fun or other multiplex chains?

      And what time show was that?

  80. Very bad chances for Veer… yeh sab critics aur media ki wajah se horaha hai. bas at least Veer average to hojahe. to can anybody tell me? kya Veer average status lesakti hai?

    • It is possible to get Hit if it works well over next weekend .. Why are you even considering average status, thats the worst case scenario possible. It has already crossed Disaster and Flop stages, hopefully it will continue till Hit

  81. Today Veer had 30% opening with morning shows and increased to 50-60% by evening. But the Increase has been only on single screens and multiplex audience seems to have completely rejected the movie.

    Today being a holiday movie was supposed to increase its collections but it couldnot. It should settle today for 4-5cr business. This just makes it still difficult for the movie to get average status.

    Overseas Movie is considered a Flop looking at the weekend collections(except pakistan and UAE)

    • thanks.. 😥 crying… 😦 😦 😦

    • If the collections are still strong in single screens, Veer has a chance to still get the Hit tag at the BO. But yes, multiplexes have reject it.

      But with Rann and Ishqiya releasing, and not carrying that huge buzz, Veer has two more weeks to prove itself before MNIK comes out.

    • Its interesting how you get box office updates before BOI, Bollybusiness or anyone else publishes them .. Do you get them by sleeping with Taran A.?

  82. Lol, u guys never give up, its going to be hit, no amount of Taran type analysis can make it a flop. The junta will decide on its own. For those who rely too much on media i d recommend RANN which is coming up soon as it will show the real face of media and the imbesciles who rely on it.

  83. @Rosh- what do you think? from where does BOI and bollybusiness get their fig?? do u think they go to each theater and note down the collections??
    Give me a break guyz. And rosh If you are saying By sleeping with taran you can get the collections then You must have slept already so you know it ha ha

  84. People in this site are really crazy;)
    If bollybusiness gives a report and modifies it later lookin at BOI they dont have any prob but believe that they are the once who know everythin..;)
    If you just want to say Veer is a blockbuster then keep shouting man. No problem. Give your own fig like 30cr weekend. 10cr overseas, pak and UAE say another 10cr, monday another 10cr
    keep increasing till it reaches 300cr and beats 3Idiots ha ha who cares!

  85. @aqua , why do u care so much abt others giving numbers. You also give ur numbers like yesterday 6 lakhs , today .10 lakhs and declare Veer as Super duper Flop and not just flop. But, I have seen the movie and found it to be better than 3 idiots, but who cares only I do

    • exactly dude. if someone gives a collection why they say am inventing. Its proper collections wait for tom BOI will give the same

  86. @aqua, u seem to know all things I guess ur IQ is even greater than the grt Einstein , u should become the BO of Indian cinema

    • lol it needs simple calculation and some imp sources thats all

      • No shit u have no fuckin source lol … name it if u do lol … 🙂

      • yes dude ,u r indeed rite its simple math even a bacha can do it ,but the point is don’t be biased while calculating simple math.Do the KISS way(Keep it simple and short and nothing more). But,sorry I do not care abt others cranking out numbers upon numbers for VEER , IMHO it is one of the best movies I have ever seen till date. Sorry, boss if this hurts u.I apologize……

      • ok as you say boss, wait till tomorrow , till your BOI announces. Till then keep shitting.. lol..:)

        • Boss I have already said ‘I do not care abt numbers, as long as I like the movie.I guess u didn’t get what I had said ,then why should I wait and keep shitting till BOI announces.Keep the numbers away and keep all the numbers by urself and show it to ur dear ones. I liked the movie that’s all.Is it hurting u badly when I say I liked Veer?Then u must be an shit asshole…

        • Dude thats what u have been doing here … I like SRK, Aamir, Akki, Salman and all the actors … infact i love bollywood … it would be better if don’t try to downplay a movie and appreciate their effort in making it … 🙂

          I don’t understand why people think that if they repeat what critics have to say … it makes them look cool … in fact it makes you look stupid and indecisive.

          You dont like a particular actor is a different story and downplayin his movie is other.

          I hope this makes sense

  87. As far as we like the movie number doesn’t matter

    i loved A wednesday more than 3 Idiots
    i loved London Dreams more than APKGK or Wanted
    i loved DevD over Love aaj Kal or anyother movie last year

    all the movies i liked the most were either average or above average but i just loved them

  88. guyz dis aqua is a bitch.

    ive been reading her comments. bitch if u dont care bout da film wat da hell r u doin wasting ur time.

    am sorry for my lang guyz

    • well i liked it … infact i loved it 4/5 from my end lol 🙂
      and yeah abt this aqua is a piece of shit trust me … i read his/her comments also lol

  89. Ahh, I have grown my hair long and worked out my feeble biceps in order to stand tall with Sallu bhai as a barbarian! While some went for Aamir’s “Ghajini” hairdo, I have gone all out…even though I look rather ridiculous! Any other actor would look ridiculous as well, but Salman Khan has proven time and again that he can carry off a look like no other actor in Bollywood. He’s also perceived as the crazy guy with a heart, who tells it like it is…and of course, he is the beloved people’s champion!

    Yet, to say that I was not looking forward to this film is an understatement. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve followed Salman’s career for the last twenty plus years, and even have most of his movies on DVD (yes, that includes such “classics” as “Jaagruti”). So, I do appreciate his rather eclectic style of acting (or charismacting as I like to call it as it’s mostly charisma that holds the audiences attention). He’s had his moments though, and recently it seems that he’s been putting more of an effort into the films he is in.

    Still, from the author of “Chandramukhi”, one doesn’t expect much. If you’ve seen that movie, I feel bad for you. If you haven’t, then you are one lucky soul. That movie came from Salman’s creative side and was a mish mash of the Hollywood film “Big” and every mystical mumbo jumbo Bollywood cliché you can think about. Oh, and did I mention that it also featured Sridevi?

    So, when I heard that Salman had the story of “Veer” burning within his creative soul for decades, I at once shuddered and was curious. Would this film, be “Suryavanshi” part 2? If you recall, in that film, he famously said, “Goodbye, Namaste, Salaam…..Sat Shri Akal”, as he donned the barbarian costume and looked absolutely ridiculous.

    Well, I grabbed on to my sword (no pun intended), and as the lights went down in the jam-packed theater I let out a barbaric yell in anticipation. Then the movie began and the crowd was (for the most part) mesmerized. There were cheers, some jeers, some laughter, and more. So read on, for the Planet Bollwood, action/reaction to “Veer”.

    The concept of the film is based on Salman Khan in his avatar as a writer, but Shailesh Verma and Shaktimaan Talwar (dialogues) write the screenplay. Though the idea for the story/plot is intriguing the leaden pacing and dialogue hamper what could otherwise have been a gripping story. It’s not often that Bollywood is capable of producing a non-cheesy variety of period movie (with “Jodhaa Akbar” being a recent exception), and the story borders on campy at times, which isn’t helped by actors hamming up in certain scenes (Mr. Shroff, I speak of you). If there’s one thing that you can’t go wrong with, it’s bashing the British in apna films. There’s a built in cheer factor in any movie that covers that ground, and that is here as well. Added to that foundation is a love story between the children of two mortal enemies. Salman Khan is Veer; the barbaric yet cultured hero and rebel rouser hero of the Pindaris. Zarine Khan (who purely by chance, looks a bit like Katrina Kaif), plays Yashodhara, the daughter of the Pindaris hated (and stereotypically eeeeeeeevil) enemy Madavgarh (played by Jackie Shroff). Mithun Chakraborty is Veer’s dad, whose dishonor by Madavgarh has to be avenged by his heroic and muscular son.

    The story takes the audience from the hallowed halls of London, to the blood soaked battles of India and in between is a bittersweet love story wrapped in a sweet roll crème gone bad. What were you expecting? A classic? No, “Veer” is not a classic, but it’s not that bad either. It’s got the right amount of masala to hold onto the viewer’s interest and cheer for Salman’s heroic avatar.

    The film suffers not only with its labored screenplay, but also by the lackluster direction by Anil Sharma. Sharma (“Gadar”) is quite heavy handed and shows a lack of fluidity that hurts the choreography of the fight scenes (though that is not completely the director’s fault, but rather of his and the fight choreographer). The director also shows a distinct lack of ability in being able to bring forth the best from the cast. Jackie Shroff is decent, but in a non-threatening love to hate me kind of way. Mithun Chakraborty has a moment to shine, but I wish he had been given more to do. Sohail Khan is simply the court jester that he always is, though the actor has talent if given the right kind of director. Zarine Khan, is a better actor than Katrina Kaif in terms of expressiveness, but is hindered by her having her dialogue dubbed by another actress, which always takes away from a performance.

    Now, let’s get to Salman Khan. His performance is not perfect, but his acting’s flawed facets that pull the viewer into the character he is portraying. The silver screen sizzles every time he appears, and he is able to make one believe that he is the title character. It’s not a performance that will win awards for best actor, but it is one of his best and one that will appeal to a lot of people as the hero who will win no matter what the odds. Many critics love to trash him, but no one can deny that the man has a lot of charisma, and is able to carry off revenge tales like no other.

    The music by Sajid-Wajid is beautiful and engaging, with the highlights being “Taali” and “Surili Akiyon Wale”. The melodies are beautiful (with mood setting lyrics by famed poet Gulzar) as is the musical arrangement (very tricky with a period film as you have to be careful that the instruments fit in with the time period). Monty Sharma composes a thrilling background score, which should be released as an album that could stand on its own. The cinematography by Gopal Shah shows an adept hand at using the right kind of film filters to emphasize the moods of varying scenes. The fight choreography Tinu Verma is interesting when focusing on Salman, but sloppy when focusing on the larger soldier (army) clashing scenes.

    So what’s the final say? The movie is better than a lot of films that Bollywood has released, but doesn’t rise to any form of excellence. Salman Khan has to be respected for putting so much into a genre that doesn’t always do well at the box office and it takes guts for the producers to spend so much money on a film that has so much going against it even before it was released. Yet, the film should be given a chance to live or die on its own sword (merits). It’s enjoyable, with a performance by Salman that will thrill the audiences, and irritate the would be thespians providing critiques. “Veer” is a flawed but entertaining film that is more enjoyable than it has a right to be, just don’t go in expecting a richly classy film that emphasizes substance over style and you won’t be disappointed. The film is crassly entertaining…and certainly paisa vasool. As the gladiators used to say, those who live by the sword die by the sword, and so it is Salman’s fans that will prove that the sword is mightier than the critic’s pens (or keyboards).
    Reviewed by Samir Dave

  90. update the tuesday box office collection for VEER.

  91. Veer Records Huge Collections On Republic Day Holiday

    Veer recorded huge collections on Tuesday which was Republic Day holiday. The film grossed around 6.25 crore nett as per early estimates which takes it five day business to nearly 29 crore nett. The collections on Tuesday are the second highest ever for a Tuesday after Three Idiots but is must be noted that Veer did the business on a major holiday.

    The film has benefited hugely from Republic Day holiday as the collections are double of what they would have been if it was a normal day.

    The film is now heading for a 33 crore nett plus total and a distributor share of over 20 crore. Normally films post large drops after a big holiday so if Veer can stay around its Monday range on Wednesday and Thursday that will a good sign for its second weekend.

  92. Veer Records Huge Collections On Republic Day Holiday

    Wednesday 27th January 2010 10.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Veer recorded huge collections on Tuesday which was Republic Day holiday. The film grossed around 6.25 crore nett as per early estimates which takes it five day business to nearly 29 crore nett. The collections on Tuesday are the second highest ever for a Tuesday after Three Idiots but is must be noted that Veer did the business on a major holiday.

    The film has benefited hugely from Republic Day holiday as the collections are double of what they would have been if it was a normal day.

    The film is now heading for a 33 crore nett plus total and a distributor share of over 20 crore. Normally films post large drops after a big holiday so if Veer can stay around its Monday range on Wednesday and Thursday that will a good sign for its second weekend.

  93. so aqua it is 6.25cr not 5-5.25 as ur forcasted

    • now you cant be that accurate;) But actual collections where below 6cr believe it or not.
      Dont abuse me pls. But that is the truth.


  95. I think VEER is in a GOOD position right now … it will finish with at least HIT status …

  96. u a such a loser still u trying to pull down,veer collection had already hit u hard, woh kya kehta hau – muh tod jawab

  97. The trade had huge expectations from Veer and as of today, the Salman Khan starrer directed by Anil Sharma has managed to live upto it.

    As we all know by now, business at multiplexes all over India was on the lower side (30-40%) right from Day 1 (Friday). Monday witnessed a further crash and the film has been rejected at the plexes. Collections down south are disastrous, business in two key centers in Karnataka – Bangalore and Mangalore – is way below expectations.

    But what’s heartening is the fact that, the target audience of Veer, have taken to the film big time. Business at B and C centers in India is strong and the trending is pretty good.

    Collections were strong on Friday, followed by a minor dip on Saturday, picked up again with Sunday recording the best collections for the weekend. Weekdays were always going to be crucial and the film has sustained well – Monday witnessed an expected dip in collections, but business on Republic day (Tuesday) was record breaking, similar to the boost that Wanted received on its first Monday.

    Below are the day to day collections of Veer

    Friday – 7 crores
    Saturday – 6 crores
    Sunday – 7.5 to 8 crores
    Monday – 3 crores
    Tuesday – 6.5 crores
    5 day total – approx 31 crores.

    Week 1 is expected to be somewhere between 34 – 36 crores.

    What remains to be seen in the next few days

    Can Veer sustain and match its Monday collections during the remaining two weekdays i.e today and tomorrow?
    Will the release of Rann and Ishqiya affect its collections? Unlikely to, since both releases this week are targeted mainly at the multiplex audience.

    • Thx for posting .. they have higher figures than BOI, so actual figures should be around 30 crores. Expecting 5 crores min over next 2 days.

      Next weekend should provide at least 12 crores (3 + 4 + 5).

      Expecting life time collections to be in the 55 – 60 crore range. What do you all think about these estimates?

  98. Aqua, u r blind bcoz Veer has already been declared as a hit… needs 55 crore to acquire required 30 crore distributor share to be a clean hit………more dan 60 crore will declare it as a super hit…….31 crore in 5 days…….it z destined 2 get more dan 60 crore life tym……..khik khik….u guyz r so blind nd ignorant

  99. Eros International announced that Salman Khan starrer – VEER in its opening weekend, has had gross collections of Rs. 41 crores worldwide at the box office. VEER did a first weekend business of Rs. 32 crores (Rs. 19.50 crores net) in India with Rs. 9 crores coming in from overseas. Salman’s last hit WANTED netted Rs. 17.25 crores for the same period.

    An Anil Sharma film, VEER, starring Salman Khan, Mithun Chakraborty, Jackie Shroff and debutant Zarine Khan released across cinemas worldwide on 22nd January 2010. The film released with 1,300 prints & digital cinemas all over India and 236 prints overseas.

    A spectacular treat for Salman fans, VEER has emerged a high grosser in circuits like Rajasthan, Delhi/UP, Bihar, Gujarat etc. with the single screens doing good business over the weekend, which again demonstrates Salman Khan’s power to connect with the masses.

    Nandu Ahuja, SVP, India Distribution, Eros International Media Ltd said, “Audience reactions to VEER have been extremely heartening. With Salman’s huge fan base in India and overseas, we were confident that VEER would be a huge draw. With the opening weekend followed by the Republic Day holiday teamed with Salman’s star power, we are looking forward to the film’s positive run at the box office”.

  100. Box office Veer wednesday- 10cr nett

    Hope people will like it. cant help it but give false reports bcoz thats wat you people like..(^*)

    In real Veer has crashed terribly today and has 1-2cr collection!

  101. 2 Crores Collection after a Holiday is normal.

    Even if it collects 4 crores today & Tomorrow combined, then also 1st week net will Touch 34 crores.

    So aqua….Your over smartness and foolish comments and predictions have fallen flat

    Shame Shame Puppy shame


    Movie review: Veer
    January 27, 2010

    By Fakir Hassen


    Rating: 8/10

    Don’t be fooled by the trailers that portray Veer as just another medieval Indian sword-fighting film.

    Salman Khan, pictured, playing the title role, delivers an excellent performance as a tender romantic, while also having a violent respect for family honour.

    Veer is the son of a tribal leader in India in the late 19th century, torn between his love for the daughter of a Maharaja and his loyalty to his father, who has vowed vengeance against her father for betraying and wiping out huge numbers of his tribe.

    His father Prithvi Singh (Mithun Chakraborthy) sends Veer and his younger brother Punya (Sohail Khan, as irritating as always) to study at an aristocratic school in London, so they can learn the divide and rule thinking of the British colonialists in India, in an attempt to defeat them at their own game.

    But Veer returns home with blood on his hands after a spat with Indian royalty and a determination to win back his love, Princess Yashodara (Zarine Khan), and also avenge his tribe’s honour by killing her father, the Raja of Madhavgarh (Jackie Shroff). The huge canvas on which director Anil Sharma plays out this story adds to the entertainment value, as does some good music by Sajid Wajid set to Gulzar’s lyrics, although there are some inexplicable missing links, such as how Veer and Punya get back to India after slaying a lot of soldiers in public in London.

    The climax also comes as an unpredictable surprise. Zarine Khan makes a good debut, with a remarkable resemblance to Salman’s current girlfriend, Katrina Kaif, especially in side profiles, even though Salman himself has strongly rejected this.

    Veer is now showing simultaneously on all Bollywood circuits nationwide – CineCentre, Nu-Metro and Ster-Kinekor. – Fakir Hassen

  103. Guys,I truely feel that initial negative reviews from all really helped Veer.Bcoz ,ppl later found out da truth.Even I thought of not seeing Veer after seeing the reviews but somehow landed up seeing one of the finest movies till date.So as the saying goes “U can fool all the people some time but u cannot fool some people all the time”.Thats what happened with Veer critics.

  104. @nuke… no the bad reviews were for the multiplexes.. the intellectuals.. ahem… if not for such damaging reviews… Veer would have done 40-45 crore first week and would have have trended awesome… it’s one of its kind film..
    @aqua… keep on lowering our expectations and Veer would go on surpassing them… that’s the power of salman khan

  105. Well Veer it seems will do better business then Wanted in the opening week. 32 Crore as of now + 2.5 + 2.5 = 37. Wanted i think did 36 crore. Guys dont bash me, i am just using conservative figures.

  106. and LOL, Taran is at it again being an imbecile. Check out It seems he has taken Veer’s success personally. Perhaps he was shown his worth by Khan Sahib’s fans.

  107. @…yakuza…. plz gv some approx figures of 27th….. how iz VEER doing 2dy…

  108. veer is hit

  109. aqua they is something to cheers for VEER has done rs.80/- only on wednesday,aab khush !!!! lol

    • lol dont make veer so cheap, rather shud i say salman so cheap..;) poor guy s running around promoting his dream project, give some respect boy;)

  110. Veer is doing great 41 crores gross collection world wide and its budget is 40 crore, viewers are best critics and they are loving VEER.
    And bollybuisness what happened to u, u were always first to tell the figures, plz update regularly, thanks.

    • bollybusiness is thinking which fig to give, EROS said 19.50cr weekend, others said 21cr weekend, BOI said tuesday to be 6.25cr, Indicine said 6.5cr, but actually its below 6cr. so keeping all these things they will have to give an average collection say 6cr tuesday= 28cr in 5 days and 31cr week 1..;)

  111. Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Veer recorded huge collections on Tuesday which was Republic Day holiday. The film grossed around 6.25 crore nett as per early estimates which takes it five day business to nearly 29 crore nett. The collections on Tuesday are the second highest ever for a Tuesday after Three Idiots but is must be noted that Veer did the business on a major holiday.

    The film has benefited hugely from Republic Day holiday as the collections are double of what they would have been if it was a normal day.

    The film is now heading for a 33 crore nett plus total and a distributor share of over 20 crore. Normally films post large drops after a big holiday so if Veer can stay around its Monday range on Wednesday and Thursday that will a good sign for its second weekend.

  112. veer is not cheap ur mind is cheap

  113. kuch log kutta hote hain,pichhe lat khane ke baad bhi nahi sudhar te,aqua kutte ki bokh te raho,VEER haathi ki tarah aage nikal jayega.

    • Ab 80rs collection cheap hi he.. cheapster..;)
      Bokh lo.. jab below average verdict aayega tab dekhte hain kutte… Haathi bi use kuchal chuka he bhai.
      ithna pyaar he veer pe tho dekhte kyun nahi, yahan pe comment kyun kar rahe ho , 10 baar dekh lo tab average tho hogi , comment likh ke samajtha he wo hero he.

      Yahan pe likh ne se kuch nahi hoga, jaake dekh movie, phir kaho theater thod dalenge, salman ko phod dalenge..;)

      • I just want to know how do u know that Veer collection for Wednesday is 80rs Aqua? Please answer

        • dude i never said its 80 rs. it was adnan who said it. read his comments. he wants to downplay veer himself.

          Honestly collections are exaggerated. i know salman fans will abuse me for this but the truth being its not so high.

          Tuesday fig was something like saturday collections dunno from where 6.5cr has been taken. believe me these exaggerated fig`s wont help.

          • Learn to respect audience verdict aqua. Veer did not do well in multiplexes but is strong in single screens. Overall the collections for the first week are good if not excellent.
            And, from the trend it appears that film will fall somewhere between semi hot to super hit depending upon trending.
            And, yes, apart from lavish sets and good music, veer does not appeal much.

            • thanks rajesh for atleast being nice..;) Its 2 faces of the media who is doing this. If a channel says movie is not doing good then other says its doing mindblowing business.But in real it has not collected as much as the producers are claiming.
              Dont worry i will not comment more.:)

              • U fuckin madarchod …. get your fucking dick outta this site … wtf do u know about a film and the box office collection … mind your fuckin srk’s ass … lick ur ab’s shit or go suck your taran adarshes dick

  114. abe aqua madarchod,sharm kar veer ki collection acchi hai toh teri gaand path rahi ,…u cheapster

  115. u are sick,and bloody loser.
    get well soon


    Tommorow… news was showing that Veer is hit now….and salman bhai’s interview mein kaha that
    movie is doing very well…..and

    Sirf 15 Peoples ( Critics ) ko chod ke sabko movie pasand aaaye hai….isliye yeh Hit huyee

    Aisa pehli baar nahi hua hai


    Rang de basanti ( Critics said movie is flop ..result aapko pata hai )
    dil chahta hai ( Critics said movie is disaster ..result aapko pata hai )

  117. Film Review: Veer
    Once upon a time in India: Quasi-historical epic of a tribal leader who takes on the British and a treacherous Indian king in the 19th and early 20th centuries is a grand and expansive blend of Braveheart, Lawrence of Arabia and the Tarzan legend.

    Jan 25, 2010

    -By Frank Lovece


    A title card at the start of the Hindi historical actioner Veer tells us that all the characters and situations we’re about to see are fictional. That turns out to be the understatement of the century. Loosely based on the existence of the Pindari, who by most historical accounts were mercenary desert plunderers—subcontinental Vikings-for-hire—and on the fact of the hated British rule, it’s a rousing Bollywood melodrama with a relentless pace and epic sweep. The titular warrior Veer had no real-life counterpart, there was no great battle for the “kingdom” (actually city) of Mandavgarh (now called Mandu), which had been abandoned by the 17th century, and the chronology is completely bonkers: Leaving aside that the Pindari were mostly routed by 1818 and not fighting the Brits in 1862 and 1875 as shown here, the film is told in flashback from 1920—but with most of the flashbacks taking place from the late 1920s on!

    OK, so it’s as historical as 300, or even less so. But Veer, a longtime dream project of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan—who’s credited with the story and plays the title role—is equally entertaining, moving like the desert wind for great portions of a nearly two-and-three-quarter-hour running time that’s bursting with birth, death, life, love, honor, betrayal, London and India. Wildly but satisfyingly melodramatic, it’s hokum of the highest order, punctuated with the most rousing musical sequences of the last several Indian imports.

    Director Anil Sharma—a veteran journeyman who scored a homeland hit with Gadar: Ek Prem Katha (2001), about the 1947 partition of India—and his action director, Tinu Verma, use a restless, roaming camera and inventive angles to propel the story, even as it shifts from desert battlefields to the real-life University College of London to gladiatorial combat and a climactic clash at a mountaintop fort. Stateside Bollywood fans more accustomed to modern-day musical romances or stylish crime thrillers will be pleasantly surprised to find a period piece that’s more “Xena: Warrior Princess” than A Passage to India.

    Not that there’s any smirk or irony: Veer takes its melodrama straight, no chaser. From the stirring opening desert battle scene of horses, swords and cannon fire—in which the prince of Mandavgarh (Jackie Shroff) betrays his allies, the noble-barbarian Pindari, by leading them to a massacre by the British after they’ve served his purpose—the black turbans and white turbans couldn’t be clearer. A Pindari chieftain, Prithvi (Mithun Chakraborty), who’d sliced off the betrayer’s right hand, raises his son Veer in a Leonides-like sequence. The adult Veer leads daring horseback raids on moving trains, and dances with his tribesman in a big, brawny, Gene Kelly-esque musical number with fire wheels, sword-juggling, wireworks acrobatics and a whirling dervish of color.

    Prithvi, however, still plans his revenge on the prince, now king, and sends Veer and his happy-rogue brother Punya (Sohail Khan, Salman’s real-life younger sibling) to college in London to learn the ways of the crafty British devils. There, Veer falls in love with Yashodhara Singh (newcomer Zarine Khan), who he later discovers is the daughter of the quisling king. But true love will have to wait until after Veer and Punya, back in India, infiltrate the king’s court, and lead events to a climactic battle.

    The musical numbers are each gorgeous and inventive, with the second, R&B-inflected song staged as a swirling burst of ballerina chorus lines in rainbow-colored gowns, and the third a rhythmic, tribal-drum and mandolin fantasia with an intoxicating, 360-degree low-angle swoon of a shot. And underneath all this heroic adventure, it’s still clear that for all the time elapsed and all the ties between India and the U.K. today, that whole colonialism thing? Very much not forgotten, and possibly not forgiven.

    Source :

  118. Eros International announced that Salman Khan starrer – VEER in its opening weekend, has had gross collections of Rs. 41 crores worldwide at the box office. VEER did a first weekend business of Rs. 32 crores (Rs. 19.50 crores net) in India with Rs. 9 crores coming in from overseas. Salman’s last hit WANTED netted Rs. 17.25 crores for the same period. And yes VEER’s total cost is 40 cr. not 70cr….i just hope u get ur figures corrected and plzzz don’t fool people. veer hit hai super duper hit

  119. Look at this a US critique has given veer good reviews. Ha ha Call taran Aadarsh

  120. watch this salman khan video

  121. Where z Taran Adarsh ? I wanna meet him nd laugh at his mouth. Bloody cheater. Veer has got 33 crore in 6 days. How many films in da history of bollywood has done better dan dat ? Idiot critque.

  122. Salman Khan VEER nets Rs 19 crore, crosses WANTED Rs 17 crore!!

    Salman Khan’s latest flick ‘Veer’, wherein he enacted the character of a Pindari warrior opposite newbie Zarine Khan, rocked the single screen theaters of Rajasthan, Delhi, Gujarat, UP, Bihar and fetched a handsome amount of Rs 19.50 crore in net over the weekend.

    The corresponding amount for Salman Khan’s last super duper hit action flick ‘Wanted’ was only Rs 17.25 crore, which makes ‘Veer’ a better preposition at the box office. Sources from Eros International, the distributor of the flick, say that ‘Veer’ has grossed Rs 32 crore in India alone on the weekend and the holiday on Republic day must have boosted the figures further.

    Salman Khan’s latest film, which had been released with around 1300 prints in the country, also brought in Rs 9 crore from the overseas territories. The good news for Salman Khan, director Anil Sharma and producer Vijay Galani is that the flick is still going steady at the single screen theatres in almost all northern states of the country.

    Salman Khan starrer ‘Veer’ had everything going for it to become hit with single screen audiences and it has proved to be true. In fact, the grandeur and scale of the sets had the audiences asking for more. Then, Salman Khan’s look was terrific in the film and his acting skills fully matched his handsome look.

    However, the main factor which went in Salman Khan’s ‘Veer’ favor at single screen theatres was the superb action sequences that had been executed by action director Tinu Verma with finesse. Salman Khan’s fabulous physique added to the magic of action sequences.

    ‘Veer’ is a period flick set in the nineteenth century of British India. A Pindari warrior Veer sets out to take revenge on British and treacherous King of Madhavgarh played by Jackie Shroff. Sohail Khan plays Salman’s younger brother, while veteran Mithun Chakravarthy enacts the part of Salman Khan’s father in the film.


  123. If the critics had kept their view to themselves then the movie would have been a super hit already!!! Because of the negativity initially a lot of people stayed away from the theaters. Khair these “wonderful” reviews made me watch the movie 4 time!! The movie has some flaws, but in general it was very entertaining. I don’t know why with comedies these critics say leave your brains at home and enjoy the movie and rate the movie 4 stars or more! When it came to Veer why were they over critical

  124. This post got 200 comments .. Yakuza, you know what your viewers want .. box office figures and predictions .. you can mostly forget about the rest.

  125. I think by the time second week will finish with decent business and HIT status …

  126. Where is Aqua, he gave a hard time to all of us Salman khan

    • Aqua where r u Veer crossed 70 crores according to Anil Sharma above. Are u hiding or crying somewhere. Pls do not commit suicide like the one in 3 idiots saying I quit!!! No u cannot quit so easily. Kya baat Kya baat Kya baat

  127. watch pakistani talent

  128. 1 Mumbai 2,56,19,255.00
    2 Maharashtra 2,07,43,137.00
    3 Thane 1,22,25,280.00
    4 Saurashtra 1,16,38,159.00 456
    5 Goa 27,76,548.82
    6 Gujrat 3,34,02,980.60
    7 Karnataka 33,94,016.92
    8 Delhi & UP 6,86,36,385.61 181
    9 EP 2,46,69,314.00 74
    10 Mysore 87,75,132.00 28
    11 Rajasthan 2,35,81,380.25 70
    12 Nizam/Andhra 2,56,76,184.00 108
    13 CP 1,98,12,069.24 96
    14 CI 1,38,55,948.19 44
    15 West Bengal 1,46,81,191.53 74
    16 Orissa 17,43,666.19 21
    17 Bihar 1,16,00,397.33 107
    18 Assam 20,76,713.08 24
    19 TN/Kerala 48,42,383.84 31
    20 Nepal NA 2
    TOTAL 32,97,50,142.60 1,316

  129. ye media to full fake hai.
    2.75 cr(ishkiya) ko itna badachadakar bol rahey hain,decent opening.
    veer k 7.1 ko poor opening bol rahey they.
    media bahut paisa khaati hai.
    ab in critics n media par se poora bharosa utth gaya.
    media is very bad
    n reporters r bad man or women.

  130. specially liveindia news channel,sahara samay news channel
    mtv channel,ndtvgoodtimes channel
    ye channel very fake hain.bahut paisa khaatey hain.
    wrong information deker public ko encourage or discourage
    karna chahtey hain. brashtachari n criminals hain.
    inkey against court main jaana chahiye,court case karna chahiye.
    jo paisa deta hai uski taraf biased ho jaatey hain.

  131. is this site stoped updating the box office collection???????????

  132. Calcuttatube.Com

    VEER by Salman Khan is the first Superhit of 2010

    Salman’s VEER is Super Hit of 2010.

    Salman khans VEER is now heading for a 55 crore net plus total with Wednesday,Thursday,Friday and Saturday collections of 14 Crores. VEER is going strong at all India release in spite of new releases in Rann and Ishqiya.Veer has grossed Rs41 crore worldwide at the box office in its opening weekend, Eros International, the distributor of the film, has said.

  133. wao, its gr8.
    sammy u r gr8 4 telling dis gud news

  134. @yakuza, where are u? u haven’t updated the box office figures for long please update

  135. sammy first week net is around 33 crore range..and this friday -sun showed a heavy fall everywhere…i guess the muvie will end below avg to flop…

    • You need to see a doctor, the movie is already a hit.

    • Above Average. 2 week collections are between 41 – 42 crores. It will easily reach 45 this week.

      Collections are in the same range as KI which was also Above Average but having the media against it turned the perception to be a flop.

      Veer is in a similar situation although its not because of bad WOM but media claiming it to have a higher cost than it actually is.

  136. @ Rosh

    i just read an article, were Salman has said to sony dat he wants to do something different to DKD. so Salman is wise enuff to know dat DKD has been succesfull, and its time to do something differnt.

    wat do u think?

    • btw i liked Salman’s performance at the Screen awards…very well done.

      the Screen Awards this year were amazing. Shahid Kapur rocked as the host and his dance performance was awesome!!!! His chemistry with SRK was brilliant. Maddy & Chatur (3i) were hilarious – really really good. Katrina’s performance was also very good. I felt that Priyanka should have got best female actor award than KAreena/vidya 😦

    • Naveed, I am really happy about it. I had already told someone earlier (was it you?) that DKD has lost the charm factor and wont work as well in 3rd season as the first 2 seasons did, but Salman being an excellent host should come back with a new show.

      They are still going to have DKD 3 and the new show will be after that.

      • yeah it waz me Rosh.

        u seem like an intelligent individual. wat do u think of Salman’s upcoming releases. am very excited tbh- staring wid DABANNG.

        • haha, thx.

          excited but apprehensive about Dabangg too .. its a new director after all. Expectations are going to be high as it will be compared to Wanted, so as a film it needs to surpass that.

          Can’s say whether multiplex audiences will take to it yet.

          • i think Salman has finally started to take his career seriously. am hopeful and excited bout DABAANG. coz he is solely concentrating on da film. Plus u can bet dat he will never appear in films like HELLO, SAWAAN, MAMK etc just to help freinds and family.

            • He is definitely taking his career seriously .. Wanted, London Dreams, Veer .. each of these are among the best performances of his career.

  137. last time i was here… this site was full time fanatic of bachchan. Rann has released…. but now news!

  138. Seems to be a dead site!!!

  139. Once there was a bollybusiness site.

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