Boxoffice Update : 22/01/2010


Movie Week This Week Nett Total Nett Final Verdict
Chance Pe Dance 1 8.35 Crore 8.35 Crore Flop
Dulha Mil Gaya 2 88 Lacs 3.78 Crore Disaster
Pyaar Impossible 2 1.19 Crore 5.54 Crore Flop
3 Idiots  4 16.87 Crore 180.71 Crore All Time BB

Veer Opening Note : Delhi  – 63 Lakhs [Up-to 6:00 PM(including advance booking collections)], Mumbai –  89 Lakhs [Up-to 6:00 PM(including advance booking collections)]. Single screens are getting better reception for upto 90% collections.


— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on January 22, 2010.

44 Responses to “Boxoffice Update : 22/01/2010”

  1. so its going the WANTED way is lt ? only Q. will it sustain in coming days. By the way how much did PAA end up with.

  2. can it do a 6 core first day?

  3. As single screen is rocking and released with 1600 7cr 1st day is very easy task i guess….wat say yakuza????

  4. No. First Day will be around 4.5 crores
    Saturday will be 5 Crores
    Sunday will be 5.5 crores
    Monday will see a drop of atleast 2 crores.Will settle for 3 crores
    Tuesday being a holiday will fetch 4 to 5 crores

    So total 1st week collection should be 25 to 27 crores.

    Word of mouth is mixed. Life Time Business of Veer will be 37 to 40 crores. With Distributors share being 22 to 24 crores.


  5. Wanted had better reviews than Veer. Still lets see if it can deliver in the box office.

  6. Yakuza!

    Whats the Distribution Cost of Veer?

    How much does it need to recover its cost?

    Is my 1st week predictions make any sense?

    Plz reply

  7. Prachie….

    First day of veer will end at around 4 crores.
    Saturday & sunday will see a marginal jump of 1 crores as compared to friday.
    So weekend will be around 15 crores. Which is very poor.

    Secondly Monday will see a huge fall because of poor WOM. It will
    end up at 2 crores.

    Tuesday being a holiday will see business similar to friday or even 1 crore less. So it will settle at 3/4 crores.

    So 1st week collections will end at 23 crores similar to LD.
    Since some interisting movies are lined up next week, Veer is unlikely to trend better.

    Total Lifetime Business of Veer will be wrapped up at 30 crores.
    With Distributors share of around 15/16 crores.

    Veer is heading for a flop unless some miracle happens.


  8. just go and watch VEER, people who watched it, they are saying its excellent and best movie till date, so dont depend on critics, they most of the time have different opinion but movies got superhit or block buster status. So best thing is that rely on yourself not on critics.

  9. veer will do 40+ for sure …. as it is strong in single screen….salman has strong fan following there …. and they are liking the movie … mumbai contributes 35%-40% of all india … means till the movie has collected around 3+ cr in india where as collections in smallers centre will be fabulous … evening shows will go more powerful and still many of shows are left … so easily 6/7+ cr for day 1 for saturday and sunday it will add another 15/16 cr … maiking it to around 22 cr… and tuesday being off expect 5 cr on that day,3/4 on monday … 1st week will be 35cr for sure … if the trend continues as WOM is from average to excellent … people are actually loving the film …so will settle at 50cr for sure….

  10. WOrd of mouth is really good, massess are loving VEER, Buisness will go up on weekends, great going for VEER.

  11. I think B has some problems
    veer rock the world
    apne comments apne pass rakho

  12. Highly mixed reviews man cant say what will happen

  13. people dont worry, veer will be hot for sure, its going wanted’s way. Tarn adarsh the so called critic cum idiot who even rididuled Dil chahta hai, will have hard time recovring his credibility after Veer will be hit.

  14. movie is not liked by all. mostly comments like- too long, boring, too many songs, sohail made us bang our head, average performance r said. so dont think it will sustain for long.
    friday- 4.5cr
    sat- 5 cr
    sunday- 5.5cr
    weekend- 15cr

  15. I saw veer .very disappointing movie. I think cpd is better than veer.

    • this is a mind blowing joke dear but veer is rock the world jisne veer nahi dekha toh kya dekha bro.

  16. Veer is disaster by rediff review.

    • jisne veer nahi dekha toh woh indian nahi bang bang salman and i m sure veer break the 3idiots buisness record.bcoz i hope salman fan i m also salman big big big big big big big fan nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww………….so go and watch movie.

  17. prachie n aqua ,
    apne comments n view apney paas hi rakho
    pridiction karney ki jarurat nahi hai
    shut ur mouth-prachie n aqua.
    veer is very gud movie.

    • U dont have any rt to shut any 1 `s mouth miss. better keep it to urself. its comment section n every 1 has d rt to express his or her views.

  18. Veer has done huge business in CI on its first day. The business is the second best first day ever in the history of Hindi cinema. Below are the top first day openers in CI over the last three years..

    1. Three Idiots – 47.89 lakhs

    2. Veer – 27.33 lakhs

    3. De Dana Dan – 22.23 lakhs

    4. Golmaal Returns – 22.03 lakhs

    5. Ghajini – 21.82 lakhs

    6. Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani – 21.44 lakhs

    7. Singh Is Kinng – 20.86 lakhs

    8. Kambakkht Ishq – 20.20 lakhs

    9. Love Aaj Kal – 19.82 lakhs

    10. Wanted – 18.33 lakhs

    11. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi – 18.20 lakhs

    12. Chandni Chowk to China – 17.66

  19. already doing wonders at the boxoffice

  20. I am fan of SRK but veer realy rocking movie i impressed and going to watch movie tomarrow as well realy extremly nice movie

  21. First Day Veer Figures Kanpur Single Screens

    Veer has done huge business on day one at Kanpur single screens. Below are the figures for Veer, Wanted and Three Idiots from the same theatres. Both Gurudev and Manjushree are huge single screens in Kanpur.


    Veer – 73,796

    Three Idiots – 57,408

    Wanted – 57,400


    Veer – 96,578

    Three Idiots – 38,977

    Wanted – 67,552

  22. Veer is awesome and did 90% business in single screen.hope will be big hit.

  23. Saw it for the second time, in UAE it had released on 21st. One word AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. The crwods were clapping AND hysterical. Many of my friends have seen it for the second time. I am telling u guys , taran adarsh will eat his shit. Its going for the 100 crore mark. Remember ISAID IT FIRST.

  24. at chandan cinema in juhu which is single screen there were like 40 people for like a 1000 seater at Veer show. this movie gonna be a be a big flop i feel

  25. Veer had a bumper first day at single screens with 80-100% collections while multiplexes had average collections on day one. Multiplexes in metroes like Mumbai and Delhi had first day collections of around 50% while Bangalore was worst with 30%. But multiplexes in places like Jaipur, Kota, Nagpur, Agra and Indore were very good with 70-80% collections. Overall the first day can be called good. The reports are mixed but with a holiday it should put up good first week numbers. The first day collections in places like Bihar, CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan are huge.


  26. yakuza plzz update fast on how veer did on first day?? total collections on first day?? is it benefitting from its simultaneous telugu release?? how much does it require to be a hit??

  27. Veer

  28. Veer has done good business on day one with around 6.50 crore nett as per early estimates. The film has performed fantastically well in Bihar, CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan. Bihar seems to be a record first day while other circuits mentioned above are amongst the top three ever.

    Delhi/UP has also done well thanks to humungous business in UP single screens. Multiplexes in UP have also performed well. Mumbai, East Punjab and Nizam have seen okay business while Mysore, Tamil Nadu and Kerala are poor.

    The film has by far the biggest first day ever for a Salman Khan starrer eclipsing the 5 crore nett of Wanted and Partner. Veer has mixed reports so its hard to say what will happen over the next few days but a good extended weekend will give the film good chances to emerge a success.

  29. Wat about 2day’s collection,does it show improvement?

  30. this will be lucky to scrape semi-hit status

  31. @aqua oye gashtee ka putar baap tera yaha baitha haa lun ka topa or parache tere bohat khul gae ha na band kr do daal kr bhoonk kutia pata ha galia kyu de ha veer hit ho ya flop dont care but SRK ko kuch kaha next time to baja do ga

  32. @suraj same guy jojo just writing comments against veer plz dont lie infront of people .Veer superhit movie my name is khan will be boring movie u will see srk fan i know u.

  33. Veer first day estimates have ranged from 6.5 cr (BOI) to 7.4 cr (Producers claim) .. Yakuza, waiting for your figures.

    Great news for Veer either way as it surpasses all previous Salman Khan films

  34. Veer has done slightly better than estimated early. The first day business is 7 crore approx including its Telugu version.

    This makes the first day of Veer the sixth biggest ever after Three Idiots (13 cr), Ghajini (9 cr), Love Aaj Kal (8 cr), Kambakkht Ishq (7.50 cr) and Singh Is Kinng (7.25 cr). The first day distributor share is the third highest ever at around 4.25-4.50 crore.

    The film has performed superbly in Delgi/UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, CP Berar, CI and Nizam. Mumbai and West Bengal are okay. East Punjab amd Mysore are on the lower side.The territorial nett breakdowns for India are as follows.

    Mumbai – 2.35 crore

    Delhi/UP – 1.45 crore

    East Punjab – 45 lakhs

    West Bengal – 35 lakhs

    Bihar – 20 lakhs

    CP Berar – 40 lakhs

    CI – 27 lakhs

    Rajasthan – 57 lakhs

    Nizam (Hindi) – 35 lakhs

    Nizam (Telugu) – 17 lakhs

    Mysore – 20 lakhs

    Others – 25 lakhs

    TOTAL – 7.01 Crore

  35. i hope veer today improvement & busines 8cr

  36. yakuza…whr r u man… bring some figures of saturday…

  37. whr r u hiding yakuza come on..we need quick updates from u like u did for wanted.this is nt good for ur blog..y dont u update.???wats d problem..

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