Boxoffice – 20/01/2010


Movie Week This Week Nett Total Nett Final Verdict
Dulha Mil Gaya 1 2.90 Crore 2.90 Crore Disaster
Pyaar Impossible 1 4.35 Crore 4.35 Crore Flop
Bolo Ram 2 .30 Lacs 41.2 Lacs Disaster
3 Idiots  3 27.9 Crore 163.84 Crore All Time BB

Performance this weekend :

Movie Weekend 5 Days Collection
3 Idiots Fourth 15.65 Crore
Chance Pe Dance First 7.15 Crore

~ by Yakuza on January 19, 2010.

15 Responses to “Boxoffice – 20/01/2010”

  1. yakuza 2day sonakshi sinha saw d movie veer..she really liked it..btw where is ur bo prediction for veer??c,mon publish is fast.we r waiting

  2. Thanks for your continued box office reports.

  3. Yakuza any update about advance bookin of veer?

  4. Whenever you compare a film with other I feel the below factors needs to be compared. Comparing sholay and 3i
    1. ticket price in 1975 and 2009
    2. number of tickets sold in 1975 and 2009
    3. India’s population in 1975 and 2009
    4. number of prints released for sholay and 3i
    5. Box office collections of sholay and 3i
    6. number of days the movie ran in the theater

    Will make a calculation considering all these
    1. Average ticket prices for sholay = 2.5 rs and 3i = 115 rs (because the movie has maximum collections from metros and considering multiplexes are charging 250 rs on avg and single screens in rural areas are charging 30 rs on avg)

    2. Number of tickets sold for sholay = 15cr/2.5 = 6cr 3i = 200cr/115 = 1.7 cr

    3. population in 1975 = 60cr and 2010 = 115cr

    4. sholay initially only released in Bombay later it released in other parts of the country after 2 months. It rleased with 32 prints and later more so on an avg 100 prints.

    5. sholay = 15cr and 3i = 200cr

    6. sholay noticable collections at the end of 100 weeks and 3i noticable collections will be till 10 weeks.

    Putting weightage for each factor then

    (2.5/115) (1.7/6) (60/115) (100/1200) (200/15) (10/100)
    (0.0217) (0.2833) (0.52) (0.08) (13.33) (0.1)

    the above datas show that apart from net collections of todays and 1975 in all other criteria 3i is behind. You can have your own weightage for each factors but it still proves that 3i should run atlease ten times of what it has run now to reach the status of sholay and that is only in terms of boxoffice and in terms of liking it can never reach which is obvious from the re-release of sholay shows consider 3i re-releases after 2years how much it will earn hardly it will do a collection of 2 crores which is 100 times less than what it has done in its first release that shows how much people will remember the movie afterwards.

  5. @YAKUZA-where is BO predictions for veer?????????

  6. I think Veer will be superb.Good comment Rohit.where is Sholay and where is 3I.too much difference.Sholay is awesome movie and ALL TIME INDIAN HIT.

  7. nice analysis rohit.. comparisons with sholey cannot be made. but to be honest, what sets 3 idiots apart is the fact that it is leaps and bounds ahead of its current contemporaries.. to be more than 2 times higher than any movie in the recent past shows that 3 IDIOTS is certainly a modern day wonder.. it will be interesting to know how far ahead sholay was from the movie that grossed the highest before it.. 3 idiots is only 3 weeks old.. to analyze which movie is bigger we might need to wait a decade or so.. to figure out repeat value, cult status etc etc..

  8. any news for veer?how is public n critics reaction?

    • First shows in Middle East and Paid Previews + Press Screening in India starts in about half an hour .. expect twitter posts in 3 hrs time and official reviews will only be out tomorrow.

  9. Hi Guys I watched veer Just now First Day First Show. As I Live in Australia It released here on Thursday.

    I Liked the movie. Cant Say Its Too good because I always Make mistake of Comparing Hollywood Movies with Ours. ( Hated gajni Because I had already Seen Memento, No offense to Aamir Fans ) Compared to other Hollywood movies not that good but if you take into consideration the Budget of our movie compared to Hollywood. Its a nice movie.

    I would say more then action movie its an emotional movie. The relation between Salman and Mithunda is awesome. Liked mithunda’s acting a lot. Salman is superb. Liked the sets and the 1900 feel ( full Marks to Artworks team and also Costume designers.) But with a bit more effeort it could have been a far better film. ( Especially the fight scenes)

    Special mention to salman’s Script some of the dialogues are too good. ( With Patriotic Masala).

    THe movie reminds you of Gadar ( The Direction style)

    In the end I think the movie will work in single screens and I think will reach around 60 Cr.

    Waiting for the reviews and BO Collection on opening day.

    Love you Salman.

    • Thanks for feedback kunal, I also have heard some good words about movie, looks exciting .. 🙂

      BTW i have updated my predictions about movie.

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  11. amir khan ki film aqe hai ya shah rukh khan ki

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