Boxoffice Update – 17/01/2010


Movie Week This Week Nett Total Nett Final Verdict
Dulha Mil Gaya 1 2.90 Crore 2.90 Crore Disaster
Pyaar Impossible 1 4.35 Crore 4.35 Crore Flop
Bolo Ram 2 .30 Lacs 41.2 Lacs Disaster
3 Idiots 3 27.9 Crore 163.84 Crore All Time BB

Performance this weekend :

Movie Weekend Collection
3 Idiots Fourth 6 Crore (First two days)
Chance Pe Dance First 3.75 Crore (First two days)

~ by Yakuza on January 17, 2010.

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  1. Yayyy .. box office updates again *dances in joy*

    jahapana, tussi great ho, taufa kabool karo!

  2. This looks to be incomplete reporting. As BOI has 156 cr in 2 weeks for 3I which go in synch with the claims of 315 cr in 18 days by the Producer.

  3. I mean 136 cr in 2 weeks, not 156 cr.

  4. good to see you yakuza, back with box office updates. I missed u

  5. it is close to 31cr in week 3 .by this weekend would be crossing sholay.unimaginable

    • Sholay is distant dream .. check my reply to related query here :

      • As per a post in this forum by you, ROI cannot be used to determine success. Otherwise, Bheja Fry with a ROI of 600% should be a ATBB.

        As far as grossing goes, even inflated Gross of Sholay is 162 cr as per BOI, which has been crossed by 3 Idiots.

        • I have clearly stated that even investment was heavy. Sholay was not low budget affair. Sholay did 15 Crore in its first run of 2 years. And approx. 15 Crore in further re-releases. If we adjusted these figures it come close to 350 Crore for first installment and roughly 250 Crore for second installment of 15 Crore. Which makes it total 600 Crore.

          You can take any reference for adjustment of currency yourself and check the results. BOI adjustment figures were last updated in 2004 (and that itself was not correct). its now 6 years they have not updated anything. BOI is using static figures without using database behind it. Once printed never gets updated manually.

          • in 2008,i remember 162 cr was adjusted fig for sholay now it is 175 cr app.even if trust u even then 162 cr of 2004 becomes 600 cr in 2010.i dont any movie if released today can gross more than 200 cr.since gadar no movie has done more than 50 cr after its first week.3 i looking for 120 cr.after unimaginable opening week.but even then i accept it would be 3rd biggest ever after sh and mea.dont make a mockery by comparing wth mks aaa kranti.those were not even atbb,3 i=ghajiniand rnbdj.even closest biggest atbb is looking tiny in front of it.people like u just underrate mpodern epic and overrate oldies.i m not talking about quality.can u imagine any movie grossing 120 cr after first week.u would say even gadar was bigger than 3 i

          • saurabh, First BOI adjusted only 15 Crore for sholay, not 30 Crore (this is first major flaw), Next their adjustment is not correct either. In 1975 average ticket rate was Rs. 2.5 and now its Rs. 60 i.e. 20 times. This conversion makes 15 Crore to 360 Crore and rest 15 Crore is however subjective thing. But my calclation makes it easy 250 Crore, leads to total of approx. 600 Crore.

            You can also any other reference, like filmfare cost in 1975 was Rs. 2, Now its Rs. 50. i.e. 25 times. 15 Crore conversion by this rate comes to 375 Crore. this will make 600+ crore by including rest 15 crore.

            Take any parameter and you will find nothing less than 600 Crore.

            • i m not denying sholay is biggest ever but somehow feel ppl are exaggerating figures for sholay.i m agreeing mea is also ahead.but def not gadar and ddlj.3 i=3times gadar after only 8 yrs.i believe gadar and ddlj are almost on equal terms and way behind 3 i and hahk and mi would be little behind.thats what i want to put .also few days ago i asked u a qtn b/w which is abigger classic lagaan or ddlj.which u didnt answer in poll of greatest movies.i believe ddlj is the most overrated movie ever.same boy meets girl story .i believe tzp,rdb,aaa,jjws are also ahead as movies.kkhh and dtph are total craps.

  6. saurabh, source?

  7. boi.go check

  8. do you have the link? boi has old estimates of 30 cr. But those are just estimates

  9. it is 30 cr estimate but is bound to inrease as per trend 3i colletions have always been more than early estimates.

    Saturday 16th January 2010 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Chance Pe Dance opened to a dull response of 25-30% at multiplexes on first day. Morning shows were very dull but it had some improvement but not the sort to suggest good weekend collections. Single screens were very bad and reports are poor which means an uphill struggle at the box office

    Dulha Mil Gaya had very poor first week with around 2.50 crore nett as per early estimates. FLOP

    Pyaar Impossible grossed around 5.50 crore nett as per early estimates in week one. The film could not really make a mark theatrically but low costs will probably recovered after all revenue from all sources. FLOP

    Three Idiots continues its dream with third week collections in the 30 crore nett region as per early estimates. This takes the three week total to around 166 crore nett. The fourth week has started on a solid note all over. ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER

  10. jeevy r u a big aamir fan like me

  11. haha … are you?

  12. he is my only fav

  13. Chance Pe Dance First Weekend is approx. 5.87 Crore.

  14. I saw cpd. movie is good

  15. Yes Dear Yakuza,boxofficeindia is totally fake site,one example they wrote Khuda Gawah in 1992 place Sem-hit and in another place 1990s they wrote Hit.and there is more examples of their mistakes.Bollybusiness is superb site and superb work of these peoples in short time.

  16. Cpd has no chance in bo..Veer gonna open big..Yakuza..Havent u seen salman’s latest promotional events in hydrabad and racecourse…how could u say veer lacking hype…u r getting biased now…didnt expect this 4m u..

    • zakir i can see that ur a big fan of salman khan bro i just wanted to tell you that i know may be looking at the collections of cpd it has no chance that dont mean you just show bias against shahids film just because ur a salman khan fan. give it a couple of years then watch shahid take bollywood by storm then we’ll see whats happens to salman hes already losing age.

    • Zakir, Veer doesn’t have the kind of hype it should have and the promotions are nowhere near what you get from Aamir or SRK. The race event was good but what was Salman doing for the rest of the day? Playing darts with 2 star news reporters and buddying up with Dharmendra – can you expect Veer to be a blockbuster with that kind of promotion?

      In the beginning the producers were saying keep your expectations sky high from Veer but now they are tampering expectations and I find Salman fans saying they’ll be happy with a hit tag. Where are the talks gone of a Gadar type blockbuster?

  17. zakir i can see that ur a big fan of salman khan bro i just wanted to tell you that i know may be looking at the collections of cpd it has no chance that dont mean you just show bias against shahids film just because ur a salman khan fan. give it a couple of years then watch shahid take bollywood by storm then we’ll see whats happens to salman hes already losing age.

    • @ Kapoor

      fair enough Salman is getting old. FACT of life

      but Shahid will never ever achieve wat Salman has in Bollywood. after so many years hes now become popular. his best performance based film kaminey was not even a hit FACT

      • naveed i guess ur a much bigger fan of salman khan too many salman fans on this site i agree he is a good actor and have the respect for him and u said that salman has achieved alot hmm i dont think so he hasnt even won a single best actor award as for stardom yes i agree he has achived alot in terms of stardom but he doesnt pay attention alot to his career as in past couple of years if you see hes had more flops than hits people actually call him flop khan. The reason why i was defending shahid was becasue he has the potential to grow big and ac hive alot in future as u was saying that shahid will never be able to achieve the same as salamn how do you know that u dont know the future lets wait and see how he does within the next five years

      • first of all naveed people get lucky like salman did in start and shahid did start well as ishq vishq was a hit and after that he struggled but still hes given very good performances like in ishq vishq, fida, shikhar, vivah, jab we met, kaminey in all hese films his preformance have critically acclaimed and as for kaminey it was a hit go check the box office figures out this site doesnt tell u correctly i think box office india is the official site this site just looks messed up and makes there own box office verdicts up

        • just to clear a point, there is no official site and no one way to give verdicts.

        • before kaminey shahid was considered as one horse race and sure shot upcoming superstar, however kaminey was success but somehow i don’t see any boost in his career, Shahid is one among fine actors who act well but lacks the star power. opening of chance pe dance is one such proof.

          • I think there are two reasons to this.

            1) Shahid gives a career best performance, excellent reviewes, good wom, etc and yet the film does weakly. Uncharacteristic of a superstar
            2) The rise of Ranbir Kapoor.

  18. There is no comparison between Salman and Shahid .. Salman was the biggest star of 90s and 5th in the 2000s.

    Shahid on the other hand has already been in the industry for 7 yrs and not a superstar yet. He will complete 10 yrs without being in top 5, and after the khans and akshay retire he will still be behind Hrithik and Ranbir.

    • yeh agree u cant compare shahid to salman as salman is a senior star and lol shahid is a superstar people actually refer to him as superstar if u read this link it says here that shahid does have chances to break in the top 5 which he is shown to be capable of read first line but he just has to make his choices carefully and as ur saying that he will be behind hrthik and ranbir well hrthik i cant really say because really nobody knows what will happen in the next few years and as for ranbir heb is new yet and shahid already more fans than him and has achieved much more than him so i think shahid is ahead of ranbir atm.

      • hi .. not going to read any links because one person saying Shahid is superstar doesn’t make him so. Currently Shahid is not in top 5 which you’ll agree to.

        Media tried to put him in top 5 by replacing Salman in 2008 itself but Salman is still holding strong and none of the other top 5 are going to leave the top 5 spot yet.

        Maybe its time to increase the pie to top 6, 7 or 8. This things change every year, last year Salman was considered 5th and about to be thrown out of the list and ppl were saying Akshay replaced SRK as no 1. Right now Aamir is no. 1 and Akshay is back to no 5. What I am getting to is, you have to look at a longer time frame to really validate any top 5 rankings .. otherwise SRK is nowhere in top 10 with 1 flop in 2009 and you can forget that Hrithik exists.

      • Also not going to get into any arguments about Ranbir vs. Shahid .. we’ll see who emerges at top. I’m betting on Ranbir and you’re on Shahid. Neither of us knows.

        Some stars like Akshay and Saif have been late bloomers while rest attained superstardom within their first few years. Shahid could be in the later category for all we know.

      • I don’t see in future shahid anywhere near ranbir stands today.

  19. ok rosh.i ll c u after veer release…veer will b hit atleast coz of its high costs..for bb it ll need 100cr..that ll b possible if it trends well…bt veer is a winner 4 sure

  20. Hey rosh shahid is already a superstar with his 6 hits.chance pe dance didn’t get good opening because of poor music and 3 idiots . veer wil be disaster.i dont like salman.he dont know acting.i like hrithik shahrukh shahid.

    • yeh i agree with u shahid is a super star these guys just try to put him down just because of of chance pe dance not doing well hes only been in industry for six years and still needs more experience where as if you see salman been in industry for 20 years and its a shame that still he gives flops i rate srk and aamir more as they choose there scripts more carefully shahid will need more time yet in industry to settle down we’ll see in future.

  21. thankx Rosh

    Yakuza plz put dis youtube video up plz. Salman talks bout award shows. interesting watch

    Salman gets back at media || Intensive Interview || 1998 – type dis in youtube u will find da video.


  22. To all people who are comparing 3idiots to sholay. Sholay was a milestone in the history of indian boxoffice.
    Correct inflation adjusted figure for sholay is around 600crores.
    People are talking of 3idiots but with the skyrocketing ticket prices and more multiplexes opening in the coming months this record will be broken within 2 years!! My prediction is that movies will be making 100crore NET first week within 3 years time. leaving 3idiots far behind.

    3idiots is not a milestone movie in terms of boxoffice, yes it has broken records but these records will be broken within 2 years.

    Sholays raw boxoffice records lasted for 20years.

  23. Average ticket price for sholay in 1975 was 5 rupees to did a business of 30crores when it released.

    Average ticket price for 3idiots is around 200rupees. (some tickets were going for 450rupees. But lets play safe and say the average ticket price for 3idiots is 150rupees. This is 30times more than Sholays price in 1975-1980.

    If sholay did business of 30crores from a average 5 rupee ticket then the correct inflation adjusted figure when comparing to 3idiots will read…

    30crores * 30 times = 900crores!

    I dont know why people are even thinking of 3idiots being in sholays league. There is simply no comparison! Sholay is the greatest boxoffice success indian cinema has ever known!

  24. Nice comments by Riz and Amjad.

    I dont expect movies to start doing 200 crore business in 2 yrs time but so far 100 cr was the barrier which Ghajini crossed. We’ll probably see MNIK crossing that this year, maybe a couple more movies in 2010.

    200 cr is still a very big figure for today so 3i will hold the record for some time.

  25. glad to see you back in action yakuza, raelly missing you a lot.
    I have to believe boi for this time period.

  26. sholay earned about 15 crore not 30 crore who praises oldies have to take into consideration that there is only one way of entertainment that was film in theatre there is no tv,no internet no piracy you will be astonished to know that in only mumbai some worth lakhs of pirated cd of 3idiots was seized

  27. now imagine in that period movies used to run for yrs in a yr 15-20 muvi was released but todays day 200-250 muvis r releasing per yrso they r cant run for yrs nowadays thats a fact and you r saying that for ticket rates todays muvi earn more but due to high ticket price many skip muvis watching in theatres but in that era even poor people can go watch amuvi in theatres

  28. sholay was watched by 4 crore movie goer according to trade analysts but 3 idiots already watched by about 6 crore moviegoers now you have to wait and watch how many days this record holds but it is the fact that it is broken the record of sholay after 35 yrs you should accept this fact

    • absolutely right.i have also herd it somwhere.isuppose sholay might not have released on 30 35 prints,while it is 1600 prints for 3 i.1 100%week for 3 i means=50 100%weeks for sholay =1 full take it haterz.

  29. all the factors which shld be taken into consideration are not being taken.there was no tv,no net,no other source.3i is the only which had nultiple viewing in recent memory.i agree this is not as big a hysteria as sholay might had been.but still 3rd biggest of all time.all sholay lovers are now putting fig as 600 cr,which i have never heard before.boi is a very reliable site i agree it might not be perfect.but still they r not fools to put 600 cr as 175 cr.few months people were thinking of that figure being out of reach due to exhaustion factor of current movies.look what 3i has done.

  30. inflation adjust figure should be taken into consideration not any other think like ticket price is low then you should also take into consideration various boxoffice influencing factor like piracy,in that era there is more relax environment than today the movie going culture what is not the case in todays time lots of muvi releasing reducing chance of amuvi running for yrs better not to compare this muvi with sholay and say it is thebiggest grosser of alltime

  31. Inflation adjusted figure should be taken into account. If sholady did 15crores on its first run and another 15crore on its 2nd run. Still this is way ahead of 3idiots.

    How can you use an excuse like there was nothing else to do then, why make excuses and accept figures. So what if there was no internet, no sattelite etc. That is not the point we are talking about.

    We are talking of ALL-INDIA HIT. Even if you go to remote villages in rural areas im sure 3idiots will not have a following. It is a multiplex hit with tickets going for over 450rupees.

    SHOLAY was an all-india hit. rural, urban, everywhere it was a national craze. Figures do not like.

    Even if i do not mention the total figure of sholay and go by the first run of 15crores. Still that is way ahead of 3idiots.

    3idiots average ticket price is around 200rupees.
    Sholay average ticket price in 1975 was under 5 rupees.

    Let us do the maths, 3idiots ticket price is 40times more.!! How can anyone deny this. 40times more! Multiplex tickets were going for around 400rupees. And please do not visit BOI they still say an average ticket costs 54.25rupees when they work out inflation adjusted figures. 54.25rupees??? What a lie.!!

    Average ticket price for 3 idiots is 200rupees. which is 40times more than sholays ticket price in 1975.

    Even a person who is not good at maths will be able to work out sholays inflation adjusted figure..

    15crores * 40times = 600 crores!!

    I did not even use the total income of sholay.!! total income will be around 900crores inflation adjusted!!

    3idiots is nowhere close!

  32. To get the real inflation adjusted figure of sholay one must decide what is the average ticket price for 3idiots.

    200 rupees seems perfect.

    what makes me laugh is that BOI have got the average ticket today at 54.25rupees. What a lie!

  33. if u r considering roi tell me budget of sholay 30 lacs if adjusted what would it come not more than 5 6 cr.3 i is at 45cr.fools always talk about multiplex bla bla but would never talk budget movie are more risk prone

  34. so you dont have any knowledge about bo you r just considering price of multiplex but in metro cities single screen its average ticket price is 50rs where some rural area it is as low as 15rs i lived in west bengal and near my college a theatre named lila has ticket price lowest15 and you can get balcony ticket in 20 rs thats why boi numbers r write actuall average of ticket price is actually 55 rs and there r lots of theatre which is running 3idiots in rural areas and mind it the business is fabulous out there if sholay would release this time it wont earn that much money you accept it or not

  35. sholay 30cr/4 cr=7.5 rs.
    3 i-lets say 350/6cr=59 rs.i m considering total gross not nett.

    this is how its done.its close to 60 rs ticket today on the average which is quite.i think only metro multiplexes are ther where price is like 200 not everywhere else.but fools would consider 200 as average

  36. It is important to realize none of today’s films can do a business anywhere near what they used to do in 70’s .. reasons being inflated budgets and star prices, piracy, alternative entertainment options, etc.

    Also it is absurd to question how much Sholay would work if released today – it would flop, but so would 3 Idiots if released 10 yrs from now. There’s a reason why delayed movies almost never work, audience tastes changes, cinematographic technologies and quality changes ..

    3 Idiots has done excellent in the way that a highly successful movie today can expect/aim to nett 100 cr (so far only Ghajini) but 3i did double that. Compare this ratio to Sholay’s time – how much it did compared to what other movies would normally aim for. Sholay probably did around 5 times that figure.

    • With every re-release, sholay has done absolute exceptional business. Last time sholay released in 2005 (after 30 years) in 15 cinemas and it did 80 lacs in just two weeks. This was phenomenal.

  37. The average ticket price is only used if the movie was a all-india hit which was equally made money from single sceens as multiplexes. But the reality is that 80% of the money of 3idiots has come from multiplexes. This is a fact that no one can deny. 80% of the money generated for 3idiots has come from urban centres at very expensive ticket prices. average of which is well over 200 rupees.

    I think it is almost laughable to be comparing 3idiots to sholay! Sholay was a historic hit the likes of which will never be seen again.

  38. True total tickets sold are nowhere near 6crores. This is a marketing gimmick by the 3idiots team. I will never accept that this film sold more tickets than a sholay or DDLJ. Never.

    350crores\200rupees = 1.75crore tickets!!

    It is no way that the average ticket for 3idiots is 60rupees. absoulute nonsense!!

  39. where the hell did ddlj come from.why didnt u talked abt mea or hahk.u r srk its clear u would never accept that srk has been beaten left right and centre.go to hell.

  40. sholay collection is over 700 crore.

  41. off topic. i actually cant believe people r comparing Salman wid Shahid. Salman is million miles ahead.

    Shahid is wid John Abraham Abhishek etc

  42. 3idiots makers are trying to sell this lie that the film is seen by 6crore people! Which is absoulote nonsense!

    I have estimated figures which will prove this to be a lie. They made this statement after 19 days when the film grossed 315crore worldwide.

    From this total figure 70 crores has come from overseas. Overseas average ticket price is over 600rupees. USA, UK, etc the tickets are very high.
    total 70crores\600rupees = 16 lakh people.

    Then we are left with 245crores which has come from india. 80% of this amount has come from multiplexes. which is 196crores.
    Average ticket price from multiplexes is around 200rupees.

    196crores\200rupees = 1crore people!

    We are left with now 19crores which has come from cheap tickets from single screens. i will put this as an average of 40rupees.

    19crores\40rupees = 50lakh people

    SO total number of people that must have seen 3idiots after a 315gross is estimated to be

    Overseas: 16lakh people
    India/multiplex: 1crore people
    India/single: 50lakh people

    TOTAL 1.6crore people

    no way close to 6crore people they are coming out with.

    They are deceiving people by using 60 rupees as an average ticket price for overseas and multiplexes. lol

    • In your calculation for the rest 19 crore the average should be Rs 25. If you go to the rural areas still you will see a ticket price of Rs 15.

    • Also the average ticket price for multiplex is Rs 150 approx not Rs 200.

  43. answer me abt ddlj.same boy meets girl story.nothing is the most overrated movie is nowhere near lagaan,tzp,rdb,jjws,aaa.

  44. Whenever you compare a film with other I feel the below factors needs to be compared. Comparing sholay and 3i
    1. ticket price in 1975 and 2009
    2. number of tickets sold in 1975 and 2009
    3. India’s population in 1975 and 2009
    4. number of prints released for sholay and 3i
    5. Box office collections of sholay and 3i
    6. number of days the movie ran in the theater

    Will make a calculation considering all these
    1. Average ticket prices for sholay = 2.5 rs and 3i = 115 rs (because the movie has maximum collections from metros and considering multiplexes are charging 250 rs on avg and single screens in rural areas are charging 30 rs on avg)

    2. Number of tickets sold for sholay = 15cr/2.5 = 6cr 3i = 200cr/115 = 1.7 cr

    3. population in 1975 = 60cr and 2010 = 115cr

    4. sholay initially only released in Bombay later it released in other parts of the country after 2 months. It rleased with 32 prints and later more so on an avg 100 prints.

    5. sholay = 15cr and 3i = 200cr

    6. sholay noticable collections at the end of 100 weeks and 3i noticable collections will be till 10 weeks.

    Putting weightage for each factor then

    (2.5/115) (1.7/6) (60/115) (100/1200) (200/15) (10/100)
    (0.0217) (0.2833) (0.52) (0.08) (13.33) (0.1)

    the above datas show that apart from net collections of todays and 1975 in all other criteria 3i is behind. You can have your own weightage for each factors but it still proves that 3i should run atlease ten times of what it has run now to reach the status of sholay and that is only in terms of boxoffice and in terms of liking it can never reach which is obvious from the re-release of sholay shows consider 3i re-releases after 2years how much it will earn hardly it will do a collection of 2 crores which is 100 times less than what it has done in its first release that shows how much people will remember the movie afterwards.

  45. shahid is a best best day he will come no 1 actor.i am became shahid fan with his movie vivah.he acted very wel.salman is worst .i dont like any movies of salman.he only know how to fight he dont know how to act. Veer wil be disaster.

  46. Awards and Accolades won by srk aka King khan
    02. Jodi of the decade – with Kajol (Screen Awards)
    01. Brand Ambassador of the year (NDTV Profit)

    11. Black Belt in Karate (South Korea)
    10. Fun Fearless Male of the Year (Cosmopolitan Awards)
    09. Doctorate in Arts & Culture (UK University, 10 July 2009)
    08. Actor of the Decade (IIFA 2009)
    07. Best Marketed Movie Award – Om Shanti Om, as producer (4Ps Business Awards)
    06. Best Marketing Strategy – KKR (IPL team), as owner (4Ps Business Awards)
    05. Included in the BRASH 100 list of Most Memorable Men in the World (Glam)
    04. Most Powerful Actor (FICCI – IIFA, shared with 9 other actors)
    03. Became the first Indian actor to present at Golden Globe Awards (11.01.09)
    02. 41st MOST POWERFUL person in the WORLD (Newsweek, USA). ONLY movie star in list!
    01. Voted No.1 in Bollywood (Bhagalpur News Channel)
    9:44 pm (3 hours ago)

    16. Best Actor – Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (Aspara Awards)
    15. Best Actor – Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (GPBA)
    14. Best TV Anchor – KAPPS (Are you smarter than a 5th grader?) (ITA Awards)
    13. Newsmaker of the Year (
    12. Order of the Arts & Literature Award (French Government)
    11. Special Award for Entertainment (NDTV)
    10. Personality of the Year (Zoom Glam)
    09. Entertainment Leader of the Year (Times of India)
    08. Voted Sexiest Man in Asia (Eastern Eye)
    07. Named the BIGGEST STAR IN THE WORLD (CNN International)
    06. My Amazing Actor (Pogo Amazing Kids Awards)
    05. Received “Datukship” title (from the Malayasian Government)
    04. Celebrity of the year (Cosmopolitan Awards)
    03. Most Admired Fashion Ambassador of the Year (Lycra Fashion)
    02. Most Powerful Actor (
    01. Most Favourite Hero (Sabse Favourite Kaun)
    9:45 pm (3 hours ago)

    24. Best Actor – Om Shanti Om (GPBA)
    23. Zee Icon of the Year (Zee Awards)
    22. Entertainment Business Leader (CNBC TV India Business Leaders)
    21. Style Icon (MTV Style Awards)
    20. Most Favourite Film – Om Shanti Om, as producer (Sabse Favourite Kaun)
    19. Most Favourite Hero (Sabse Favourite Kaun)
    18. Best Special Effects – Om Shanti Om, as producer (Zee Awards)
    17. Best Special Effects – Om Shanti Om, as producer (IIFA)
    16. Best Special Effects – Om Shanti Om, as producer (Filmfare Awards)
    15. Best Special Effects – Om Shanti Om, as producer (ACEB)
    14. Best TV Anchor – KB3 (Global TV Awards)
    13. Best TV Anchor – KB3 (Indian Tell Awards)
    12. Best Movie – Om Shanti Om, as producer (ACEB)
    11. Best Jodi – with Deepika for OSO (Screen Awards)
    10. Best Actor – Chak De India (V Shantaram Awards)
    09. Best Actor – Chak De India (Zee Awards)
    08. Best Actor – Chak De India (Screen Awards)
    07. Best Actor – Chak De India (IIFA)
    06. Best Actor – Chak De India (Hindustan Times)
    05. Best Actor – Chak De India (Filmfare Awards)
    04. Best Actor – Chak De India (Bollywood Movie Awards)
    03. Best Actor – Chak De India (Apsarsa Guild Awards)
    02. Best Actor – Chak De India (Anandalok Puraskar Awards)
    01. Best Actor – Chak De India (ACEB)
    9:45 pm (3 hours ago)
    10. Best Action Actor – Don (AXN Awards)
    09. Best Jodi – with Rani Mukherjhee for KANK (Screen Awards)
    08. Best Actor – Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (Central European BW Awards)
    07. Best Couple – with Rani Mukherjee for KANK (Central European BW Awards)
    06. Best Villain – Don (Film Café Awards)
    05. Most Stylish Actor (MTV Style Awards)
    04. Most Favourite Hero (Sabse Favourite Kaun)
    03. Most Searched Star on the Net (GIFA)
    02. Most Searched Star (Screen Awards)
    01. Fun Entertainer of the Year – Don (Zee Awards)

    05. MSN Search Personality of the Year (MSN India)
    04. Padhma Shri – Great Civilian Honour Award (from President of India)
    03. Celebrity Model of the year (Fashion Awards)
    02. Youth Icon Award (MTV Awards)
    01. Most Favourite Hero (Sabse Favourite Kaun)
    22. Sabse Tez Personality of the Year (Aaj Tak)
    21. Bollywood Star of the Decade (British Asian Guild Award)
    20. Excellence in his field (11th Lions Gold Award)
    19. Most Powerful in Bollywood (Filmfare Awards)
    18. Most Favourite Hero (Sabse Favourite Kaun)
    17. Best Producer – Main Hoon Na (Cinegoers Awards)
    16. Best Bowler Award (IIFA, charity cricket match)
    15. Best Film – Main Hoon Na, as producer (GIFA)
    14. Best Film – Main Hoon Na, as producer (AIFA)
    13. Best Jodi – with Preity Zinta for Veer Zaara (Screen Awards)
    12. Best Actor Jury – Swades (Cinegoers Awards)
    11. Best Actor Critics’ – Veer Zaara (Cinegoers Awards)
    10. Best Actor – Veer Zaara (Zee Awards, award + diamond ring)
    09. Best Actor – Veer Zaara (Sports World)
    08. Best Actor – Veer Zaara (Screen Awards)
    07. Best Actor – Main Hoon Na, Veer Zaara, Swades (Planet Bollywood)
    06. Best Actor – Veer Zaara (IIFA)
    05. Best Actor – Veer Zaara (GIFA)
    04. Best Actor – Swades (Filmfare Awards)
    03. Best Actor – Main Hoon Na (Cinegoers Awards)
    02. Best Actor – Veer Zaara (Bollywood Movie Awards)
    01. Best Actor – Swades (AIFA)

    05. Best Student Award (St. Columbus School)
    04. Best Male performance in song – Tauba, Chalte Chalte (MTV Awards)
    03. Best Actor Critics’ – Kal Ho Naa Ho (Sansui Viewers’ Choice Awards)
    02. Superstar of the year – Kal Ho Naa Ho (Zee Awards)
    01. Most Powerful in Bollywood (Filmfare Awards)
    9:46 pm (3 hours ago)
    12. Excellence in Entertainment (Rajiv Ghandi Award)
    11. Swiss Consulate Trophy (Filmfare Awards)
    10. Best Jodi – with Aishwarya Rai for Devdas (Screen Awards)
    09. Best Actor – Devdas (Z Gold Bollywood Awards)
    07. Best Actor – Devdas (Zee Awards)
    06. Best Actor – Devdas (Screen Awards)
    05. Best Actor – Devdas (Sansui Viewers’ Choice Awards)
    04. Best Actor – Devdas (IIFA)
    03. Best Actor – Devdas (Filmfare Awards)
    02. Best Actor – Devdas (Cinegoers Awards)
    01. Best Actor – Devdas (Bollywood Movie Awards)

    10. Sexiest Man in Asia (Jade Magazine)
    09. Best Art Film – Asoka, as producer (Planet Bollywood People’s Choice)
    08. Best Jodi – with Kajol for K3G (Screen Awards)
    07. Best Actor – Asoka (Planet Bollywood People’s Choice)
    06. Best Actor – Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (Cinegoers Awards)
    05. Best Actor – Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (Bollywood on Web)
    04. Best Actor – Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (AIFA)
    03. Best Actor Critics’ – Asoka (Sansui Viewers’ Choice Awards)
    02. Best Actor Critics’ – Asoka (Cinegoers Awards)
    01. Best Actor Critics’ – Asoka (AIFA)

    05. Best Actor Critics’ – Mohabbatein (Filmfare Awards)
    04. Best Actor – Mohabbatein (Sansui Viewers’ Choice Awards)
    03. Best Actor – Mohabbatein (Cinegoers Awards)
    02. Best Actor – Mohabbatein (Planet Bollywood People’s Choice)
    01. Best Actor – Mohabbatein (AFGA)
    9:47 pm (3 hours ago)
    01. Most Popular Actor (IIFA)

    06. Most Sensational Actor – Dil Se (Bollywood Movie Awards)
    05. Best Actor – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Z Gold Bollywood Awards)
    04. Best Actor – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Zee Awards)
    03. Best Actor – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Sansui Viewers’ Choice Awards)
    02. Best Actor – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Bollywood Movie Awards)
    01. Best Actor – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Filmfare Awards)

    04. Best Indian Citizen Award (from President of India)
    03. Best Actor – Dil To Pagal Hai (Sansui Viewers’ Choice Awards)
    02. Best Actor – Dil To Pagal Hai (Zee Awards)
    01. Best Actor – Dil To Pagal Hai (Filmfare Awards)

    03. Best Actor – Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (Cinegoers Awards)
    02. Best Actor – Ram Jaane (Screen Awards)
    01. Best Actor – Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (Filmfare Awards)
    9:47 pm (3 hours ago)
    01. Best Villain – Anjaam (Filmfare Awards)

    02. Best Actor – Baazigar (Filmfare Awards)
    01. Best Actor Critics’ – Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa (Filmfare Awards)

    01. Best Debut – Deewana (Filmfare Awards)

    02. Winner (Sujit Memorial Award)
    01. Winner (Ravi Subramani Award)
    9:51 pm (3 hours ago)

    this many best actor awards, personality awards,………………..

    inse hi ghar bhar gaya hoga

    • awards dont mean anything FACT

    • Ha Ha .. What a silly list .. Go and check Amitabh awards list that is way above Shahrukh .. and what is signifigance of these awards ?? Nothing .. Actors like Aamir already boycott these awards .. and SRK leave no stone unturn to buy any award … Ha Ha silly guy

    • get a life Anshul ..

    • Hey guys, Anshul is nice guy. What’s wrong if he is SRK fan ??

      Thanks anshul for the compilation.. 🙂

      However i never value these awards, but National award is really something which i can count.

  47. Shahrukh is buying award everywhere,recently he bought award in ASARA award,what a silly way that in 2010 giving award of 2008 films,Why he wasn’t take award in that time RBNDJ is silly film.His time is over nowadays and proof is big disaster in shape of DMG.Aamir is on top.

  48. i have to say dis. i have never come across such stupid fans like Anshul. am sorry yaar but dat list is baseless and void of any factual evidence. most of us know dat SRK buys awards.

    he got an award for a film which came out 2 years ago. very strange if u ask me.

  49. lol agree with u naveed i think awards are fixed

  50. but i think half of the awards by srk was deserving like chak de india, swades, baazigar

  51. hey guys its like differentiating lemons…..JUST CHEK THE INTERNATIONAL AWARD BY VARIOUS GOVTS…CAN SRK BUY THAT TOO??…IF YES THEN ACCORDING TO YOU PPL HE RULES THE WORLD ACTULLY…if u all dont want to discuss fine…! if u do plz do it extensively…!

  52. @ anshul

    u win SRK is da best.

    but atm acting and box office wise Amir is at da top FACT. dis is a Salman fan talking.

  53. List of Awards Won By Big B

    National Film Awards Winner

    1970 – Best Newcomer for Saat Hindustani
    1991 – National Film Award for Best Actor for Agneepath
    2006 – National Film Award for Best Actor for Black.[1]

    Bengal Film Journalists’ Association Awards Winner

    1971 – Best Actor in Supporting Role for Anand [1]
    1975 – Best Actor for Mili [2]
    2003 – Satyajit Ray Lifetime Achievement Award [3]
    2005 – Best Actor for Black [4]

    Filmfare Awards Winner

    1971 – Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award for Anand
    1973 – Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award for Namak Haraam
    1977 – Filmfare Best Actor Award for Amar Akbar Anthony
    1978 – Filmfare Best Actor Award for Don
    1990 – Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award (First Recipient)
    1991 – Filmfare Best Actor Award for Hum
    2000 – Superstar of the Millennium .[2]
    2000 – Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award for Mohabbatein
    2001 – Filmfare Critics Award for Best Performance for Aks
    2003 – Filmfare Power Award
    2005 – Filmfare Critics Award for Best Performance for Black
    2005 – Filmfare Best Actor Award for Black

    Bachchan has been nominated as Filmfare Best Actor twenty-eight times (a record) and as Filmfare Best Supporting Actor nine times (also a record). He has also been nominated for Best Playback singer once.

    International Indian Film Academy Awards Winner

    2000 – IIFA Special Honorary Award [5]
    2001 – IIFA Best Supporting Actor Award for Mohabbatein
    2002 – IIFA Personality of the Year [6]
    2006 – IIFA Wall of Fame’.[4]
    2006 – IIFA Best Actor Award for Black

    Star Screen Awards Winner

    2003 – Star Screen Award Jodi No. 1 along with Hema Malini for Baghban
    2003 – Distinction In Acting Award for Baghban [7] [8]
    2004 – Most Outstanding Personality [9]
    2005 – Star Screen Award Best Actor for Black
    2007 – Star Screen Award for Best Actor (Critics) for Cheeni Kum
    2010 – Star Screen Award Best Actor for Paa
    2010 – Star Screen Award Jodi No. 1 along with Abhishek Bachchan for Paa

    Stardust Awards Winner

    2000 – Best Artist of the Millennium by Hero Honda and file Stardust (magazine) [10]
    2003 – Stardust Award for Lifetime Achievement [11]
    2004 – Special Award for the film Baghban [12]
    2005 – Special Award for the film Black [13] [14]
    2006 – Stardust Star of the Year Award – Male for Black
    2009 – Stardust Best Actor Award for The Last Lear [15] [16]
    2010 – Stardust Star of the Year Award – Male for Paa

    Zee Cine Awards Winner

    2003 – Zee Cine Award for Lifetime Achievement [17]
    2004 – Golden Grade Award [18]
    2006 – Zee Cine Award Best Actor- Male for Black

    Bollywood Movie Awards Winner

    2001 – Bollywood Movie Award – Critics Award Male for Mohabbatein
    2003 – Bollywood Movie Award – Most Sensational Actor for Kaante
    2006 – Bollywood Movie Award – Best Actor for Black

    Other Awards Winner

    1970 – “Saraswati Award” for Anand [19]
    1997 – “Distinguished Alumni ” award at the inaugural function of the platinum jubilee celebrations of the Capital’s largest Central University. [20]
    2000 – All-India Critics Association (AICA): Best Actor Award for Sooryavansham. [21]
    2000 – Sansui Viewers Choice Awards: Best Supporting Actor for Mohabbatein. [22]
    2000 – Bollywood People’s Choice Awards: Best Supporting Actor for Mohabbatein. [23]
    2001 – Zee Gold Awards: Critics Award for Best Male for Mohabbatein.[24]
    2002 – “Icon of the Millennium” award at the 32nd Rupa AIFA Awards at Bandra.[25]
    2003 – MTV Lycra Awards: Maha Style Icon of the Year [26] (First Recipient)
    2004 – “Radio Voice of the Year” award. [27]
    2004 – Sansui Viewer’s Choice Movie Awards: Personality of the Year [28]
    2004 – Sports World’s “Jodi of the Year” along with Hema Malini for Baghban. [29]
    2006 – Bollyvista Film Awards: Best Actor for Black. [30]
    2006 – Bollywood People’s Choice Awards: Best Actor for Black. [31]
    2006 – Apsara Awards: Best Actor for Black. [32]
    2006 – Rediff Movie Awards: Best Actor for Black. [33]
    2010 – Lines Gold Award: Best Actor for Paa. [34][35]

    Lifetime Achievement Awards
    1989 – Lifetime Achievement Award from the Rotary Club of Bombay (Mumbai).[36]
    2002 – Lifetime Achievement Award by the Sansui Viewers’ Choice Movie Awards. [37][38]
    2003 – “Bollywood’s Lifetime Achievement Award” by the London-based Asian Guild. [39]
    2003 – Lifetime Achievement Award at the Sangeet Shiromani Award. [40]
    2006 – Lifetime Achievement Award at AXN Action Awards. [41]
    2009 – Lifetime Achievement Award at Gentleman Quarterly magazine’s “Men of the Year” Award. [42]
    2009 – Lifetime Achievement Award for completing 40 years in the entertainment industry at the 11th Mumbai Academy of Moving Images (MAMI). [43]
    2010 – Lifetime Achievement Award at the Apsara Awards. [44]

    Television Awards Winner

    2000 – Screen Videocon Awards: Best Anchor Award for Kaun Banega Crorepati. [45] [46]
    2001 – Indian Telly Awards: “TV Personality of the Year” for Kaun Banega Crorepati. [47] [48]
    2001 – Hero Honda-Indian Television Academy Awards: Best Anchor-game quiz for Kaun Banega Crorepati. [49]
    2001 – Hero Honda-Indian Television Academy Awards: Best Host for Kaun Banega Crorepati. [50]
    2002 – Indiantelevision: Best Television Anchor Award for Kaun Banega Crorepati. [51]
    2002 – Indian Telly Awards: TV Anchor of the Year for Kaun Banega Crorepati. [52]
    2005 – Indian Telly Awards: Best Anchor Award for Kaun Banega Crorepati2. [53] [54]
    2007 – Indian Television Academy (ITA) Award for achieving the “Ultimate eminence in the world of entertainment” [55] [56]
    [edit] National honours
    1980 – “Avadh Samman” by the Government of Uttar Pradesh.[57]
    1984 – Padma Shri, India’s fourth highest civilian honour from the Government of India. [58]
    1995 – “Yash Bharati Samman”, UP state’s highest civilian honour from the Government of Uttar Pradesh.[5]
    2001 – Padma Bhushan, India’s third highest civilian honour from the Government of India.
    2002 – “Dayawati Modi” award. This award is among the highest awards in India in the field of Art, Culture and Education.[6]
    2002 – Kishore Kumar award by the Madhya Pradesh Government for excellence in acting and his unparalleled contribution to the film industry.[7]
    2002 – Raj Kapoor award by the Government of Maharastra for outstanding contribution to the Indian cinema. [59]
    2004 – Honorary Doctorate by the Jhansi University.[8]
    2004 – “Living Legend” Award by the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) in recognition of his contribution to the Indian entertainment industry. [60]
    2005 – Deenanath Mangeshkar award for his contribution to films and music.[9]
    2006 – Honorary Doctorate Degree on by his Alma Mater Delhi University.[10]
    2007 – Special Award for his contribution to Indian cinema at the 9th Mumbai Academy of the Moving Image International Film. [61]
    2009 – IIFA-FICCI Frames, Most Powerful Entertainer of the Decade Award for his contribution to Indian cinema.[11] [62]

    International honours and recognitions
    In July 1999, Amitabh Bachchan was named the “Greatest Star of the Millennium” by BBC online poll where he defeated many Hollywood legends such as Alec Guinness, Marlon Brando, Laurence Olivier and Charlie Chaplin. [63]
    In June 2000, he became the first living Asian to have been immortalised in wax at London’s prestigious Madame Tussauds wax museum.[12]
    He was conferred with a special commendation by the Government of South Africa for his continued support for and his special affinity for the people of South Africa.[13]
    In March 2001, he was ranked as the “Most powerful actor in Bollywood” by the American publishing and media company Forbes. [64]
    On September 10, 2001 he was awarded the “Star of the Century” award at the Alexandria International Film Festival. Egyptian Minister of Culture Farouk Hosni presented Bachchan with the award in recognition of his contribution to international cinema.[14] [65]
    On March 14, 2003, he was conferred with the honorary citizenship of the French town of Deauville at the fifth edition of the Asian film festival. An honour earlier bestowed on only two people, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and the Soviet space hero, Yuri Gagarin.[66] Bachchan also launched a retrospective of his films. [67]
    In 2003, he has been named goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).[15].
    In 2003, he was honoured at the Hong Kong International Film Festival.[68]
    In October 2003, he was honoured at the Marrakech International Film Festival.[16]
    In December 2004, he became the first Asian and only the fifth ambassador for the Nelson Mandela Foundation.[17]
    In April 2005, The Walter Reade Theater of Lincoln Centre in New York honoured Amitabh Bachchan with a special tribute, retrospective—titled “Amitabh Bachchan: The Biggest Film Star in the World”.[18] The tribute also included “An Evening with Amitabh Bachchan”, a live appearance by Bachchan hosted at the Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall.[19]
    In September 2005, The Tropentheatre in Amsterdam honoured Bachchan with a special tribute. The tribute also included a live appearance and an interview with Amitabh Bachchan.[20]
    In 2005, he has lent his voice to the Oscar-winning French documentary March of the Penguins, directed by Luc Jacquet.[21]
    British newspaper The Sunday Times has described Bachchan as “Tom Cruise, Sean Connery and Clint Eastwood rolled into one. Certainly there is no British actor alive who shares his fame” the British newspaper said on December 4, 2006.[22]
    He is the only Asian to feature on the BBC’s chat-show, Wogan.[23]
    He was given an honorary degree of Doctor of Arts by De Montfort University in Leicester, UK on July 19, 2006 in recognition of his distinguished career in films. He is the first Indian star to be feted by a foreign university.[24]
    He was honoured along with actors and directors from Hollywood at an International Film Festival in Rabat, Morocco.[25]
    He has become the first Indian celebrity and the sixth in the world to be presented with a special certificate for his support to the International Finance Facility for Immunisation (IFFI) in London.[26]
    On January 27, 2007 he has been awarded France’s highest civilian honour, the Knight of the Legion of Honour for his “exceptional career in the world of cinema and beyond”. Describing Bachchan as a “towering Indian personality” and the “number-one actor of Indian cinema”, Ambassador Girard said the award “brings Bachchan into the international legion of world’s greatest artistes”.[27]
    An unauthorised biography of Bachchan was released in the British capital by the English author who described the Bollywood mega superstar as the “Uber-God” of Indian cinema. He is India’s “Most legendary Film Star” – a cross between Clint Eastwood, Al Pacino, Elvis Presley and with more than a hint of John Travolta,” Jessica wrote in the book, her maiden venture. [69]
    On June 9, 2007 he was conferred with an Honorary Doctorate in Art by Chancellor of the University Brandan Foster by the Leeds Metropolitan University in Yorkshire [70]
    In the weekend of June 16 and 17 June 2007, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) hosts a Bachchan spectacular retrospective to honour Bachchan’s stellar career. [71][72] The Chairman of BAFTA ended the event by announcing Bachchan as an honorary Life-Time member of BAFTA. [73]
    On November 22, 2007 he was honoured by the London Mayor Ken Livingstone with “The Visit London Special Award for Outstanding Achievement” for his contribution to Indian cinema in the last 30 years. [74]
    On 15 January 2009, Le Salon du Cinema (Cinema Fair) in Paris payed tribute to Indian Cinema for their new edition, with Bachchan being the guest of honour. He also launched a retrospective of his films [75]
    On 31 January 2009, he was honoured with the World Economic Forum’s Crystal Award at Davos for his contribution to the world of art. [76] [77]
    In 2009, the Tehran Film Festival has invited Bachchan to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award.[78]
    In May 2009, a life-like wax figure of Bachchan has been unveiled at the newly launched ‘Bollywood Zone’ in Madame Tussauds at Times Square in New York. [79]
    In May 2009, Queensland University of Technology in Australia had offered an Honorary Doctorate to Bachchan for his contribution to the world of entertainment, but he turns down the honour as mark of protest to racial attacks on Indian students. [80][81]
    In August 2009, Bachchan’s wax image will take his place at the “World Famous Home of the Famous” Madame Tussauds, Hong Kong. [82]
    In December 2009, he will be honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Dubai International Film Festival for his outstanding contribution to cinema. [83] [84]
    In December 2009, he was honoured with the 8th Asian Film Cultural Award for his contribution to cinema for 40 years

    Other recognitions
    2003 – FPFAC ‘Achiever’ Awards: “Achiever of the Year” award.[87]
    2005 – Ranked as the “Most popular Star in India” by the Hansa Research’s new syndicated study, Celebrity Track. [88]
    2005 – “Diamond of India” award by The International Gemological Institute (IGI). [89]
    2007 – “Forever Indian” award by the Diamond Trading Company. He is the first Indian to receive this award. [90]
    2008 – FILM CRITIC and columnist, Anil Dharkar’s latest book on top 20 Indian icons features Bachchan amongst India’s top 20 iconic people. [91]
    2009 – Ranked as the “Most Influential Personality in India” by the Percept Talent Management (PTM) and Hansa Research, Celebrity Track. [92]
    2009 – He was among the “Top 5 Most Influential Indians of the Decade”. [93]
    [edit] Polls
    2002 – Voted the “Hottest Male Vegetarian” by ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA). [94]
    2003 – Voted the “Greatest Actor” in the film personalities category in the Best of India poll conducted by Zee News.[95]
    2003 – Voted the “Hottest Vegetarian Alive” by ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) for second year in a row.[96][97]
    2004 – Voted the “Hottest Male Vegetarian” by ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) for three years running. [98][99]
    2005 – Voted NDTV’s Urban “Indian of the Year” through a nationwide poll. [100]
    2006 – Voted “Indian of the Year” in a leading newspaper. [101]
    2006 – Voted “Entertainer of the Year” [102]
    2006 – Voted “Real Star of Stars” by reader’s choice.[103]
    2008 – Voted “Asia’s Sexiest Vegetarian man” [104]

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    ^ “FICCI FRAMES and IIFA honour ten Bollywood stars”. Retrieved 20 February 2009.
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    Retrieved from “”

  54. so u comparing awards won in 40 years to those won in 15 years..nice work jeevan…!..and one more thing i never posted it to compare with big was meant against aamir..we will compare big b and srk when srk ages..ohk

  55. National honours

    * 2002 – Rajiv Gandhi Award for Excellence in the Field of Entertainment
    * 2005 – Padma Shri, India’s fourth highest civilian award from the Government of India
    * 2009 – Among the 10 recipients of the IIFA-FICCI Frames Awards for the “Most Powerful Entertainer of the Decade”[10]

    International recognitions

    * In 2004 Time magazine in their third annual special on Asia’s heroes selected him along with 19 other Asian’s as the 20 Asian Heroes under the age of 40.[11]
    * 2004 British Asian Guild Award for Best Actor of the Decade
    * In 2005 he appeared on the cover of the Asian edition of the National Geographic magazine dated February 2005. This was a rare honour extended by National Geographic since unlike many other magazines celebrities are not their natural choice for a cover image[12]
    * Khan has been accorded the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Order of the Arts and Literature) award by the French government for his “exceptional career” in 2007.[13]
    * He was declared the Sexiest Man in Asia by Jade Magazine, October 2001
    * In 2003, a rare species of orchid, was named after him, Ascocenda Shahrukh Khan, in Singapore.[14]
    * He was declared Sexiest Asian Man by Eastern Eye, October 2007
    * In October 2008, he had been conferred the Darjah Mulia Seri Melaka which carries the honorific Datuk by the Yang di-Pertua Negeri Tun Mohd Khalil Yaakob, the head of state of Malacca in Malaysia, for “promoting tourism in Malacca” by filming One Two Ka Four there in 2001.
    * His life-like wax statue was installed in London’s Madame Tussauds Wax museum in 2007.
    * Khan’s life-size wax statue was displayed in Grévin museum in Paris in 2007 along with only one other Indian who got this honour, Gandhi.
    * In 2008, Newsweek named him one of the 50 most powerful people in the world where he is currently ranked 41.[15]
    * In 2009, the 66th Golden Globe Awards functionists entitled him to present the motion picture Slumdog Millionaire. This is the first time for an Indian actor they have invited.
    * In 2009, Britain’s University of Bedfordshire rewarded him with an honorary doctorate in arts and culture.[16]
    * in 2009, he was conferred with a “Black Belt” honor from the South Korean government in taekwondo[17]
    * In 2009, he was declared amongst the 500 most influential Muslims around by Georgetown University, USA.[18]

  56. i missed these and many more too

  57. Asian Film Awards


    2007: Best Actor for Don – The Chase Begins Again
    [edit] Other awards

    * 2004 British Asian Guild Award for Best Actor of the Decade[3]
    * 2004 11th Lions Gold Award for Excellence in his Field[4]
    * 2007 V Shantaram Award for Best Actor for Chak De India
    * SRK awarded “My Amazing Actor” Award by Pogo channel
    * Ten Rupa Cinegoers Awards
    * Six Sansui Viewers Choice Movie Awards
    * Two AFJA Awards
    * One Aashirwad Award
    * One Disney Kids Channel Award
    * One MTV Immies Indian Music Excellence Awards
    * MTV Youth Icon of the Year for 2005
    * One Sports World Film Award
    * One Sahara One Sangeet Award – Best Actor Singer “Apun Bola” Josh – 2005[5]
    * Star’s Sabsey Favourite Kaun Awards:[6]
    o 2004: Sabsey Favourite actor
    o 2005: Sabsey Favourite actor
    o 2006: Sabsey Favourite actor
    o 2007: Sabsey Favourite actor
    o 2008: Sabsey Favourite actor
    * 2007: HT Café Film Awards Best Actor Award for Chak De India.[7]
    * 2007 CNBC-TV18’s Entertainment Business Leader Award[8]
    * Sexiest Man in Asia (Jade Magazine, October 2001)
    * Sexiest Asian Man (Eastern Eye, October 2007)
    * 2008 IDEA ITA Best Anchor/Show Host
    * 2008 Annual Central European Bollywood Award for Chak De India (Best Actor) [9]
    * The Nokia 14th Annual Star Screen Awards: the Best Actor Award for his performance in chak de india
    * 2009 Apsara award Best Actor in a Leading Role RNBDJ.

  58. Global Indian Film Awards


    * 2004: GIFA Best Actor Award for Veer-Zaara
    * 2004: GIFA Most Searched Male Actor on Internet


    * 2006: GIFA Best Actor Award for Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

  59. by the way SRK has already been nominated 17 times for best actor category filmfare and 26 times overall..i guess by 68 he will take over the great big b…guys big b is like sunil gavaskar and srk is like sachin tendulkar…

  60. oh my god. guyz dont u get it Amir is da best atm by a country mile. if he doesnt belive in da credibilty of dese awrads den what is dat suggesting. Abhishek Bachan is gonna be da fourth highest winner in terms of awards soon. 1. Big B 2. SRK 3. Hrithik 4. Small B

    stupid fake awards

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