Boxoffice : Bheja fry

Q : Can Veer become Hit at box-office ?

A : Veer will fetch one of best  openings of 2010, but success of movie will depend on overall content. At the moment promos and promotion has generated moderate hype among masses, Chartbuster music is missing. But Veer is most awaited movie among Salman Khan Fans and opening should be better than Wanted (which was average in multiplexes, but this shouldn’t the case with veer).

Q : Can we compare success of Three Idiots with sholay ?

A : Three idiots has done marvelous business as par today’s low standards. Success of three idiots is comparable with Super Hit movies of 70’s and 80’s. Sholay ROI was 3000% which is impossible for any movie to achieve.  Three idiots ROI would be 300% at most. Most of super hit movies of 70’s and  80’s like Kranti , Muqaddar Ka sikandar, Roti Kapda aur makaan, Deewar , Amar Akbar Anthony, Suhaag , Dharamveer was 500% + ROI with huge investments as well.  Three idiots success is just close to these movies. But if we take into account the market and business scope of this decade, three idiots business is simply remarkable and will be a hard target to achieve for any movie in near future.

Q : Can MNIK break Three Idiots record ?

 A : No, even getting close to opening weekend record of 3I is tough call, leave alone excellent trending. But yes, if movie turned out to be excellent, 100+ Crore business is quite possible from domestic market. Promos created just moderate hype among general audience. Terrorism base theme of movie which was plus point of movie during making,  turned out to be most negative one near the release. Makers are trying their best to publicize it as love story. But comparison with newyork and kurbaan is inevitable.  

Q : Can we safely call Aamir the boxoffice king ?

A : No, He is Box-office Ace. It seem like all current superstars are chasing the new box-office targets set by his movies. If we take into account the unadjusted figures then non aamir blockbusters are distant behind of his last two monster success

Q : When bollybusiness will start publishing box-office reports again?

A : very soon.

~ by Yakuza on January 16, 2010.

21 Responses to “Boxoffice : Bheja fry”

  1. If Aamir Khan is Box-Office Ace. then I guess SRK is still the KING.

  2. wat is the reaction of people who have seen veer?

  3. […] Read the rest from HERE […]

  4. VERY SOON for BO results? WOHOO!! Cant wait..also just put up my Rahman piece…

  5. Yakuza can veer open lyk 3idiots?????

    • No!! Three idiots was having many factors came together resulted in exceptional box-office performance (Like heartily accepted by majority, Holidays, Repeat Value). Veer or any other movie in near future, stands no chance to come close. Not even MNIK.

  6. how much veer n mnik need to call a hit?

  7. The only one thing MNIK’s advantage is worldwide release by 20th FOX (…except mera country??? I’m not sure)

  8. Dear Yakuza,
    Superb answers,well done Yakuza.Sholay is untouchable film will reach to Sholay.Sholay is awesome.the ROI of Sholay is 3000%,its amazing film.and good news about Mukaddar ka Sikandar,deewar,Amar akbar anthony,daramveer,suhag,karnti,Don etc of these films ROI were 500%.the 1970s is superb because of amitabh.

  9. all r very low budget film incompare to todays cinema so roi cant be that much by the way 300% of 3idiots is better than sholays roi considering it was a very low budget muvi comparing with 3 idiots maybe it is high budget muvi in those era

  10. 3idiots budget is 45 crore and according to you 300% means135 crore it is already crossed 175 crore mark in india and over 60 crores in overseas then this stats not matching your stats why dont you accept that it actualy has broken the record of sholay it is the fact

    • if u r considering roi tell me budget of sholay 30 lacs if adjusted what would it come not more than 5 6 cr.3 i is at 45cr.fools always talk about multiplex bla bla but would never talk budget movie are more risk prone

  11. inflation adjust figure should be taken into consideration not any other think like ticket price is low then you should also take into consideration various boxoffice influencing factor like piracy,in that era there is more relax environment than today the movie going culture what is not the case in todays time lots of muvi releasing reducing chance of amuvi running for yrs better not to compare this muvi with sholay and say it is thebiggest grosser of alltime

  12. don’t be a fool man,where is 3I and where is Sholay,just producers dreams to reach to Sholay status,Sholay business is coming over 700 crore.As Yakuza said that in 2005 re-release of Sholay,Sholay did 80 Lac in just two weeks in just 15 cinemas.SHOLAY is ALL TIME INDIA HIT.

  13. Aamir struck lucky with Ghajini and 3 Idiots but there is only one superstar box office king who has delivered hits and blockbusters for 17 years non stop now: that is the King Shah Rukh Khan. If you compare how much money SRK has made at the box office in total against what Aamir has and the sort of hysteria SRK creates in India and overseas SRK comes out way on top.Aamir is also benefitting from markets Overseas and in the multiplexes that SRK’s films created. So yes well done Aamir but i remember a few years ago people were saying stuff like thsi about Sunny Deol and Hrithik and Akshay. They all get close but none can beat the baadshah Khan! SRK rules!

  14. they all came close but aamir actually beat srk.3 i looking to do 2.4 times business of srk biggest rnbdj.that is the amount to which srk has been more than double.nobody has given 2 atbb in a row. from ghajini wtf what was lagaan rdb fanna tzp in quick intervals.get ur mind checked while talking also compare flops srk has swades paheli asoka pbdhh billu hths what has aamir got this decade only mela now fuck off never talk about that king who has given no of flops this decade.rdb and fanna beat srk in 2006 tzp most acclaimed bolly movie after its release ever ghajini and 3i in 2008 and 2009 enough said

  15. send boxoffice classification of 1981 and 1980.

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