Topaz : Aamir Khan – Actor of the decade (2000-2009)


10 years 9 films (2 All Time Blockbusters,1 Blockbuster,3 Superhits,1 Hit ,1 Above Average and 1 Flop),a record which is unparalleled. A record any actor would die for. Is it not enough to say that Aamir is the star of the decade. Some may disagree as they will have their own choice but for me he is in a different league altogether.

To support my statement I will like to highlight 2 very interesting facts

  • He has not repeated any of his directors* in this decade.
  • All the directors have given their best in terms of Revenue and Story telling with him barring Dharmesh Darshan(Whose best was Dhadkan)

This is what actually signifies that Aamir purely believes in the power of the script and not about the director’s reputation. When he is on board he just wants the best from everybody involved. With the success of 3 idiots he has become the numero uno at box office by far and it will take a lot to beat that record.

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~ by topazbol on January 12, 2010.

12 Responses to “Topaz : Aamir Khan – Actor of the decade (2000-2009)”

  1. agree with that. Aamir has been no.1 for giving massive hits but also turning out quality films. no other big star has done that consistently as him this decade. also imagine if he hadnt taken a break early on in the decade…he would have given us more gr8 movies.i really hope that Aamir makes a movie this year….he needs to, otherwise his fans will not be happy but i think he’s going to be busy with his productions this year…lets see what happens. i’d love Aamir to do a Jason Bourne type of movie – awesome!

  2. reading the article i must say that i hope Aamir releases all 3 of his productions this year. i hope his movies bag all the awards etc i’d love it if Aamir makes 2 movies nxt year. 1 summer and 1 xmas 2011

    • Yup even i want Aamir to do movies more often..well his all 3 movies are certain to release in 2010..lets see who is the lucky one who gets to work with Aamir next..

  3. i agree 100% wid u topaz.
    but i do believe if amir made more films his success ratio would not be as high.

    i guess he believes in quality not quanity. coz 3i was SUPERB!

  4. topaz i am not agreed with ur comment that dhafkan is the best of dharmesh darshan his best was is and will be raja hindustani and to support my comment it is alltime blockbuster

  5. Amir Khan is just lucky, and he cannot be lucky for the 3rd consicutive time. i bet if he can give a third all time BB after 3 idiots. n if he does then there is no stoping for him.
    MNIK can make a moderate business as it will not pull audiance as how 3i had the tendency. yeah it can make 100+ n for gods sake as they say, its not a terrorism movie. its a heart touchy movie n all u pll pls dont forget to load ur pockets with tissue papers

  6. PS: if any one in the industry can portray the real emotions, is THE SRK. someone challenge me for that if u can understand acting

  7. All time blockbusters include 3 Idiots(2009) and Ghajini(2008).
    Blockbuster includes Tare Zameen Par(2007).Super Hits include Rang De Basanti(2005),Fanaa(2006) and Lagaan(2001).Hit includes Mangal Pandey:the Rising(2005).Above average includes Dil Chahtha hai(2002).His only flop was Mela(2000).

    Unfortunately,soon after the death of Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan,Aamir Khan is also dead.They were all aged 62.

  8. This article is so correct & aamir khan is not only this decades greatest actor but my favorite as well!!!

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