Praz Gold : Vijay’s Vettaikaran – A mocktail of sorts..

Vettaikaran is a movie hastily made with bits and pieces of Vijay’s previous movies and glued together. The movie is a colorful patchwork quilt of Gilli, Villu, Pokiri and Kuruvi . Vettaikaran is yet again about an aspiring cop Ravi ( Vijay ) who models himself after a famous inspector Devraj. Ravi is a die hard admirer of Devraj and follows his every move. Ravi’s ambitions lands him in Chennai and en route he bumps into Susheela ( Anoushka Shetty ) quite literally as most tamil heroes are accustomed to.Ravi continues his wooing in this city and spends a lot of time in fructifying his love interest. During his stint in Chennai, Ravi gets entangled with the local goons and lands himself in trouble, enough to disrupt his plans of becoming a cop. Ravi escapes his predicaments one way or the other. He joins forces with Devraj who had also suffered at the hands of the local mafia and plots against the evil forces. Hell’s fury breaks loose in the world of goon’s against Ravi and his counterparts. The story keeps zigzagging between the revenge ploys and the obvious winner is Ravi.After Ravi’s demolition of the evil forces, he gets an opportunity to be a “real “cop. He politely turns it down and the message is that all citizens must become unofficial police citizens.Very blase indeed.

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~ by prazzero00000 on January 12, 2010.

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