RGV V/S Vikram Bhatt – Phoonk-2 V/S Shaapit

Last time it was Phoonk (RGV) and 1920 (Vikram) in same year(2008). After a hiatus of more than 1.5 year they are back again in same genre with Phoonk-2 and Shaapit. First look of both movies is promising and seems to be scarier. Looking forward for both … 🙂

Phoonk 2, Sudeep,Neeru Bajwa

Phoonk 2, Sudeep,Neeru Bajwa

Shaapit, Aditya Narayan,Shweta Agarwal,Rahul Dev

~ by Yakuza on January 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “RGV V/S Vikram Bhatt – Phoonk-2 V/S Shaapit”

  1. “Shaapit”‘s other poster what you didn’t post is so ridiculous.
    That design is lipping off “FOG”(Hollywood remake movie of John Carpenter’s)

  2. PHOONK 2 anyday!

  3. Este filme é uma piada, assistiria sim…

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