This Week From Past – Mela (2000)

Release Date : January 07, 2000

Mela was a 2000 Bollywood film directed by Dharmesh Darshan. It starred Aamir Khan, his real-life brother Faisal Khan, Twinkle Khanna, and Tinnu Verma. It is still remembered for being one of the biggest box office failures of the year 2000, specially since it featured Aamir Khan who had a track record of starring only in selected movies that consistently did well at the box office. (Though it’s one of the best in the business). Mela is only failure of Aamir this decade (he has done 9 movies in this decade out of which two are ATBB, one is flop, rest are Hit/Superhits).

Synopsis :

The policeman brother of a young woman named Roopa returns to Chandanpur to arrange her marriage. A politician is murdered by outlaws during the village carnival and, in the ensuing carnage, so are both Roopa’s brothers, deaths she vows to avenge. The gang leader, promising she will never enjoy the love of a brother or a lover, kidnaps her, but she escapes by throwing herself over a waterfall. Roopa washes up down river where she steals the clothes of the bathing Kishan Pyare, a nautankiwala, or performer in lowbrow theatre. Kishan tours with his friend, truck driver Shankar Shane. The romantic Kishan wants to make Roopa a partner in his show but Shankar argues she will bring trouble.

Roopa travels with them. She tries to escape but returns when chased by the gang and by her intended husband, a drunk who tries to rape her. Roopa feigns love for Kishan, who wants to marry her, and the two men agree to help her return to Chandanpur. When Roopa’s sham is revealed, she tells them her story. Shankar becomes her ritual brother while Kishan, heartbroken, leaves in disgust. Roopa and Shankar return to Chandanpur, where Shankar mobilises the village. Another carnival is arranged. The villains attack as planned. Kishan returns but Roopa is kidnapped. The friends give chase and are captured. Eventually good prevails and the outlaws meet a gory end. Roopa is united with her brother Shankar and her lover Kishan.

Trivia :

  • This is the third film to feature real-life brothers Aamir Khan and Faisal Khan. Previously Faisal did cameo roles in Aamir’s films Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988) and Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (1992).
  • Aishwarya Rai makes a guest appearance in the climax of the film.

Boxoffice :

Though Movie opened to good response at boxoffice, but couldn’t sustain. It collected around 10 crore Nett at boxoffice which was outright flop (Did good business at north india only) considering huge budget of 20 crore.

— Bollybusiness

~ by Yakuza on January 5, 2010.

8 Responses to “This Week From Past – Mela (2000)”

  1. I think mela was inspired from Sholay,thats why peoples rejected ther film otherwise film was good.Aamir has just one flop Mela in ths decade.

  2. yep Mela was rubbish. aamir overacted bigtime 🙂 however it had 1 good song in it which i cant remember.

  3. What a site! Paa is Blockbuster here! Brilliant. Now there is a Mela article with numbers and how it was Aamir’s flop film etc… What timing… And I thought this site was down and out because the BO numbers of 3 Idiots was just too big to calculate!
    I seriously like this site, but i would like it to be a little fair and not just a biased fan site! It should no actors fan site!

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