An Evening With Amitabh : 1983

~ by Yakuza on January 5, 2010.

13 Responses to “An Evening With Amitabh : 1983”

  1. Great picture,thanks Yakuza,
    Amitabh was seriously injured in 1983 shooting of film Coolie.I think as Amitabh is number 1 in bollywood same amitabh is the most serious injured person in bollywood also.And from that point we know that how much amitabh is popular,all peoples were worried and praying for amitabh.Superb hero.

  2. This takes me down the lane when all of India was praying for his survival. Great that he came back from deathbed and entertaining the people with his versatile roles. Long Live Big B

  3. Long live Gurudeb.


  5. The fame and popularity enjoyed by Amtiabh during this time is something we can not imagine in todays times. Even if you add all the Khans, Kumars and Roshans and combine them into one. They will still fall short of the popularity enjoyed by AB during the early 80s.

    As Aamir Khan rightly said, the stardom that AB enjoys is something we can only dream off.

  6. Is Aamir the new Amitabh?? however with less movies per year but huge popularity? Also could u give an update into how much 3i has made at thr BO?

    • Aamir/SRK both spells equal magic after Amitabh, However it is always debatable that how close this magic is to Euphoria of Amitabh’s peak period.

  7. Aamir is far better than SRK.and Aamir and SRK will just think in dreams to reach amitabh popularty.

  8. there are many kings in bollywood but there is nly one emperor who is undisputed and still rocking at 68…the one and only original don of bollywood…BIG B!!

  9. Amitabh is incomparable.

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