Praz Gold : KAMINEY (Hindi, 2009)

Thank you to the countless people, their views and the on-going conversation around the movie (namely at Satyamshot with GF/Satyam and at NG)!

It’s taken me 3 re-watches to finally give it some form of “review”. It’s a film I’ve been most indifferent to all year as it simply left me under-whelmed for the most, and I still retain that about the film at large.
Vishal Bharadwaj does a surprise turn from his Shakespeare epics to a different type of cinema, part Guy Ritchie, part Tarantino, with a dash of Hindi Cinema’s masala legacy with a
classical case of two “dopplelangers”.

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~ by prazzero00000 on January 4, 2010.

One Response to “Praz Gold : KAMINEY (Hindi, 2009)”

  1. imo one of the best and hatke films of the year. brilliant performances from Shahid and Priyanka and the supporting cast. imo the best actress award this year is Priyanka’s but the best actor award should be between Shahid and Ranbir (WUS)….(haven’t seen Paa) but yes for me one of he best movies of 2009.

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