Boxoffice : By Hook Or By Crook ….

Hi Folks,

You all must be wondering  and guessing about what happened to bollybusiness ? No updates from so many days. Ok, there was some technical issue at server side, which was seems to be resolved at one moment and i immediately responded you guys. But unfortunately story was something different.

My source of information is Big tree Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.. I managed to get Box-office numbers from their server which was as detailed as per show wise[However i am connected to their server for some other job, and this job gives me opportunity to play around with box-office information, I take advantage of this opportunity and start publishing total estimates of numbers at this blog,  I was under agreement of not to pass any information from server (Signed even NDA). This was sole reason that i never publish detailed information on box-office and published only estimated all India totals.

I got warning for publishing Show wise details for wanted/DBH and Blue/ATB and I immediately stopped this exercise, But Publishing Paa numbers for Noida center was another pathetic mistake However my sole intention was to realize the under reported figures by others. Noida figures was just an example for this realization. But i forget that i am third time breaching the contract by giving breakup for Noida. To my belief i never disclose or publish any confidential data, Even Noida numbers was round off.

As a result, My contractual job with Big tree is on hold and under screening. I have exported all data of this blog and send it to company for verification. Screening of blog information will take next 15 days and i will get further information on 18th January. I would like to tell you guys that i never buy numbers (or can say never pay to company for information) and all this information to me from their server was because of my access to server due to some other contractual purpose.

Well folks, this is wait and watch situation for me, If i lost my contract then i have to buy the same information which i was planning to for box-office site under construction. All i can say that bollybusiness is always here, either by hook or crook, it will run.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on January 4, 2010.

20 Responses to “Boxoffice : By Hook Or By Crook ….”

  1. hey yaks we are with you…don’t worry.

  2. Dear Yakuza,
    we all pray fot u and don’t worry.we want to see ur work like before.and we want to see u free,not from others contrect.we want to see bollybusiness successfuly otherwise where will go.may be u know about stupid site like boxoffiecindia,they said PAA is semi-hit,its not justice with PAA.I hate fake boxofficeindia site and request to all to stop visiting that fake site.PAA is blockbuster film.and even they wrote amitabh film NASEEB just Hit film otherwise Nasseb was mega hit film.

  3. All the best bhai…if you need ANY help just give me an email ok….im right here for you with everyone else…and yes ollyB will run by HOOK OR BY CROOK :D!


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  5. Man dont worry. The bollybusiness follwers will be with u.

  6. Whoever this Bigtree is, support yakuza!!! He is the best BO box office guy out there! Otherwise you suck!

  7. Yakuza, How are you. Good Luck in your Endeavor, we are with you.

  8. Cheater!

  9. Reminds me of Rocket Singh 😉
    All the best!

  10. Thnaks guys .. Bollybusiness will always run … DJ ki kasam .. 🙂

  11. Dont worry yakuza, we are with bollybusiness and will always remain.

  12. Plz yakuza plz publish a report on veer nd mnik…plz plz especially veer

  13. Hey Yakuza .. Dont worry man .. Everything will be alright … We – your friends – are with you …

  14. I ONLY HOPE this is not a trick!
    all the best

  15. Thanks guys, but i am cursing myself to get handicap around the biggest hit of decade … 😦

    Numbers of 3I (130 Crore at the moment) are real eye opener.. Sky is limit for box-office too .. 🙂

    • have faith man. all will be well. by the way noe that paa has been decl. tax free how much will it affect the bo.

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