PRAZ : My Top 10 films of 2009…

Omissions: KURBAAN, waiting on a decent print…

1) 3 IDIOTS : Hirani does it again! Aamir does it again (cliché)! The “blockbuster” of the year has arrived in true “desi” style, laughing and crying away in Manmohan Desai “ishtyle” this is no doubt the “feel-good” film of the year which drives it’s message home loud and clear with a big fat smile!

2) ROCKET SINGH: SALESMAN OF THE YEAR : The most badly marketed film of the year, ROCKET SINGH is an absolute gem of a film, and one that has become an instant favourite of sorts. The film is a quiet one which speaks volumes with it’s silence. The portrayal of a Harpeet has been handled with utmost sincerity without turning him in to a mere caricature. If the Happy Singh in SINGHH IS KINGG was a zinda-dil, loud, crude, sing-songing, buffoon, then Shimit Amin and Jaideep Sahni’s Harpeet Singh is the guy in the cinema watching that buffoon sheepishly clapping away at the caricature! The sensitivity that’s gone in to the characters here is incredible and requires emotional investment from the viewer. I would put this in same category as SWADES, not sure if I like the film as much yet, but it’s a tue-blue classic!

3) PAA : A musical fantasy of a man-boy? Amitabh Bachchan as a 13 year-old lovable giant? Abhishek and Vidya playing their parents? This could’ve been the biggest “gimmick” of the year had it not been Balki’s sensitive direction at hand who elevates this in to a whimsical musical which makes us laugh and cry. More remarkable is the fact that he completely “deglamourises” the phenomenon that is Amitabh Bachchan that he’s totally unrecognizable!! Quiet a feat! A final nod of appreciation to Illaiyraja’s superlative music! Also a success for ABCL finally!

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~ by prazzero00000 on January 3, 2010.

9 Responses to “PRAZ : My Top 10 films of 2009…”

  1. Sir,Still PAA is running or out from cinemas,i hope PAA will be blockbuster,and best film of 2009.

    • Paa is heading for Life time business of 45 Crore, 4th Week estimate is around 3.5 Crore. Four weeks total stands at 41.5 Crore approx.

  2. 3i

    Wake Up Sid

    New York

    ommissions – Paa, Rocket Singh & Kurban – yet to watch them

  3. yaya

  4. got to mention the scenes frm 3i when Aamir & Maddy are eating food in sharman’s house…oh man it was hilarious!!!! the 1950’s track & the mother using her ‘belna’ to scratch her husband and then making the roti with it – hahaha

  5. What made the list as I can’t read it from 4 to 10?

  6. Rediff and Raja Sen has gone mad.
    Their worst films of 2009
    9.Kambakkht Ishq
    8.Main Aur Mrs Khanna
    7.London Dreams
    3.What’s Your Raashee
    Top 2 worst films – 2. Jail 1. Paa (WTF ????????)
    It is simply ridiculous that we have such biased stupid reviewers in our history.

  7. rediff and raja sen must be on Akshay’s pay 🙂 the only thing i agree with is London Dreams being on that list.

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