Sharmila on – All time dancing Queens of Indian cinema…

If there is one thing that makes Indian cinema stand out from the rest of the world’s cinemas it has to be the dances that our cinemas are tapestried with. Dances that captivate the audience and the hero alike by mesmerizing heroines go back in time immemorial and many unforgettable dances have been etched in the annals of Indian cinema.From the black and white eras, danseuse set screens ablaze with breathtaking performances. Post independence in 1948, Gemini studios released the first Indian movie “Chandralekha” that was made with a budget of 30 lakh Rupees, a humongous amount at that time and the dance sequences were grand and given the maximum importance. There were tamil movies like “Vankikottai Vallibhan” when the famous dance competition between the legendary beauties Padmini and Vijayanthimala made the erstwhile villain Veerapan go ballistic and utter in tamil – ” Sabaash, Seriyana potti” translating into ” a fitting competition”. A notable role of Vijayanthimala was when she played Chandramukhi in Bimal Roy’s Devdas in 1955 as the seducive dancer. Padmini has given her all time best dance performance in the famous tamil movie “Thillana Mohanambaal” where she plays the role of a dancer competing against a musician ( Sivaji Ganesan ).Bhanumati was another actor who slowly and surely swayed with MGR and NTR in some unforgettable movies, a personal favorite being in “Alibabhavum Narpathu Thirudargalum” in 1955 with MGR. The classic beauties Bhanumathi , Padmini , Vijayanthimala made many a hearts flutter with their elegant moves in the 50’s and 60’s. Padmini and Vijayanthimala were trained classical dancers and besides being flawless in their execution of dance numbers, their beauty set aflame their charismatic energies.

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