Quick Poll: Your Top 3 Films of 2009

My vote goes to DEV D, PAA and 99….

Multi-choice…please choose up to 3 films!’

Just one click HERE

~ by prazzero00000 on December 29, 2009.

9 Responses to “Quick Poll: Your Top 3 Films of 2009”

  1. My vote is for top 3 is Paa, Delhi 6, and 3 Idiots! I also liked Dev D.

  2. 1. 3 idiots.
    2. Blue.
    3. Paa.

  3. @ masterpraz The poll was asked and ASMIT has given his opinion….Thats none of your business what his opinion is….You better give your opinion and leave

  4. Masterpraz its my choice.
    Thankx 4 da support akki.
    I think we suld put masterparz into Blue sea with sharks everywhere then he wil know dat how hard to do da movie lyk blue n then only he wil appriciate da movie.

    • Thanks Asmit, I do appreciate the efforts that have gone in to the technical side of BLUE and it was def. a pretty “looking” film.

      Akkifan: I was simply curious by the choice. I like knowing what triggers different people’s thinking when making these choices. My intention wasn’t to “doubt” the validity of Asmit’s choice nor offend anyone…but simply to see what aspect of BLUE they liked so much. I think with a much stronger story Anthony D’Souza’s next with Akki/John will be a stronger action film (which is what I messaged him on Twitter the other day)


    • Hey Asmit, Praz is big Admirer of Akki (Even his screen name is Akshay at NG), Even then if he didn’t manage to like the movie then there is no doubt that movie didn’t click for him and he is honest in his opinion.

  5. No discussion any more.
    Akshya Rocks n al da flim of 2009.

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