No Boxoffice Update : Technical Problem

Hi Folks,

There’s some technical problem at server end (from where i get numbers) since last Sunday, Issue is under supervision and will take few more days(2-3 days). Sorry guys, this was really exciting period of boxoffice (Three Idiots/Avatar), But i am helpless at the moment. Please bear with me .. 😦

Keep coming here and Stay Cool !! You will see rest of regular updates here as usual … 🙂

— Yakuza

~ by Yakuza on December 29, 2009.

10 Responses to “No Boxoffice Update : Technical Problem”

  1. No problem Yakuza.
    We will wait for your updates.

    • Hey guys, Just checked .. Problem resolved … 🙂

      Will give you first update tonight !!

      Finally All IZZ Well .. 😀

  2. Looking fwd to your update Yak….AAL IZZ WELL :D!

  3. Eagerly waiting for your updates.

  4. Aal izz going to be well at last! 🙂

  5. i think the server owner have shut it down to run Yakuza off from boxoffice Business ( an other conspiracy from the trade like they have done with jayshah)

  6. now we are left with BOI:
    BOI: 12 cr second friday (total 92 cr)
    heading for 30-35cr in the second weekend (total 110-115cr)

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