Three Idiots : Idiots Bole To …. Record Breaker

Looking at Friday numbers, All i can say “Alam Panah, Apka Tohfa Dil, Jigar aur jaan se chappar phad kar aur dhoti utar kar Kabool Ho Gaya“. What we can expect if entire multiplex is showing only three idiots for all screens all shows. All three screens of Wave Cinema, Noida is showing Idiots only. This is story of most of multiplexes. 80% Screens are occupied by Three Idiots, Rest are for Avatar and few for Paa. And results are just overwhelming. Idiots have done which most intelligent creature in this business failed to do,  Approx. 12 Crore on first day. Speechless !! From now on, every mother will be proud of having child as an idiot, No intelligence please !!

But hold on !! If three idiots is creating waves at 1400 Screens. Avatar and Paa are no less. Both movies are also doing exceptional business (though paa on very limited screens). Both english and Hindi versions of Avatar did combined business of 2.5 Crore on Friday. Whereas Paa also did exceptional business of 90 lacs on very limited screens (this is achievement). Holiday factor also worked in favor of all movies.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on December 26, 2009.

35 Responses to “Three Idiots : Idiots Bole To …. Record Breaker”

  1. Wow .. 12 crore is really unimaginable .. :blink:

    • Aamir is undisputed star of decade now (I don’t think that MNIK can break or even distantly close to this record).

      • it doesnt matter what u think shruti…! just wait till 12 feb and den we will see..i bet worldwide yes not india but worldwide collections of mnik will be higher den any indian movie ever…wase hats off too idiots already watchd it 2 times

      • I believe the opening of MNIK will excellent but later on it depends on the merit

  2. “From now on, every mother will be proud of having child as an idiot, No intelligence please !!”

    Ha Ha Ha

  3. Extremely happy about this film doing extraordinary business all over India. The wait is now to see this film becomes a blockbuster or not. Keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

  4. bhai what an euphoria…its so entertaining,,,,i just want to watch it again and again….guys watch it u won’t regret.

  5. What a great success of aamir.he is the real khan.12 crore on first day,its amazing.and very happy for PAA,still rocking,I think PAA target is blockbuster.well done PAA.

  6. just came back from watchin da film. deres a show here in England every 1 hour upto 23.30. da film waz AWESOME.
    wat a great film

  7. […] Read the rest from HERE […]

  8. PAA and 3 IDOTS make up in the second half for an otherwise lacklustre year. Will watch ROCKET SINGH by tomorrow hopefully afetr I catch Rajiv Rai’s MOHRA first! 😉

  9. thats cool news……only thing to be seen is after netting around 35-40 in first weekend how gud dose it stands in weekdays…..whether will it cross 64 cr of gajani ornot……intresting scenario though.

    if it continues in 10+ range for all weekdays then its a 70+ in first week itself….[just comparing it with Gajani….every day was around 8 Cr in first week]

  10. 3 idiot 1st weekend 40 crore

  11. what happened to bollybusiness, BOI is making news and giving numbers much before Yakuza this time

  12. Please update the Box office report of 3 Idiots.

  13. Waiting for the update of huge box office numbers of 3I. Waiting eagerly…



    • I think it is normal because all the sites are reporting an expected value and hardly anyone has 100% data all the time. However it should not be drastic different and biased like BOI does sometimes

  15. As per BOI, 12 cr for 3i on monday too, unbelievable.

  16. Till release of gazani, amir was actuallt lagging other two khans in terms of huge movies like hahk, ddlj, mpk etc with only raja hindustani as all time blockbuster but with twoo back to back all time blockbusters (i am sure that 3i will gain the status of all time blockbuster and may turned out to be highest grosser in absolute terms), now he seems way ahead of other two super khans. It remains to be seen whether veer and mnik can generate that type of response or not.

    • True, Apart from boxoffice his movies are memorable as well, Lagaan/TZP/DCH/RDB/3I .. all are easily among best in this decade.

  17. wher is Yakuza, is he sick or what, there is no boxoffice update

    • Hey sam, I am alright man, But some technical problem at server end. Really sorry for missing updates, but helpless at the moment.
      BTW .. Thanks for concern !1

  18. BTW, Three Idiots media boxoffice reports are really exciting, 50+ Crore in four days is exceptional, And i heard of strong Tuesday as well. 70+ Crore first week looks possible. This is incredible.

  19. Yakuza. hope all iz well.

    ive just come across a thread on bollywood hungama. 1 guy has seen VEER. he revealed da whole story and in a nutshell said da film wasnt dat good. plz tell me da truth. IMO some peole r tryin to damage da prospects of VEER.

    how can 1 review da film wen it hasnt even released.

    • Don’t worry, These are fake reviews !!

      • thankx yakuza.
        dats exactly wat i thought. da guy who was degrading da film den also said dat it will still be a hit.
        WAT AN IDIOT.

        also Yakuza why isnt Salman promting dis film wat iz he doin. i went to watch 3i here in England, Bradford. no poster, no trailor nothing man. even pyar impossible had a traolor and posters up.

  20. could be true also may b a print leaked out. as it is Veer aint seem to have a good plot. thats not the cake of salman. it reminds me of suryavanshi. i dont think veer can cross 50 crs domestic bo.
    on the other hand pyaar impossible looks cool. no much expectations but it will surprise all I SAID IT!

  21. 3 idiots iz one of da best movie of this decade…
    All iz Well…

  22. Yakuza

    in this article it is given that Ghajini satellite rights were sold for 20-25 Crore but Love Aaj Kal even though superhit was sold just for 6 crore….

    Can you please give me the reason for that

    Expecting a reply soon…

  23. yakuza

    have not seen this movie but i wasnt sure abt it because of many reasons but it has beaten Ghajni’s record at the BO ….thats simply sensational. I hope Aamir makes another movie in 2010.

  24. 3I an all time mega BB,a true ATBB

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