Satyam : The Unfettered triumphs of 3 Idiots

Raju Hirani does not so much make movies in the traditional way as much as he choreographs scripts. A stray Manmohan Desai gene has perhaps founds its way into Hirani’s bloodstream as the latter once again delivers a film for the ages and one where he surpasses the strengths of the deservedly enshrined Munnabhai films. The director is the rare talent who seems to be schooled in Desai’s improbable art of narrative velocity married to quasi-operatic mini-climaxes that in turn do not sacrifice the tale’s cumulative logic and this mix essentially existing in a comic framework. Aamir Khan meanwhile defeats all cliche once more and yet again emerges in a film that bears witness to his uncanny career re-invention this decade. That these two talents with unquestionable integrity in each case got together for this film is perhaps fortuitous.

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~ by Yakuza on December 26, 2009.

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