Three Idiots : All IZZ Extremely Well

Excellent opening of Three Idiots is old news now. Opening in the  range of 70 – 100% was given, And this sort of opening owe more weightage if volume of screenings is huge (1400+). Well this range was way before expected and is now evident at majority of centers, Now biggest question is that weather  single screens/multiplexes at interiors opened to similar response ? Well this is just Friday and its 1:46 PM at the moment. Bookings of first show is over and if I check some figures from Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Ambala, Panipat, Karnal, Meerut and Saharanpur, Occupancy is in range of 45 – 80% which can simply be considered as excellent as this is just first day first show. Three Idiots as a product can be considered as unbelievable and incredible consistent quality and entertaining product from Hirani. If MBBS was Ace product, LRMB was also Ace and Now Three idiots again is also Ace with Ace Khan itself. Boxoffice aside, Three idiots will also be remembered as Iconic movie from Ace Khan and Brilliant Hirani.

Avatar showed highly consistent collections(High end) at 3D screens over weekdays. But other screens for English and Hindi versions both underperformed during weekdays. First week Collections for both versions are in range of 21-22 Crore (Lower if compared to 2012). Second Friday opened to rocking response.

Rocket singh is almost DONE in second week. Collections were all time low throughout week in range of 20-30%. Second week contributes in range of 5 Crore taking its Two weeks total to approx. 19.5 Crore.

Paa performed rock steady business over third week (8.5 Crore) taking its three weeks total to 38.5 Crore. But Paa will face tough time from here on as fourth week screenings are 80% lower than third week as Three Idiots occupied most of screens. Nothing much significant will add from here on (Unless it regain screenings next week again).

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on December 25, 2009.

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  1. Raju Hirani , Take a bow to undisputable finest director Bollywood has ever produced, Raj Kumar Hirani. If Munna Bhai entitled him as one of best debutant director of Indian cinema ever, Sequel Lage Raho Munna Bhai proved that first installment was not a fluke. With three idiots, Raju not only come out of Munna/Circuit Saga, but also take one step ahead which was looking impossible at first place due to highly acclaimed and excellent Munna Bhai series.

  2. Excellent opening on huge screenings coupled with Higher Ticket rates will ensure bountiful collections of 3 Days weekend with Previews shows.

  3. Latter Half of 2009 proved to be superb and ensured that 2009 will not go as ugly year for Bollywood with success of APKGK,Paa and (maybe) first blockbuster hit of the year – 3 Idiots

  4. This movie looks all set to do phenomenal business at the box office. The film was guaranteed to have a good trending but with this kind of a start, it can do wonders in the box office. 🙂

    HOWS PAA REPORT OF THIS WEEK ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. watch on

  7. Yazuka….why are’nt you answering to this question of mine

    Please tell me the nett gross,Distributor share,budget,distribution price of LOVE AAJ KAL and how much exacty Saif Ali Khan could have got back from the theatrical release in India…..

    Please answer

    • Sorry couldn’t assist for your query before :

      For LAK : Nett – 62 Crore, DS – 33 Crore. No information on budget though. Saif Ali khan was producer and he got good revenue by selling all rights [DP 35 Crore + 6 Crore Satellite rights + 10 Crore remaining (Video/Overseas/Music)].

  8. Stoked by the great opening of 3 Idiots and that Paa continued to do so vastly well in hits 3rd week. Because of the huge 3 Idiots movement at the box office. Paa will finish up at 39-40 crore at the box office which is vastly good for such a movie. And makes Paa a bonafide hit movie(the movie has been a hit for awhile though).

    GO PAA and can’t wait to see 3 Idiots! I concur that the latter part of 2009 made up for the huge dry spell(critically and commercially) that happened with Bollywood this year! Hope 2010 will see more HITS and entertaining movies from Bollywood.

    • 3I is storm at the moment. I am wondering how far it will go looking at excellent trending record for Hirani movies.

  9. Ace report from Ace boxoffice expert Yak .. 🙂

    Have seen Three Idiots today, Must have admit that there is no comparision of Aamir, Aamir is from number one to Ten .. Rest all comes after that (Just like bachchan was in his peak phase).

  10. 3 idiots is creating history hope it surpasses ghajini collections ,though in acclaim it might not beat lagaan and tzp.multiplex culture has made biggest superstar and effected sallu negatively ,though shahrukh remains neutral when compared with 90’s

  11. Taran Adarsh On Three Idiots :

    “3 IDIOTS has embarked on one of the biggest starts ever. The film collected an enormous approx. Rs. 2.5 crores in paid previews on Thursday, which is the highest ever for a Hindi film. On Friday morning, the film started with a bang, opening to an extra-ordinary response from East to West, from North to South. Early indications are that the film will have a solid first day, at par, or perhaps more than GHAJINI. The industry feels that the Day 1 figures would be more than Rs. 10 crores nett. Fingers crossed.”

    Point to be noted that How all of Sudden BOI/Taran and Komal are matching from numbers to verdicts. All have shaken hands, From now on you will never see any differences between them (Even if you see, that would be well planned to create buzz and just for showing some differences).

    Well Yakuza, Good report from you Man … 🙂

  12. The movie was fantastic, funniest movie of the year. Not only Amir, but the whole cast was great. Raju Hirani is now THE best director in this industry.

    • Agree, Raju Hirani got same status which Manmohan desai was owed during 1977 – 1980. Though Raju took 5 years span of time, Manmohan was unbelievably did it in one year with four Back to back monster success in one year itself (1977) with Amar Akbar Anthony/Dharam Veer/Chacha Bhatija/Parvarish. This is incredible record ever achieved.

  13. In US, where I went, the theater was 90% full.

  14. a feel good movie with lot of spice. i simply loved the movie. camera work is also fabulous. local’s are ace. kareena looks beautiful after YUVA. there is a lot of comedy and wi-bit of emotional scenes. everything is right at place nothing is over or nothing is under. one can simply watch the movie over and again. kudo’s for the director and for the actors as well.
    first week figures should come arround 65crs over all business should be 120crs.

  15. great…great movie.more than outstanding.

  16. outstanding film.aamir is real king khan.PAA must be go in 4th week.and must be cross 50 crore to become blockbuster.

  17. Wow ful house frm mrng to night… Hi guys am Frm Nepal and each hall a packed to watch 3 idiots… Today Is the off day and am sure 2day also at al place there wil b 100% opening lyk yesterday.

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  19. This proves who is real king of bollywood. And I do agree with one of the point mentioned earlier, multiplex culture have elevated the stature of amir and srk ( although he legs amir.
    Salman who has a mass fan following not class following is definately affected by this culture, he can not be written off. He has also given numorous hits in multiplex culture also, he only needs to choose films and their release time wisely.
    But, again I would like to mention one thing here. While measuring box office power of any star, we have to take in to account the total box office collection of all the films released of that particular star. The simple mathematics of success ration is not a true indicator. Say, if amir worked in 4 filme in an year, will all of them become blockbuster. No, and this thing has be considered while comparing star power.

  20. Paa was rock steady in week three with around 4.75 crore nett taking its three week total to nearly 29 crore nett. SEMI HIT
    paa collection 29 crore not 38

  21. Guys let Amir do movies like Akshay the meaningles movies i mean.and then let’s see who is the KING. its no Amir excuse me!!! its the movie in whole that is good. but its the kind of role where amir fits and huh hritik also fits for that role. Amir could not make most out of the emotional scenes though in comic scenes he was outstanding.
    again lemme say AMIR do a faltu movie like Akhay and make it big. than i’ll call u a king khan. I SAID IT!

  22. 3 Idiot is a gud movie for a change, it was nice to see some refreshing change in the last month of the year especially PAA, though there was a bit of HUMBUG in the movie 3 Idiots regarding the delivery of Mona Singh

    • All i can say, If somehow Raju and Aamir come in front of me .. I will Bow and say “AlamPanaha, Tohfa kabul kijiye” … 😀

  23. Yakuza bhai

    how much is needed at the BO to make 3i a clean hit?

  24. Thanx for the information on LAK Yakuza

  25. god massive 12.75 for one day imagin sunday will excess 14crs. this movie is n e time better then ghajini. it deserves to b the no. 1 movie. but game’s not over. MNIK yet to happen

  26. Three Idiots Smashes First Day Records At The Box Office

    Saturday 26th December 2009 15.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Three Idiots has hit the box office like a hurricane and has smashed many first day records at the box office. All records at multiplexes have been smashed as it records collections which are just unbelievable. Many multiplexes have recorded double the collections of Ghajini for the first Friday. The first day business was an unimaginable 12.75 crore nett.

    The previous record for the first Friday was 9.25 crore nett recorded by Ghajini last December. It must be noted that the Three Idiots first day was a Christmas Day holiday while Ghajini first Friday was a normal day but even accounting for that, it is still a phenomenal collection. This takes the Three Idiots total to 15.50 crore nett with paid previews (2.75 crore nett) and the weekend seems to be heading for 37-39 crore nett collections which is out of this world.
    The all India territorial breakdown is as follows. Apart from Bihar, Assam and Orissa all circuits have recorded new records for first Friday.

    Mumbai – 4.75 crore approx
    Delhi/UP- 2.50 crore approx
    East Punjab – 1,10,63,110
    West Bengal – 80 lakhs
    Bihar – 15 lakhs approx
    CP Berar – 52 lakhs
    CI – 47,89,000
    Rajasthan -68 lakhs
    Nizam -70 lakhs approx
    Mysore – 60 lakhs approx
    Tamil Nadu/Kerala – 35 lakhs approx
    Assam – 8 lakhs
    Orissa – 7 lakhs
    TOTAL – 12.79 crore approx

  27. Even Komal reported centers are showing 6 Crore 56 Lacs from 324 Screens, Now don’t tell me that remaining 150 Screens was just 1 Crore. BOI figure of 7 Crore for second week is just dumb, 11 Crore from Bollybusiness is definitely more believable.

  28. @ jeevan can u please gice me komal’s website so that i can go nd check it out

    Because even i know how big a bastard is he…..he is not only Anti-Akshay but even Anti-Bollywood itself….thats the reason i’m totally against him

  29. Akki .. check this link of komal website :

  30. 3 Idiots grosses whopping $2 million in overseas box office till Friday
    MUMBAI: 3 Idiots has managed to bid 2009 a befitting adieu. After shattering opening day box office collections in India, the movie has managed to break records in the overseas market too.

    While the India box office collections for 3 Idiots are staggering, the movie has so far collected a whopping $ 2 million (Rs 10 crore) in overseas markets like the US, Canada, the UK and UAE till Friday.

    Adding the India and overseas collections, the movie has now done a business of Rs 225 million (Rs 22.50 crore) worldwide till Friday.

    Till Friday, the movie collected $ 1 million in North America, $550,000 in the UAE and £163,000 in the UK.

  31. thanx jeevan

  32. Yakuza I can’t even find one single film in which KOMAL NAHATA has not massively under-reported,why does’nt the trade network sue him…


  33. munsh the collection of 29crore for PAA is from BOI, that is their figure!!
    The real figure is around 38crores.

    This is a figure when you add all collections from cinemas. Please stay away from BOI they are known to change figures and adjust them whenever they feel like. they are a fake site.

    PAA 38crores from a limited release. SUPERHIT!

  34. […] Three Idiots : All IZZ Extremely Well Excellent opening of Three Idiots is old news now. Opening in the  range of 70 – 100% was given, And this sort […] […]


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