PRAZ Bumper Gold : DON (Hindi, 1978)

DON remains quite easily the most popular of Bachchan films to this date for it’s sheer retro-cult value! This is by far one of Salim-Javed’s “lighter” (compared to say a DEEWAR or KAALA PATTHAR), experimental, and also one of their most original stories to date. In the guise of a masala film lies one of Indian cinema’s coolest, campiest, most exciting and the slickest of thrillers which moves at a breakneck pace.
Don is the story of a ruthless smuggler and underworld crime lord (The Don being played by the one and only original Amitabh Bachnan). Despite the fact that The Don feels that he’ll never be caught, he gets shot and plunges off a bridge, only to appear in a honest policeman’s (Iftekar in a career defining role and performance) car shortly afterward, where he tries for one last bad deed, but fate isn’t on his side and Don dies. Now, there happens to be a young man named Vijay, who is spotted by the cops, who is a DEAD ringer (so to speak) for The Don (probably because he’s also played by Amitabh Bachnan) and he’s talked into masquerading as The Don to bring an end to this ruthless smuggling ring. But Vijay, who is a street performer & kind of a hayseed, needs a bit of “training” first.

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