Paranormal Activity: A Social Media Blockbuster?

P.s: Saw the film and thought it was VERY freaky!!!! A tad overrated yet still managed to be effective…

When SNAKES ON A PLANE decided to involved the paying public in it’s creative vision for the films final cut, I was convinced more and more film-makers will crowd-source the creative film-making process to the paying public. With SNAKES ON A PLANE it worked like a dream. However since then there haven’t been many films that have managed to create the kind of buzz it did Online AND translate it to sales (SNAKES ON A PLANE opened to No.1 at the US Box-office, not bad for a B-grade action flick).

Now comes PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. Filmed for a reported $11,000 over 7 days, Paranormal Activity broke box office records over the weekend.

Right from the unique promotional campaign which showed people REAL reactions of people who had gone to see the movie rather than the usual “trailer” setting the precedent that the film was far more interesting in engaging the people and involving them!

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~ by prazzero00000 on December 21, 2009.

One Response to “Paranormal Activity: A Social Media Blockbuster?”

  1. i saw this and did not like it one bit!

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