Music Review : Veer

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  • Taali boasts of some fine arrangements with a variety of instruments coming into play. In fact if not for Sajid-Wajid on the credits, one may have well imagined A.R. Rahman to be at the helm of affairs here
  • Surili Akhiyon Wale’ coming next. A melodic romantic number that boasts of some heartfelt and never heard before lyrics (has anyone ever heard of ‘ankhiyan’ being ‘surili’?), it is further elevated due to silky vocals of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
  • ‘Salaam Aaya’ is a moderately paced love song which is a complete shift from the high-on-beats club tracks that are in vogue today.
  • A Sonu Nigam solo, this one has an elaborate beginning to it and while there is a definite old world feel to Meherbaniyan, one can’t deny the fact that Salman will have his fans asking for more once the track plays on screen
  • Kanha which establishes once again that Sajid-Wajid do come with a good enough classical background.
  • Spirit Of Veer‘ which has a ‘Meherbaniyan‘ feel to it while being laced with fun and humour.

    Veer throws a pleasant surprise. There were apprehensions galore (as explained eariler) but a couple of listening pretty much facilitates their dilution. Sajid-Wajid have indeed given their best three soundtracks ever in Veer and though they may have had managed chartbusters earlier, Veer is the kind of album that would fetch them a much deserving respect

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~ by Yakuza on December 21, 2009.

13 Responses to “Music Review : Veer”

  1. all song very good
    surili best song this albam
    my rating 5/5

  2. Superb Songs

  3. good film.

  4. Gr8 muzik + lyris.

  5. catchy songs.

  6. The promo song is not impressive i’ve downloaded the audio but do not feel like playing them cuz of the promo song sounds so old fashion. on the other hand there is Pyaar impossible. quite peppy songs and something different. thats what i felt ma fav track is title song by vishal and anushka. vishal is been used by most of the music directors now. he’s good.
    the album rocks. not veer but pyar impossible

  7. hi Guys,

    I must say that the music of VEER very good in terms of lyrics..
    not sure that today people like this kind of music but the poetry by gulzar sahab is excellent..the only thing that goes against is the picturization of the songs…salman needs to be inovative in this aspect..he can’ expect to keep the audience hooked on by merely walking on the streets when watching the vidoe…music is excellent but packaging in terms of video is poor……

  8. on the movie….can’t feel the hype as of now…
    if hype is good and the action promo to follow are excellent ..
    then forget over seas this movie will earn enough money from indian market…for sure…

    let’s see how the promotion unfolds…
    hope they have more aces up their sleevs…….

    these are the kind of movies we need to make…more of history and add masala..tired of the same routine movies….

    how about a comedy picturized in 18th century…..

    will be fun…fantoos tried that for a certain extent

  9. Yakuza what do you think of veer??? 3 idiots,mnik or veer? Which 1 iz gonna open bettr??

  10. hahhahaha…i love sallu fans…! grow up guys face the facts…the first video on air is awful…reminded me of another YUVVRAAJ ..! i havent heard the entire album but the bits arent catchy at more thing..if all u sallu fans like him so much why the hell then his movies flop..??ld mamk….and many more in the laast 3 yrs

  11. Teen Patti Release date postponed to February 26,2470096
    guess the producers of teenpatti cudnt risk a clash with MNIK

  12. Yahuza, wich s ur fav song and Y?

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