Indiafm Review : Three Idiots

However i never give any shit to early reviews and especially when it comes from Taran Adarsh, take this review simply for sake of fun and satisfaction of being first bright review. This is second time Taran is reviewing any movie on Monday, First one was “A Wednesday” and coincidentally that deserved to be Dekho. 

3 IDIOTS belongs to everyone. But, yes, there’s no denying that Aamir makes you forget all his past achievements as you watch the amazing actor play Rancho. To state that this ranks amongst his finest works would be an understatement. Madhavan is incredible, especially in the sequence when he explains his point of view to his father [Pareekshit Sahani]. Sharman is outstanding from start to end. This was a difficult role to portray and only an actor of calibre could’ve pulled it off. Boman is superb as the vicious head of the institute. The scenes between Aamir and Boman are extra-ordinary and it’s a treat to watch these two powerful actors clash on the big screen, without getting overdramatic. Boman’s appearance, mannerisms and dialogue delivery are exemplary.

On the whole, 3 IDIOTS easily ranks amongst Aamir, Rajkumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s finest films. Do yourself and your family a favour: Watch 3 IDIOTS. It’s emotional, it’s entertaining, it’s enlightening. The film has tremendous youth appeal and feel-good factor to work in a big way.


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~ by Yakuza on December 21, 2009.

29 Responses to “Indiafm Review : Three Idiots”

  1. WOW, he gave it 4 1/2, the last movie he gave 4 1/2 to was ghajini, and before that was Dhoom 2 and KANK. I usually don’t trust his reviews, but he doesn’t give 4 1/2 to just any movies. I guess the movie might have a chance to become a blockbuster.

    • If i recall, the only credible early reviews from taran was “A wednesday” and “Tare zameen par” ..

      But in case of three idiots, I am confident just because of Two super talents, Raju and aamir. Movie which binds them together can never went wrong..

  2. I gotta admit I was not excited about this movie at all, but the reviews are good and now i cant wait to watch this movie. I am watching this movie either on Wed or Thur.

    • Agree on missing hype factor, but Hirani work never create any sort of hype even in past, His movies are content driven and he has solid fan base who will come to plexes just for sake of Raju .. Same is true for Aamir as well..

  3. I hope 3 idiots & veer super hit
    MNIK very boring promo
    i sure MNIK biggest flop

    • You should go to another page to write this kind of comment, Your comment is so random in here. Made me laugh a little.

      • What wrong he said ?
        MNIK promo is not getting good reviews by public.They need to come up with good strategy.The scene in trailer which shows SRK’s son getting trashed by white boys for being Muslim is not a good thinking (seeing after Kurbaan flop).

        • poor amit(akki fan)…for ur information MNIK is getting rave reviews even got selected for berlin film festival…the promos are a big hit on youtube..and as far as promotion is concerned…SRK has already set a new standrd by releasing the promo on tv across 70 countries…!

  4. Taran is totally unreliable…!

  5. I hope this is a big hit, but i just can’t see the hype around this movie. Yakuza how are the advance bookings going for this movie? a significant number of ppl have also seen Avatar so not sure they’l have the cash to splash on 3i……maybe thats why Aamir is going around India to drag the masses out.

  6. Can you please give report on advance booking of 3 Idiots? How’s it going?

  7. 3idiots will work big time.Cant wait to see my favourite Aamir khan on screen after a year

  8. So when is 3 Idiots releasing in India? Is it 23 or 25? I live in US and its coming out this Wed(December 23).

  9. In India it will release on Dec. 24.

  10. Teen Patti Release date postponed to February 26,2470096
    guess the producers of teenpatti cudnt risk a clash with MNIK
    plz post dis yakuza

  11. I Guess 3 idiots releasing tonight in ma town. trying to grab a first day first show at a risk after what i went thru with DDD. i hope it’ll not repeat the same head ache i got from DDD. i still believe 3 Idiots have a good script, with some good comic timings and a wi-bit of emotions which makes it a complete movie. A FEEL GOOD MOVIE. i’m not asking for any thing out of the blues but only a decent feel good movie like LUK or APKGK. i hope the Bad Ass Khan will not disappoint. lets wait and watch

    I guess we made our idols based on our relegion. ain’t it? if not all of us atleast 90% did. the religious war is not been spared in film industry also. a real achievement for a star is when amit say’s i’m srk fan, mohammed says i’m akki fan, ibrahim says i’m AB fan, ram says i’m sallu fan.. but it happens very rarely in our country. we are blind folded no one can help us. we are bias.
    only one request from the fellow indians. watch a movie like eating food in a new restaurant. if it’s good its good and vise versa. please no favoritism. watch a movie as if you are watching the actors for the first time then only u can judge with a pure mind. I SAID IT! MIND IT!

    • You are wrong about me, I am a Hindu and I love Shahrukh, but I dont hate Sallu, Aamir, or Akshay or AB. Shahrukh is my favorite, but Akshay, Sallu, Aamir and AB come second in my list. I watched Akki’s CCTC, KI, Blue, and DDD all in theater the first day it came out. And I am watching 3 Idiots tonight.

  13. Can you please give report on advance booking of 3 Idiots? How’s it going? The reviews so far are good, but please report about its advance.

    • Anu, Three Idiots fetched exceptional bookings in terms of volume (not occupancy as there are Huge number of shows per multiplex).

  14. Rajneeti theatrical won’t be premiered with 3 Idiots

    Promo was so strong and nice, that Aamir decided to remove because people would get excited about Rajneeti instead of 3 Idiots. But the overseas prints might have it.” The reason being that the overseas prints have already been dispatched. Good thing I live US, I might get to see it tonight, and I’ll let you how it was tomorrow. Ajay is also one of my favorite.

  15. Watched it on Tuesday night in USA. Excellent Movie, must watch for all. Will to BUMPER/BLOCKBUSTER Business all over the world. Bhaiyya all is well !!!!!!!

  16. Watched Rajneeti’s trailer with 3 Idiots, seems a very good movie in the making. Katrina’s character reminded of Sonia Gandhi….should be a good movie to look out for. And may be a good performance by Katrina (and movie), could seal the deal for the no. 1 position.

  17. excellent movie it was better than i thought amir acting was flawasless although his role was 20 yours younger then his age the comedy was just so true to its kind i think it classes a great rank amongst all the supurb comedys made. in the end it makes you a little enlightened by aamir’s view to life.

  18. every khan/kumar gave their best hit in their i think each actor has his big day.they are not big but v make them all r equal.

  19. “Idiots” made 100 crores in 4 days!!! or ….”IDIOTS” is being made out of 100 crore Indians……. where is the math and who is doing the math???? Do the math yourselves…This means in one day movie is making Rs 25 crores……. HOW MANY TICKETS NEED TO BE SOLD IN ONE DAY TO MAKE Rs25 Crores?????….. how many halls are there in India for Hindi cinema???/and what is their sitting capacity… Even if the movie is being screened round the clock still selling tickets worth 25 crores doesn’t add upto!!!!!! ……Movie is average… But everyone SHOULD LEARN and APPRECIATE on great MARKeting TALENT of AAMIR Khan on “””” HOW to CREATE “HYPE” for your product””””…….to ENHANCE its SALES…

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