Avatar : Weekend Boxoffice Update

Avatar fetched very good collections of approx. 13.5 Crore from both versions(Hindi and English). Cinemas setup with Three Dimension facility are still going packed houses even on Monday, But 2D version was just good and even saw drop today. Overall collections of Avatar will fell short in first week to 2012 (Top grosser Hollywood movie in India to date).  

Rocket Singh SMOY, fell heavily on second weekend with mere 3.25 Crore NETT in hand. Ten days total nett stands at 17.75 Crore.

Paa did exceptional rock steady business of 6 Crore(1.5 + 2 + 2.5) in third weekend. Paa is all set for best trending movie in 2009. 17 Days total stands at 36 Crore.

— BollyBusiness



~ by Yakuza on December 21, 2009.

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  1. this is a fraud website….its pro bachchans….PAA has not yet crossed 30 cr…ya…it is expected to be a hit and even cross 35 cr…but the face is that it has not yet,I wish that it does cross 40 cr…but these information by this fraud website is false…this clearly shows how big cheaters are Bollybusiness….

    • Thanks!! If you feel Paa is over reported here, you can buy any other figures of your choice. The figures reported here are as true as your existent to this earth. The moment you finish, I will take it clear evident of false reporting.

  2. sam is heading back to hospital again.

    paa is proving a superhit.

  3. Akki prove to us this is a fraud site. fraud site is BOI who change figures.

    bollybusiness is the only site which give figures per cinema. These are true figures.

    PAA is superhit!!

  4. have been following all website for true box office collections… all vary… some are so Hollywood centric that they say: Paa’s entire collection < Avatar's first minute collection worldwide..

    • latest from BOI.
      Big picture is losing 5 crore for PAA.
      What a creative calculation. I tried to do every possible calculation could not come close to it.

      I did not expect this much mad and shameless calculation 🙂

      • “Big picture is losing 5 crore for PAA.”

        This is biggest JOKE of boxoffice history where Distributor who is charging only for his distribution services is still losing something (5 Crore infact)… 🙂

        You can take any worst figures available of your choice, still there is no way you can show any losses by any possible calculation.

        Leave aside losses, This is only movie of 2009 where each investor is in big margin of profit, weather distributors, Exhibitors or producers !!

  5. 5 5 cr loss story is all false….but i do believe that this site over reports the figures…because a film released on 700 prints cannot have such good trending that it picks up so drastically,eventhough i feel that Paa will touch 40 cr mark…but not so soon…with stiff competition from De Dana Dan, which is still running successfully if Yazuka din’t know that he has forgotten to update the figures of De Dana Dan,and it even has stiff competition from Avatar and Rocket Singh – SOTY,so it is obvious that Paa’s collections will reduce…

    • Dear, I have not forgotten De Dana Dan, But multiplexes figures are minimal now for De Dana Dan and this i have clarified in last week report ..

  6. http://www.boxofficeindia.com/boxdetail.php?page=shownews&articleid=1346&nCat=box_office_report . This link shows that they Paa has collections of about 24 cr andeven if 6 cr is added in the weekend it becomes 30cr….but is being reported as 36 cr

  7. what I can say is Rocket Singh has been reported correctly…and even De Dana Dan was under reported by 2-3 cr

  8. And for ur kind information…the budget of Chandni chowk to China is not 90 cr but 50 cr as stated in https://bollybusiness.wordpress.com/business-of-bollywood/ this article.The 50 cr budget was said by akshay himself in an interview with Anupama Chopra of NDTV….check You Tube for the proof……..

    • Well Akki, i have to admit on this budget issue that i am not able to recall anything as of now (This is quite old article) , but i must have got some budget information at that point of time which i am not able to recollect at the moment, However my Log have each and every bit of info which i need to check again. At this point of time, i will not be able to explain. so pardon me.

    • Well you are stupid to under-estimate Paa.
      You are not Akki fan.You are SRK fan.
      Akki fans love BIG B a lot.
      CC@C budget is 50 crore.

  9. Multiplexes figures maybe minimal now but single screens are still going strong…and it was a similar case for Wanted…Ok…then what are the final figures for De Dana Dan??

  10. Sir,
    If PAA will go above 40 crore then we will say,PAA is blockbuster film because PAA budget is 15 crore.we r very happy for PAA running in 3rd week and also amitabh will add some scenes also,its great news.

  11. Big B talked about gross Box office collections on his blog today…

    “Paa continues to surprise people and trade and even though at 15 cr cost it has done 55 cr by the 3rd week, their is reluctance in its acceptability. Ha ! It has been a norm with all that I have attempted to achieve. It has been almost as though there must be every effort made to deny and not acknowledge that which must come rightfully towards us. We shall live with it. Have all these years. Will in the years to come.”

  12. Paa has indeed garnered between 34-36 crore in 3 weeks. Paa will easily go onto to rake in 40 crores at the box office. BOI & Nahata can claim rubbish and lie about the totals. But in the end BOI & Nahata will have to give the movie its due(just like they had to for BnB and Guru) because everyone else in the trade & media rightfully calls the movie a hit and a success! Can’t lie and ignore facts forever! Paa is a HIT movie!

  13. Can u believe this site BOI ?
    Says Paa 1st week Delhi-UP (3.04 crore)
    Says Paa in major centres of Delhi-UP (Delhi – 1.95 crore,Noida – 25 lakh,Ghaziabad – 29 lakh,Lucknow – 13 lakh,Kanpur – 9 lakh,Gurgaon – 39 lakh) Total in these centres – 3.10 crore.
    Without Meerut,Faridabad,Aligarh,Bareilly,Mathura,Allahabad,Kaushambi and other the film is 3.1 crore (How can they even say the whole Delhi-UP is 3.04 crore).
    People who believes such fake box-office sites are like ostrichs.They want to live in denial.

  14. Yakuza,
    I am watching star news in the morning and as per them avatar collection in 3 days is 22 cr. i dont know if they were reporting gross figure or net gross.
    Can you please confirm.

  15. Until today I always thought Boxofficeindia.com was a fair site. But I now agree that they are underreporting numbers for PAA. Don’t know why but they are obviously biased. Good job Yakuza.

  16. @aakI fan ,Yakuza gave exact figure ………
    Looking at exceptional performance of Paa over second week, Exhibitors has decided to increase the screenings of Paa in third week.
    This type of occasions is rarely seen in bollywood when any movie gets more screen space than previous week. And this is not the case in one or two multiplexes, Every multiplex across the nation is either retaining the same shows or increasing the volume.
    Almost 20% screenings/shows will be increased in multiplexes and even some single screen cinemas are showing upward trend.
    Second Week of Paa has seen excellent weekend (7.25 Crore) and Exceptional Weekdays (Approx. 4 Crore). 4 Crore weekdays collections (44% drop) is dream collections even for big budget multi-starrer ventures. De Dana Dan second weekdays collections was merely 2.5 Crore on 800 screens. While Paa has collected 4 Crore from mere 300+ Screens.

    If Third weekend of Paa will remain steady at 20% more screens, then we can expect similar collections in third week too. Paa is now heading for higher achievements to go beyond 40 Crores in 3 weeks itself.

  17. i saw in a site that a flop movie jaanseen is called hit by trade analyst nahata then why thses fraud people are not in jail

    • Nahata is big bitch.
      Forget he calls Janasheen a hit (I will forgive him).
      He gives 2 stars to cult classic Munnabhai M.B.B.S and calls it just funny in parts film.

  18. Hi,

    I have been following your site..But i felt, you are too biased towards bacchass.. I agree paa has made 25+ cr till now.. But Avatar has done a astounding business of 22+cr in 1st weekend..FYI..As u have mentioned only 13+ cr..So dont compare paa to avatar, as its no way near to hollywood flick..

  19. too many releases this winter……not good for 3i

  20. @amit Even i want paa to do exceptional business(see my above comments).I dont have a problem with Paa doing well but with this website over reporting…Paa shoud have got 32-33 Cr till now but I think 36 Cr is too exaggerated….

    @shakir Blockbuster films are decided on the basis of profits made not on the basis of percentage of profits…If Paa does business of 40 Cr nett then the distributor share will be about 21-22 Cr which means a profit of about 6-7 Cr which does not make it a blockbuster…the investment return is 150% or more so it is right now a semi-hit and can become a hit but not a blockbuster…But the point is that Paa is a success!!!

    • I think there is a misconception about the DP. if we calculate DS as 21 crore and take the budget of the film as DP then the calculation is flawed. Infact the deal is not traditional DP/DS based here. Big Picture is distributing based on comission but not on fixed price.

    • If we use this technique then De Dana Dan is huge loser (DP – 36 crore,DS – 26 crore).
      Akki fan your all techniques fail.Better keep quiet rather than showing your dumbness.
      Paa – 30 crore in 2 weeks (it did 6 crore in third weekend).So there is no case of over-reporting.

      • DP was 30 cr for DE DANA DAN with 40 cr minimum return..so BABA arts will always make a 10 cr profit…see the topazbol site..there he explained how everyone made a profit for DE DANA DAN

  21. well i want to ask wht in case of paa wht shold be nett gross to make it blockbuster movie

  22. @ sandip It cannot become a blockbuster film what so ever because of its limited release.To become a hit it needs 40-42 nett gross

    • Dear akki fan
      Your way of calling a film hit is completly flawed.
      Profits not numbers decide a success.
      Who said you huge profits inspite of low gross cannot be blockbuster.In recent times Vivah did business of 34 crore at cost of 5 crore and is a Blockbuster hit.If we go by gross it is not high grosser but still blockbuster due to low costs.

      • I am myself an Akshay Kumar fan.
        This guy is best.He doesnt over-report.His reports are true and not biased.
        But still I dont agree with his two opinions
        Kambakkht Ishq is not below average (It is comission earner).
        He was wrong with prediction of De Dana Dan wrapping under 42 crore.(DDD grossed 3 crore in 3rd week and now stands at 47 crores).

    • Even 25 Crore Bhul Bhulaiya Was super Hit At 46 Crore .. 🙂
      Do i need to elaborate more .. 🙂 ??

  23. @ hassan Please don’t talk about box office if u don’t know about it…Avatar has netted 21-22 Cr…..some sites say 21 and some say 22 but 1 Cr will not make a difference….

    What I can say is believe whatever website u want but not ibosnetwork.com

  24. BOI said 13crore. They are a good 9crores out. What is going on there..

  25. @ amit De Dana Dan Distribution Price was 30 Crore and that is a known fact….You are the dumbest of all who does’nt even know the distribution price of a film….go and check it anywhere it says 30 Cr and you are putting your own numbers…how ridiculous!!!

    And the distributor share of De Dana Dan is 28 Cr because a large chunk came from single screena…and with 48 Cr nett already it will surely get 50 Cr and so the Distributor share will get to about 29-30 crore which would have them to recover their costs….This was the same case with Wanted…..where out of 64 Cr nett 38 Cr was the distributors share because of the 45 Cr from the single screens…So you please don’t talk about DP/DS……..

    • You are right on DDD .. ABout Paa .. 17 Crore is budget ..Not DP. Reliance is distributing movie on commission basis. So there is no set DP price, but every inverstor is in huge profits.

      AB corp recovers all their money from sattelite rights (10 Crore), Music righhts and video rights (approx 5 crore combined) and DTH (should ve atleast 2-3 crore). Theterical business of 34-36 (as given 55 crore gross given by AB himself) crore already with 18-20 crore DS is already in profits.

      From this 18-20 crore DS Reliance will get some commision of 15%-20%.

      Paa is already superhit/blockbuster taking into account almost Nill DP …

      • Hey,

        Its for all of you who are fighting it out about money/collection, gross/net..what all are you going to get from this.think..its the one AB, his family, reliance who will get money..u are not entitled for a single RS/- also..Then why all this fights..They dont even call u all from celebrity party also..Please stop this nonsense..May be people related to this website will be invited for their loyalty to AB..and advertising/.. What u feeeelllll.

      • Ha Ha .. @GuruRaj, Debates are age old story and though we are not going to get anything, but we are here to measure the spectrum of success. If only watching movie was simple idea of entertainment then there was no need of Movie Magazines and other related stuffs because no one will get anything from launch of movie to Shoot to Release. We are here to enjoy the whole process of lifetime of movie .. 🙂

  26. Paa raised the bar in Bollywood’s black year

    As far as the critics are concerned, they have had to carry the carcass of the films they praised. Whether it was Kurbaan or Rocket Singh. Filmmaker N R Pachisia said, “Ranbir Kapoor is the future of this industry, Saif Ali Khan did himself a good turn with LAK, but the only man who deserves true praise this year is Amitabh Bachchan who with Paa raised the bar of our cinema to an international level.’’


  27. @ Jasmine Why don’t you understand that Paa cannot be a SuperHit or blockbuster in any case….Ask your beloved Yazuka if you don’t believe me!!!!

    • Akki , you have already decided that paa can’t go beyond a certain point ?? Let it first end its run .. 🙂 , BTW Satellite rights of Paa sold @10 Crore which is way above LAK, Wanted and APKGK.

      • I think there was a combined deal for 4 movies for sattelite right..so u cannot say exactly 10 cr for Paa..but it should be approximately around 10 cr if you consider tha average price of this 4 movies..but definitely u cannot compare with Wanted, APKGK

  28. Thank you Yakuza.

  29. Teen Patti Release date postponed to February 26
    guess the producers of teenpatti cudnt risk a clash with MNIK

    BOI is definitely anti-bachchans. and the PROOF of that lies in the following GADDBADD in reporting paa collections. look at this link –
    BOI has given a break-up for Paa Collections major centres in week 2. interestingly, the total is missing at the bottom. if you add it all up, it comes to 7.14cr or so off 253 cinemas.
    Now, a few days later, this appears on the same site –
    this is the weekly chart. in that, it says – Paa 7.97 cr on 450 cinemas. how is it possible that 253 cinemas yielded 7.14cr and the balance 200 odd prints yielded only 83-odd lacs???

  31. AM here again. i double checked. sorry, mistake on my part. it isn’t 7.14 cr. on 253 cinemas. its 6.14 cr. on 249 cinemas. still… 200+ cinemas and only 1.83cr?

  32. The 2nd major hollywood release in as many months, Avatar, fetched a good 14 crore net in English and Hindi versions in India. The Hollywood film however is trailing performance of 2012 in India and is not another Titanic at the box office in the country. The English 2D and dubbed versions have shown a big drop on Monday but the 3D version is holding comparatively better.

    It maybe the Avatar effect but the advance for Aamir Khan-Madhavan-Sharman Joshi starrer 3 Idiots has opened to a good response, if not earth shattering (40% for thursday paid screenings, 20% booked for Friday so far as of Tuesday night IST). The film based on India’s college life with an overseas backdrop will be allocated 15-25 shows a day at multiplexes. A few weeks ago, Saif Ali Khan-Kareena Kapoor’s Kurbaan was too allocated 15-20 screenings however the film’s subject-cast combination did not warrant such heavy volumes and it showed up in final low percentage rates and collections of the film incurring heavy losses across the board. Similar pattern unfolded with Rocket Singh which too is folding tent with 18-19 crores in the end with a short stay in Indian theaters despite Ranbir Kapoor’s presence and Yash Raj banner and 15-22 shows a day. However reports on 3 Idiots directed by Raju Hirani are better than these movies though it remains to be seen if these kind of screening volumes are warranted. 3 Idiots has reportedly cost BIG Pictures 80-100 crores, along prices which were going rampant in pre-recession cycle including for films like My Name is Khan and the delayed Hrithik Roshan starrer Kites which supposedly was billed in the same zone but hasn’t been able to release. Such rates are good for initial industry hype but are not easy to recover in actuality even for good films (and 3 Idiots does have good early reports and credible casting-director). Because a 80 crore INR distribution film basically needs to do about Rs 220 crore worldwide gross and Rs 150 crore net just to break even.

    Meanwhile the much more efficiently made 15 crore budget PAA has put together a streak at the box office unseen by any film this year. The film’s box office from weekend 1 to weekend 2 to weekend 3 have remained rock solid in terms of occupancy. No film, no hit film this year has shown this kind of cementedness week after week. What’s more, 3rd weekend showed pickups in Uttar Pradesh. Ironically in this region Paa hadn’t scored spectacularly earlier. In fact this 3rd weekend Sunday had PAA recording housefull turnouts in Fun Cinema of Agra in West UP, Wave at Lucknow, Cinemax in Ahmedabad, V3S Laminagar in Delhi, as well as a number of both single screens (Roxy, Central Plaza) and multiplexes in Mumbai, Noida, Chandigarh, and Ludhiana. Big movies don’t last past 3 days nowadays and Paa has recorded 3 back to back to back weeks charting almost a straight line adding up. The film has crossed Rs. 40 crores net and Rs 50 (70-75 crore gross) is not out of radar over the next several days as the film is pulling its business regardless of any other release or competition (Rocket Singh, Avatar). It is quite possible the film could breeze through even in 4th week despite 3 Idiots because of the christmas holidays and the kind of demographics (women and large family groups) that have taken to the film in a big way.

    Even if the film doesn’t end up necessarily as the top gross collector, its turnover as percentage of cost (return on investment) is almost certain to be the highest of 2009. As mentioned earlier, the 15 crore cost Amitabh Bachchan film has been acquired for satellite broadcast for Rs. 10-12 crores by Star network few days back, reportedly more than twice the amount generated for hits like Love Aaj Kal, touted a big box office success. Colors channel is said to have paid Rs. 5 crores for similar acquisition of Ajab Prem Ki Ghajab Kahani, another superhit of the year so far, faring better than films like Wanted (Salman Khan-Ayesha Takia) itself. So simply put, this would be because the TRPs of Paa’s first telecast on television are expected to be higher than these other bollywood hits of 2009. Given much of the production cost is being recovered from ancillary right such as tv and audio, and the returns from theatrical shares keep on growing almost linearly, all points to the fact that Paa is among those rare hits where all entities in the supply chain (producers, distributors, exhibitors) are all minting money in total.

    All the same, coming up after 3 Idiots this weekend will be Accident on Hill Road on Dec 31st apart from Bolo Ram. After that, starting the new year of 2010 will be Shah Rukh Khan and Sushmita Sen in Mudassar Aziz’s Dulha Mil Gaya on Jan 8. Opposite it will be film in same genre titled Pyar Impossible, featuring Uday Chopra and Priyanka Chopra.

    • hahaha satyam the shit and his long essays for IBO(F): Indian Box Office Fake, and their dreams (lies) about Paa being the all time Blockbuster of the hole era

  33. Ha Ha .. As par BOI .. thier big five movies are

    1. MNIK
    2. Kites
    3. Imtiaz Ali next
    4. Ra 1
    5. Tees Mar khan

    These Morons don’t care to include any Abhishek bachchan movie .. Ha Ha ..

    What about Ravana ???

    What about Rann ???

    What about Veer ???

    What about Dabang ???

    These morons are thinking to come up wit any crap list and want to belive us that these are big movies … Poor Bachchan haterssssss

  34. @ shruti Agree with you for the other movies but how can you call Dabang one of the awaited movies of 2010 when no one has even heard of it…..According to me BOI should have made a list of 10 Awaited films instead of 5…so that’s very stupid of them…because out of approximately 100 films out of which 50-60 are big films they can’t select mere 5 films,atleast 10 or even 20 required

  35. @ Yazuka I think the figures are going to end up as i had said(that is 40 Cr) because 36 Cr till the third weekend(according to You)means that 3 Cr on weekdays…that makes 39 Cr and with 3 Idiots releasing now say another 1 Cr will be added to it so it will actually end its run at 40-41 Cr

    Do you agree with me??

    • In his blog AB said that the film has already colleceted around 55 crore gross after 3rd week end. So the figure comes to aroung 36 crore after 3rd weekend

  36. I am repeating AM comment here :

    BOI is definitely anti-bachchans. and the PROOF of that lies in the following GADDBADD in reporting paa collections. look at this link –
    BOI has given a break-up for Paa Collections major centres in week 2. interestingly, the total is missing at the bottom. if you add it all up, it comes to 7.14cr or so off 253 cinemas.
    Now, a few days later, this appears on the same site –
    this is the weekly chart. in that, it says – Paa 7.97 cr on 450 cinemas. how is it possible that 253 cinemas yielded 7.14cr and the balance 200 odd prints yielded only 83-odd lacs???

  37. In the first link they have given net gross…in the second link they have given gross figures…

    • Bhalo_Manush, Both are NETT figures, If you want to sayy that first Link is NETT (7.14) and Second Link is NETT (7.97) then it will become even worst scenario, You mean to say thar Total Gross by BOI is even less than Total NETT … 🙂

      At this point you are proving BOI total Bogus and nonsense .. 🙂

  38. Well yakuza Bhai .. I saw your comments at NG, Phatte Chak Diye Apne to … Good Job .. Every thing should be crystal clear .. 😀

  39. Yakuza, check the desperate comments by that Moron Mr.or Mrs.(Don’t know) Sandy’s comments at NG, Her/His comments itself are evidence of her/his depression over success of Paa .. 🙂

    Poor Sandy … 😀

  40. Yazuka

    Please tell me the nett gross,Distributor share,budget,distribution price of LOVE AAJ KAL and how much exacty Saif Ali Khan could have got back from the theatrical release in India…..

    expecting a reply

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