Sharmila on Avatar – Pandora’s box opens for our race..

When Fox set a production and distribution budget of 350 million for Avatar, Murdoch (Newscorp) would have been rubbing his hands in glee only because it is Cameron’s movie and expectedly should stay afloat unlike the real Titanic on it’s maiden journey. This movie is one which can be best described as a Director’s imagination traveling beyond a million galaxies. Cameron has probably exceeded his own expectations with this script which he tailored fifteen years back and he has gone on to create a marvel. A marvel which probably exploits existing visual effects technology to the hilt. I watched it earlier in a state of the art 4D theatre at the HKIA and sat spellbound the entire time.

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~ by prazzero00000 on December 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sharmila on Avatar – Pandora’s box opens for our race..”

  1. You watched it at 4D setup?? Never knew before that Avatar also incorporate 4D format..

    BTW brilliant review.. This is technology driven movie and our lenses should be focus here only.. 🙂

  2. Hi Yakuza – Thanks, Yes it was 4D, the 4th dimension being the smoky effect, wind effect etc..was pretty cool but at times got too cool and I was getting very chill and a bit irritated..:) The movie is all about technology, not much of a story line and no great acting. In fact the acting was the most insignificant part of the movie I thought. The message was greater.

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