Satyam Shots : Pathways into Avatar

Avatar offers an interesting yet troubling wager for the future of entertainment. Even if the terms in which the film has been heralded are often hyperbolic, even if the ‘death of cinema’ thesis makes a ‘new frontier’ at this late date little more than a charming dream, even if to discover in this film the essence of the cinematic or some absolute triumph of ‘pure cinema’ is another kind of ‘wish’, for all this and even so this much must certainly be admitted — James Cameron seeks to enchant the medium once again and rekindle the once upon a time wondrous in it. This is a worthwhile endeavor and one he often succeeds in for his film truly conveys the experience of a world in a medium which increasingly represents the ‘worldless’.

Cameron imagines the physical co-ordinates of his planet in startlingly artistic fashion. The technological ‘magic’ here including the use of the 3-D format in unique ways is never on display purely to dazzle or overwhelm but to enchant and enrapture. We discover this new land in gradual fashion, we are completely entranced by what we see and we gradually become so naturalized to it that the world we are all familiar with seems impoverished in comparison. This arc of displacement and inversion is completely remarkably by the film much as even more impressively we are so comfortable in the presence of the Navi that the human is rendered alien to us and as the film progresses starts seeming more and more like an ‘intrusion’.

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~ by Yakuza on December 20, 2009.

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